Tuesday, 6 May 2014

First blog attempt......clay, Game of Thrones, Psych, Autism, waffles, Dragons and Doctor Who...yep that sounds like my usual randomness!

Well, here goes nothing!

This is my first attempt at a blog, never even had a diary or a journal, so this is completely new territory to me. Hopefully, writing these will become second nature....I always liked to waffle on about stuff, and I can kid myself that someone is reading it!

For my first post I thought I'd just talk about my plans for the day. When I've finished tinkering with this, I shall be crafting. We've been slightly behind the times and only just watched the first season of Game of Thrones (actually, we did watch the first ep when it started and we were a  tad bored to be honest, so didn't bother watching anymore....til now anyway). Both of us like Daenerys Targaryen and her Dragon eggs (that sounds like an euphemism, but that would be childish....), and were very excited at the end of the season to see them hatch....oops spoiler alert to anyone even further behind than us! Anyway, I've decided to make some Dragon egg necklaces, using polymer clay, so that will keep me quiet for a few hours. I tend to zone out when I craft, was once told by a medical profession that I'm very likely on the Autism spectrum, but am high functioning and able to fake it enough that people don't notice! Maybe that's why I zone out. I can honestly spend 12 hours doing something, without even a fidget, which is unusual for me in every other area of my life! I have zero patience, as my husband will testify.

Whilst I clay, I will have my BlackBerry PlayBook propped up in my crafty area so that I can put films, tv or music on in the background. I have loads of great stuff on there, yet I always end up watching Psych, which is probably my favourite programme, after Doctor Who of course. Although, lately, I haven't felt the urge to watch much DW, as I'm still miffed that Moffat is trying to ruin it, and that Peter Capaldi, who has been in the Whoniverse TWICE before already, is the new Doctor!!! Nooooooo, bad Moffat! I'm still devastated that Psych has ended though *weeps*

When I've decided that my patience is gone, and my hubby has finished maintaining his photography thingies (that is the technical term....), we'll sit and watch some of our favourite US TV shows whilst we eat tea (I'm a northern lass so lunch is dinner and dinner is tea!). We rarely watch any British TV now, not sure why. We do watch some comedies, but tend to prefer US TV, police shows especially. Maybe its the slight exoticness, or the fact that they tend to be less dark and depressing! British TV seems a bit dreary, lots of shouting and misery! We love Castle and Bones, also Elementary....actually we do love Sherlock too, but its another one where we tend to wave our fist in the air, growling 'Moffat!', a la David Tennant on Buzzcocks! ('Barrowman!') My favourite US comedy is The Big Bang Theory, obviously! The one thing about US television that we hate with a fiery passion, is the networks and their ridiculous cancellation decisions! I could swing for them sometimes! They cancel some brilliant shows. For example, this year they chucked a show called Enlisted onto Friday nights. Now, for some reason, in the US, people don't watch TV over the weekend, so they rarely put shows there if they expect them to thrive. They tend to relegate shows there that they don't have much faith in, or that they want to 'burn off' ie show all the episodes so that they get a bit of revenue at least. They also aired Enlisted ages after midseason, when most people can expect new shows and replacements. This show was brilliant. Critics loved it, which as we know is rare and usually means it will be pretentious and dull and something we wouldn't want to watch. In this case, however, those in the general viewing population that saw this undersupported little show, which, by the way, had all its episodes jumbled and shown out of order thus ruining continuity and running storylines, loved it. Yet the network yanked it off air. Can I just say GRRRRRRRRRR.

Then....bedtime! Which will come early to me thanks to the ME/CFS, when I suddenly fall asleep upright whilst watching something, or sat using my laptop. Apparently, I can fall fast asleep without moving my fingers off my laptop keys or knocking my laptop at all! See, now THAT'S talent!

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