Saturday, 10 May 2014

Ian is the Queen....

It's Ian's 28th birthday on the 14th, but this year he's getting two birthdays, just like the Queen! I know I usually call him camp but this is taking it a bit far!

I've mentioned before that hubby didn't have a great family life before he met me. He learned what family is supposed to be from films mostly. Now, in the Guffogg family (Ian took my name, just in case of confusion!), we still make a fuss of birthdays. We like to spend time together, have cake etc, basically just a normal birthday. He didn't get much of that before. I bought him a Top Gear cake a week after we met for his birthday, and you would have thought I'd hung the moon for him! So, in order to try and make him feel even more special (not in that way, he needs no help there *snigger*) my mum and gran have had a birthday thing for him today. Nothing too exciting, KFC bucket and cake, but perfect for him! They bought him an Avengers cake, which turned him into an even bigger kid than usual!

Hopefully I'll be able to take him to see Amazing Spiderman 2 on Tuesday, and possibly a calzone as they seem to be his new obsession! Then we'll no doubt visit dad and my other gran on Wednesday for more of his favourite food!

So, basically, he is the Queen!

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