Saturday, 17 May 2014

Much Blunting....not a drugs reference....


Back to Blunting!

The night of my first gig was like a breath of fresh air through my life. I didn't magically end up cured of anxiety and depression, but I certainly saw possibilities in my world again.

The gig was great....Jason Mraz was the support act, so I was also introduced to a new artist, and Blunty was on form. It was a standing gig, so due to early queuing (which would become my life for a few tours!) myself and my new friend Anna made it to the barrier. Close as you could get. Now, any of you who know much about JB, know that he isn't really a solo artist. He has a brilliant band, which is comprised of the country's most sought after session musicians. If it was JB alone on a stage, I'm not sure I would have been quite as hooked, as the band truly make the music come alive. They're also close friends and that comes through as they perform. Suffice to say, my addiction to live music had begun!

 After the gig we wandered round the venue to the car park. At the back of the venue there is a pub which is attached to the building, but separated by the stage door. There was a large crowd mingling around at the stage door, waiting for JB to come out. We joined the crowd and chatted to people for an hour or so, again, something I never thought I would be able to do, simply the fact that we were on the same wavelength as each other helped (although, not the strange woman who kept trying to talk to me in the queue, despite me listening to music to help my anxiety. She ended up showing me the tattoo she'd had done, of his signature on her arm....she hadn't met him by that point mind, just found a pic of his signature and had that tattooed! Oddball). The boys from the band slowly started to leave, one was Paul Beard, the pianist/organist, who would later play a large part in some of my life choices. Sadly I didn't get to meet Beardy this time, as he sprinted past everyone to the taxi at the end of the road! He told me at a later date that he didn't want to draw focus from JB, as he was who people were there to see. I disabused him of that notion! I did manage to meet Malcolm Moore, the bassist, who is ridiculously tall, and very lovely. I became oddly star struck by him as he signed my copy of Back to Bedlam, to me the boys in the band are as important as JB and I treat them as such.

James eventually came outside to sign and take photos. I hovered at the back, too shy to attempt to ask him for anything! The people who know me personally are now wetting themselves at the idea of me being shy, but I was at that point, especially with people I didn't know, and hadn't mentally prepared myself to meet! Anna decided that this was not on, and pointed at me and shouted my board user name to him (I was a prolific poster at that point!), which strangely he recognised. He came  over to chat to me, though I can't remember a single word of it now, and sign for me. I got a great photo....

....and a new phase of my life.....

Thanks for popping by!


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