Friday, 23 May 2014

My current top hand and body lotions

Thought I'd share a few of my current favourite beauty products.......

Today is lotions and potions for your body!

This stuff smells divine.....unlike a lot of scented products, this one actually does smell like strawberries! Not the sickly sweet fake stuff you sometimes get. It also lingers on your skin long after it has soaked in. It is very smooth and luxurious and leaves you skin looking, feeling and smelling great!

Sort of like a posh talc, this is a fine light golden powder and contains a full vanilla pod waving from the bottle! No sparkle to speak of, but leaves skin soft and smooth and gives a great kick of vanilla scent that sticks around for hours!

I actually got this free with a magazine....yes I totally bought the mag just for the freebie! The tube looks oh so posh, and the insides aren't half bad either! It doesn't seem too highly scented, but it is a pleasant aroma. I hate hand creams that lie on your skin like an oil slick an you end up wiping most of it off. Luckily this one is very light and sinks in straight away and seems to nourish your hands well, which is its only job after all!

This is pretty much an amped up baby oil, which is a product I also love. I use it in the same way I use baby oil, I apply it when my skin is slightly damp from the shower. Give it a good rub (behave!) then  leave it to sink in and you'll be all soft and glisteny....I know that's not a word but I like it!

This had quite a lot of press last year so I decided to have a look. I bought 2 tubs from Amazon and still have most left! You don't need much of this at all, it's VERY thick and takes a while for it to sink in, but its great if you have super dry skin. It's very like Vaseline (petroleum jelly) in consistency, but it contains cocoa butter which is great for skin. Put it on at night (under some old pjs obviously!) and let it sink in as you sleep. Pack loads onto your feet and wear thick socks and all your dry, hard skin will be gone by morning!

I can't speak for its efficacy as an after sun on burned skin as I don't really get any sun, my vampire skin can't take it. I can, however,  confirm it cools the skin! Due to my many medical issues my body temperature tends to be a lot higher than normal people! When the weather is hot its miserable for me as my temp goes even higher. I use this gel as an extra helper when I'm burning up. It works even better if you keep it in the fridge.

I love pretty much all products by N Spa! I use their shower products, facial skincare, body sprays and body lotions. Shea butter is another great ingredient for skin, pleasant smelling yet not overpowering. Not much else to say about body creams really, they're great at what they say they do!

Basically a cheap version of E45, works exactly the same for a fraction of the price! 

More Aloe Vera! Very soothing on skin and not oily. Sinks in quickly and feels lovely!

Yup, N Spa again! It's the same formula as the Shea butter one but in vanilla....which is so delicious!

Another Aloe gel, I use it for exactly the same reasons as the Calypso, this is maybe slightly less sticky.

This is possibly my favourite at the moment! It's a body lotion, in a spray! Look! Look! How cool is that?! Yes I am aware that I'm a geek but its a great product so I can be forgiven!

Again, this is a cheap version of some more prestige brands. Nice subtle raspberry scent and leaves your hands lovely and soft! (psst go to Home Bargains or a similar shop near you, its under a quid!)

If anyone has any other recommendations leave me a comment below!

Thanks for popping by!


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