Monday, 12 May 2014

My early (so be kind!) crafty creations

This was my first attempt at a polymer clay bracelet. I learned quite a lot from this one. For example, if a dog manages to knock it down and sits/stands on it, it will most definitely break. The first photo of it is prebaked, and unshaped, with a bronze wash applied.

This is the start of my second bracelet attempt. Do you sense a theme yet?

This is how it ended up. After baking and glazing I decided that the shaping had gone a tad wonky, technical term there, so I've chopped it down slightly.

This is a charm I made for my mum's birthday in April. This was actually made by pressing a butterfly charm into the clay, acting as a kind of stamp. I then, cleaned it up and defined the image using a needle tool. Prior to baking, I applied copper Perfect Pearls pigment powder as a base. I then added some purple, silver and red pigment powders.  For the butterfly body, I pressed two adhesive gems into the clay.

This is the finished product. After baking I applied a satin glaze. Once that was dry I added two jump rings so that it could be used as a keyring, or however she wanted to use it.

This bracelet was made using the same butterfly charm as the above. This time, however, after I had pressed the image into a deeper piece of clay, I used a craft blade to cut round the shape and applied this to the clay bracelet piece I had prepared. I also added some vines, roses and leaves to make the bracelet appear like a flower garden with a little visitor!

For this bracelet, instead of using a template or stamp, I attempted to cut a dragonfly shape by hand....eeek! Obviously, I don't think its good enough, but then I never do! Again, I added roses, vines and leaves, but this time I attempted a more steampunk look. I made cuts in the wings and the bracelet base, to make it look more interesting and intricate.

This what the bracelet looked like on my wrist (sorry that my vampire white skin is blinding with the flash!). Once I'd applied the colour I decided to apply a black wash to make it appear more aged, more pic cos I'm not sure I like it!

Again, I chose to cut the mermaid out without a template or stamp. I textured her hair and her tail fin with a needle tool. I attempted to mark her scales with the same tool, but with slightly less success! I gave her a flower for her hair, and made some shells for on the bracelet base. I added lines to look like waves around her and baked her as usual. I haven't finished painting her yet, I wasn't happy with my first attempt, so I will post a pic of the final product if anyone is at all interested!

This is another that is still not quite finished. This one is just all roses, leaves and vines, with some hidden little jewels!

Now, this is where things get scary. See that pic up there? The one with all the pretty stamps? That's mine that is! I have, at some point, turned into an actual girl!!!!! I know, its terrifying, sorry to give you nightmares, but its true somehow! In my marriage there has always been one girl and one bloke.....three guesses which I was?! Yep my gorgeous, 6ft1", hairy husband was the girl in this relationship. Now, don't get me wrong, he has all the correct equipment he needs to be male, very much so in actual fact, but he is not traditionally macho. He is, however, one of the two most masculine men I've ever known. Both have been decidedly, well for want of a better term, camp! The other is a musician called Paul Beard, those who know of him will know exactly what I mean. Like my hubby, he is a big, strong man, but he is not imposing nor a macho man. Neither of them need to be! Still, having said all that Ian, is the girly girl and I'm the bloke so that pic up there is bloody terrifying!

See, another scary admission is linked to this girly pic. I love making teeny clay roses *cringe* I find it relaxing!

Well, that's another disturbing snapshot into my mind done with!

Thanks for popping by!



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