Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Products I'm lusting over!

I'm not particularly girly, but I love make up and lotions and potions!

So here are my wish list products!

The follow up to Naked and Naked 2, this gorgeous palette has 12 neutral shades that will suit everyone! The price of this beauty is why it is, and will no doubt remain, on my wish list!

Other than the shades, the reason I want this is because they are all infused with cocoa powder! Who wouldn't want to smell like chocolate?!

I've never really had a favourite mascara, other than Maybelline's The Falsies, so would love to find one that I love. Not sure how available Tarte products are over here though....

Here starts the long list of Sleek products!

More eyeshadows! Four shimmer and eight matte....nice that a palette has a large number of matte shadows. 

There are some gorgeous colours in this palette, and the packaging is lovely!

This comprises 3 shades, a darker contour powder, a shimmery highlighter and blusher. The best part about this kit is that it contains Sleek's Rose Gold blusher which is a dupe for Nars Orgasm!

A nude lip colour is a must have in any make up bag, and I think this one is a really pretty colour.

Tanya Burr is another of my favourite YouTubers/ bloggers and she has her own range of lip and nail products! Just Peachy is a very pretty colour with a nice consistency, so it's a nice staple product.

These brushes were created by Samantha Chapman, who is actually the sister of Jim Chapman (yet another favourite YouTuber!) who is engaged to Tanya Burr. She is a renowned make up artist and teamed up with Real Techniques to create a professional brush range. The prices are very reasonable and they are very well made and do exactly what they promise! This set contains a detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush and a 2 in 1 case and stand.

These two are great all rounders. Foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blusher! Best of all, like all Real Technique brushes, they are completely cruelty free!

I keep seeing this brand on YouTube videos, people raving about how amazing it is, so need to try it! This is the lighter version, as I have oily skin. It can be used as a primer, moisturiser, make up remover and even too soothe sunburn and other skin irritations! What's not to love?? 

Anyone have any other stuff I need to try please feel free to leave me a comment!

Thanks for popping by!


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