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TV Shows that I want back Episode 1 - Psych

I love TV....mostly US shows. British comedy is better obviously which is why a lot of the US shows I love were cancelled, maybe the American viewing public don't like it! Crime shows and sci-fii/supernatural are usually my favourites, British version just aren't as slick....they seem more realistic which I don't like! Same for books....just seems more glamourous is US cities with an American accent for some reason! Thankfully, a lot of my favourite shows have been renewed....Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Originals, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries (but I love the books more....well only the ones written by LJ Smith, the ones by a ghostwriter after they kicked Smith off her own book series do not exist in my world), Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, 2 Broke Girls, Arrow, Mom, The Goldbergs, The Millers, Brooklin Nine-Nine and SVU.

So, with all that in mind here is episode 1 of  the shows I want back! Some are old, some are not....

Psych 2006-2014

Evil evil people taking Psych away from me!!!! Never ever will I recover *sob*

As you can see I am a 'Psycho' more ways than just the usual! I think its my favourite ever show....have just loved every second of it right from the start. Now, I'm sure part of the reason behind the cancellation is the cast's wishes to try new things, but its not as if they did a full network season length! I'm pretty sure most Psychos would have been quite happy to have a couple of slightly longer eps a year, which would free up a lot of time for everyone. Ala, they just cancelled....the most successful USA network show ever I think, still getting huge ratings. Sense? Makes none. I am broken hearted.

Of course I am!

Now, for anyone who has missed out on a genius show, Psych is a comedy buddy detective show. The main character is Shawn Spencer, who, thanks to his copper dad Henry Spencer, has extraordinary observation skills. Henry had hoped that Shawn would follow him into the family business of law enforcement, but Shawn rebels due to a breakdown in their relationship following Henry's divorce from Shawn's mum, Maddy. Each ep opens with a flashback to Shawn's childhoodShawn likes to think he is nothing like his father, but in reality, as Lassie says in Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark in season 4, they are in fact the same person! In order to carry on informing Santa Barbara PD of the culprits of unsolved crimes, without being arrested and charged as an accessory to said crimes, he claims he is psychic therefore explaining his ability to solve crimes! He drags his childhood best mate, Gus, into the scheme and opens a psychic detective agency. For the next 8 years they get up to many hijinks and solve countless crimes!

Shawn and Gus with the famous Psych Pineapple!
This is something which happens a lot in the show!

Now the character bios....

Shawn Spencer - James Roday

Shawn and his lovely pout!
Born in 1977 to Henry and Madeleine Spencer. He runs from any commitment, until he meets and falls in love with Jules. He treats his best mate Gus somewhat badly, but underneath he loves him very much. He starts the show disliking his father and butting heads with him regularly. His carefree attitude persists in front of all, except Gus in very serious circumstances. He can make friends immediately after meeting people, and can talk his way into anywhere which frustrates the straitlaced Lassie immensely. He appears to have supreme self confidence and never admits to being wrong, he loves to be the centre of attention. In the last episode he follows Jules and the Chief up to San Francisco and finally proposes to Jules. He leaves behind video messsages for all his friends where he reveals that he isn't psychic.

Burton 'Gus' Guster - Dule Hill

A rather typical Gus look here.
Shawn's best friend since infancy, Gus provides the straight man to Shawn's comedic persona. He is said to be academically gifted and still shows signs of nerdiness despites Shawn's childhood attempts to destroy any chance of advancing. His parents are overprotective and don't approve of Shawn as they think he's a bad influence on Gus. They treat him like a child until the ep 'Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy' in season 2  when they finally seem to see him as a grown man. That is until he leaves the room and they promptly give Shawn money and tell him to look after Gus. He has terrible taste in women, and its a running joke that he is attracted to crazy women. He even married one when he was in college, and extremely drunk. He has no idea they are still married until she wants to annul their marriage in order to marry again. Sadly, Gus remains mostly single throughout the show's run, despite being desperate for a girlfriend. Gus' main job is a pharmaceutical rep, which provides him with a vast knowledge of drugs and poisons, which he uses to help cases. His company car is nicknamed 'The Blueberry' and survives various accidents and Shawn's attempts at modifications. He displays varied interests throughout the series, such as safe cracking, spelling bees, trains, coins, astronomy, tap dancing and a cappella. He eventually follows Shawn to San Francisco in the last episode, hinting that Psych will continue there.

Carlton Jebediah 'Lassie' Lassiter - Timothy Omundson
Lassie is smiling shock horror!

Lassie is the uptight Head Detective who provides the serious and inept character for Shawn to humiliate and antagonise. In reality, Lassie is a solid cop, just lacking in imagination and the ability to think outside the box, which means that he never beats Shawn to the solve. He is very conservative, loves guns and other weaponry and is unlucky in love thanks to his straitlaced personality. Lassie finally meets a woman in a bar in 'This Episode Sucks' in season 6, while he is drowning his sorrows and depressing and scaring the bartender in equal measure. He falls almost immediately in love with her and is heartbroken to find out she has sneaked out of the toilets while he waited for her return. He orders McNab to find all he can on her, only to be disappointed when he finds nothing. Eventually he realises that she touched his watch and left a fingerprint. Thanks to this he finds out that her name is Marlowe Viccellio, and later that she is also a suspect in the crime he is investigating. It transpires that Marlowe was trying to help her ill younger brother by providing him with blood that he could transfuse himself with. She is arrested, convicted and sentenced to a number of months in jail. Lassie visits her and tells her he will wait for her and the couple eventually marry and have a daughter together. At the end of the final season, Lassie is promoted to Chief when Karen Vick moves to San Francisco. Watching Shawn's farewell dvd, he stops it before Shawn can admit he is not a psychic and destroys the disc, thus finally showing his love and respect for Shawn.

Juliet Lynn 'Jules' O'Hara - Maggie Lawson

Jules looking very young!
Jules first appears in the second episode of season 1 as Lassie's new partner, thanks to Shawn outing Lassie's relationship with his previous partner Lucinda Barry. She is a junior detective and has transferred from Miami. It turns out that Jules scored very highly on her detectives exam, beating Lassie and seeming quietly proud. She and Lassie are both astounded to learn that Shawn scored a perfect 100 on the test when he was just 15, beating both Jules and Lassie. Throughout the show there is the promise of a romance between Shawn and Jules, with Shawn being obviously in love with her from the start. Jules has a brother, Ewan, played by wrestler John Cena, who is a high ranking army officer who seems to be a part of the secret services. Jules has to arrest her brother in the ep 'You Can't Handle This Episode' in season 4 but he is 'disappeared' by the army before he can be prosecuted. Her father, Frank O'Hara played by the one and only William Shatner, is a seasoned con artist who Jules hasn't seen since she was a child. Thanks to Shawn's well meaning intervention, Jules and her father are reconciled and part on good terms. Jules eventually admits her feelings for Shawn, and despite a few false starts, the couple start a relationship and become serious quickly, deciding to move in together in the second ep of season 7, 'Juliet Takes a Luvvah'. Later in season 7, during Lassie and Marlowe's wedding reception in 'Deez Nups', Juliet starts to notice flaws in Shawn's explanations and finally realises he isn't psychic. For the next few eps Shawn and Jules are apart as Juliet feels betrayed by Shawn. She finally realises that he can do a lot of good with his masquerade, and the couple reunite. Jules eventually decides to leave SBPD an follow the former Chief to San Francisco to become Head Detective, leaving Shawn behind to decide when he was ready to follow. In the final ep Jules accepts Shawn's marriage proposal after he leaves everything behind in Santa Barbara to be with her.

Henry William Spencer Jr - Corbin Bernsen

Yup, grumpy as usual!
Henry is Shawn's father, and ex-detective with the SBPD, who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. So much so that he trained him from an early age to improve his observational skills. The episodes mostly start with a flashback to Shawn's childhood, showing an aspect of either his training or his dad teaching him an important lesson, which always tied into the episodes storyline. Shawn and Henry have a complex relationship at the start of the show, with Shawn feeling that his dad is too rigid and demanding, and blaming Henry for his parent's divorce. In the first ep of season 3, 'Ghosts', Shawn finally learns the true cause of the marriage breakdown. His mother left his father, but Henry tried to preserve Shawn's image of his mother as perfect to minimise the pain. Following this the two are on much steadier ground and there is a great love between the two. They are also extremely alike in many ways, much to their distaste, and Shawn turns to him for help in his cases often. By the end of the show, Henry has decided to become a professor but shows interest in taking over the Psych office from Shawn and Gus when they leave for San Francisco.

Other notable characters are Officer Buzz McNab, Chief Karen Vick, Dr Woodrow 'Woody' Strode, Madeleine Spencer, Abigail Lytar, Mary Lightly, Mr Yang, Mr Yin and Pierre Despereaux.

I love this show and watch it repeatedly and obsessively! I want it back!!!!

Thanks for popping by!


Cast photo as only Psych can do it....

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