Sunday, 11 May 2014

US programme cancellations 2013/2014......grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

I mentioned this in my first blog, its one of my rage inducers!

I went to check which of my favourite new US shows had been renewed, or more likely, cancelled, on Friday night. The news was not good. I shall list the ones I like, which have sadly bitten the dust....

Trophy Wife
Growing Up Fisher
Super Fun Night
The Tomorrow People
Mind Games
Raising Hope (not new this season, I know, but still deserves a mention!)
The Michael J Fox Show
Sean Saves the World
Killer Women

They have also ended my beloved Psych *sob* which I will never ever forgive them for. I am aware it was likely a cast decision too, but I don't care....I'm still devastated! Same goes for How I Met Your Mother and Nikita.

With the comedies, I can only assume that the humour is better suited to British audiences, for the most part anyway. Particularly Dads, Super Fun Night and Enlisted (though Enlisted did have a hugely loyal fanbase, who were screwed over by the network with the scheduling and programme order). Some of the dramas, especially Star-Crossed, Believe and Mind Games, had real potential, and offered some great insight into the modern world. I know that we sure as hell enjoyed em.

What I really don't get is how little time and support they give to new shows. Surely pulling a show after a couple of episodes is a tad silly? Some shows gain cult status (hello, Firefly anyone?) yet the networks never give them a chance to gain traction. Even if a show doesn't get great ratings, some people obviously watch and enjoy, so can't they air them during the summer, or at the weekend, instead of repeats (reruns in US!)?

I never really understood the American tv season. It runs from September to May, with many, many hiatuses (is that a word??) and repeats. Surely people tune in for a show for a couple of weeks then get frustrated when it is then off for 4 weeks?! Whats the point? Its no wonder shows can't get the ratings they likely deserve. Also there is the issue of HOW the ratings are calculated. Am I correct in thinking the Nielsen rating system is still in use? If so, how is it fair to cancel shows based on guesswork? I really am confused by it all.

Basically, the point of this post is to lament the passing of some great shows....and to express my annoyance at the networks! Both of which are completely pointless, but I can pretend my opinion matters to someone!

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