Thursday, 5 June 2014

TV Shows that I want back Episode 2 - Robin of Sherwood

Robin of Sherwood 1984-1986 (Retitled Robin Hood in the US for some reason)

I may have only been 5 when this started but I was in love with Michael Praed, he was a very beautiful man, Sadly, he jumped ship after 2 seasons to make his fame and fortune in the US (wasn't his best plan) and Sean Connery's son, Jason, took over. Nothing against Jason Connery, still think his dad is sexy no matter how old, but killing off Robin of Loxley and replacing him with Robert of Huntingdon just doesn't work for me!

The gang as it should be.

Yucky new gang.
With stars such as Praed, Connery, Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle, Phil Davis, Richard O'Brien, Nickolas Grace and Rula Lenska, this show didn't lack for star power (or potential star power at least) and while it obviously looks dated now, its still extremely enjoyable. The music of the show, however, is probably my second favourite thing in it, closely following Michael Praed! Clannad did the complete soundtrack and I still love to listen to it now. Either my dad or I still have the vinyl somewhere!

The basic concept of the show was based around the Robin Hood legend, but had extra bits of Celtic and Pagan elements, such as Herne the Hunter who is a horned forest god that many believe was twisted by the early Christian church to become their devil. The Arthurian legend always springs to my mind when I watch this show, the man chosen by a deity or destiny to help his people. Very Arthurian!

Anyone who was either too young to watch this when it was on, or simply missed it, should definately check it out. Get the DVD's, you'll enjoy em!

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