Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Desperately Seeking (the right!) Foundation!

I need help! Oi be nice! I am still, at the age of 34, searching for the right foundation! Now, I HATE the feel of foundation on my skin, it makes me feel like I'm wearing a mask. Yet, I have skin that can't really look halfway decent without it.....not that I bother wearing makeup much, since I can't get out too often, but I do love makeup and want to look girly for once in my life!

I have problem skin....skin that my doctor, when I was a teenager, swore would get better when I got older. He lied. I still get spots, thankfully not as many and thankfully mostly just around my chin. I do, however, still have oily skin, with large pores which I hate. I have always envied women who can have dewy looking skin, or get away with a little bit of concealer and not much else. I am pale, yet my skin looks sallow and dull without makeup. With makeup, no matter what primer, foundation powder, techniques I use, my pores look even worse. Also every single downy hair on my face looks like its caked, and refuses to lie flat. I've watched YouTube beauty gurus and makeup artists, I've tried every trick they've advised, but nothing seems to work! There is also the issue of staying power. The only makeup that has ever stayed well on my skin is Revlon Colour Stay liquid foundation. The trouble is, that this is so heavy that it makes me feel suffocated. I know I'm asking a lot, but I want a light foundation that disguises my pores, helps make my skin look more alive and less sallow and will last all day.....is that even possible? Any suggestions? Please leave me a comment!

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