Tuesday, 29 July 2014

First Image Of Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman, Age Of Ultron Footage Revealed, Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequel...

Just thought I would pop by and share with all you lovely readers of Jan's blog, some news from this years Comic-Con that caught our eye. Hope you enjoy...


Comic-Con has again been awash with lots of exclusives, most of which have received positive reception... Well, most of them... Allons-y!

The above image, revealed yesterday by Zack Snyder, is the first image of Gal Gadot ( Gisele - Fast & Furious 6 ) in full Wonder Woman costume. The image has received, what you might call, a less than positive reception from people on the internet. People constantly saying she isn't beautiful, she isn't 'Amazonian' enough, she doesn't look like she could fight... In the words of Jan "have they seen her? She's fit!"... Also, she was in the Israeli army d*******s!

Now for some slightly more positively received titbits...

So excite!

The final panel of theatrical releases at Comic-Con's Hall H was Avengers Age Of Ultron, where they showed the first footage from the film... Sadly I haven't seen it as I wasn't there *crying uncontrollably* ( I shall patiently await my press invite for next year Comic-Con )

At the end of Marvel's Hall H presentation, a video was shown of Chris Pratt and Guardians Of The Galaxy  director James Gunn, talking to one another about, how awesome it would be if they could reveal that the sequel had not only received the greenlight, but also had a release date set for July 28, 2017... Even though I have only seen the trailer for the first one, this news excites me a lot!

This is just a snippet of the many, many, many, stories coming from Comic-Con. When I have read more I shall be revealing my thoughts on some of them.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.


  1. I LOVE Gal as Wonder Woman! Ever since the announcement came, I've been basically doing a happy dance for her! I loved her in the Fast & Furious movies so I know I'll love her as a superhero, especially an iconic one! I think everybody is crazy to be thinking all these things so easy. Jan has a point, these people haven't seen her fight before. I think she looks awesome! I'm also pumped for the new Avengers movie! :)

  2. I love her! Think everyone is mental slamming her before they've even seen her....do people not remember Heath Ledger (*sob*)?? People whined so much about his casting and he's now considered the best Joker! I've never forgiven em for killing her and Han is FF (again, *sob*).

    I can't wait for Avengers either....so giddy!

    1. I haven't watched that Batman. Jack Nicholson pretty much scared the shit out of me. Been scared of clowns ever since! I barely got through Alice In Wonderland in one piece. Lol Anyways, I know I'm still sad about Gisele & Han. The ending to the 6th broke my heart right in half. :(