Thursday, 10 July 2014

Live Action Dumbo In The Pipeline... Transformers Writer Penning It

Jan is presently quite sick, she has caught my flu which is exacerbating her ME, so, as she is out of action because of me, allow me to regale you with one of my posts...

It seems Disney are looking to ruin a piece of my childhood... Allons-y!

Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter ran an article detailing Disney's plans to create a live action version of their 1941 family classic, Dumbo.

According to the article, Ehren Kruger is set to pen the script. That name sound familier? that is the name of the man behind the scripts of, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, The Ring, Scream 3 and, The Skeleton Key... non of which scream family friendly Disney Film writer to me. As well as penning the script, Kruger is also set to produce the film alongside Justin Springer (Oblivion, Tron: Legacy).

The 1941 classic (in case you can't tell, I love the original!) clocks in at 64 minutes long (not a bad length for keeping a childs attention). To get round this and add length, Kruger is creating an adaptation of the original movie and adding a unique family story that parallels Dumbo's story... bear in mind, Kruger's latest film, Transformers: Age Of Extinction clocks in at 165 minutes long, around 1 hour too long according to most people who have seen it... makes you wonder, how long is Dumbo going to end up?

None of the information I have read so far fill me with much confidence about what we can expect. Kruger's films have got progressively worse, Transformers: Age Of Extinction has 17% on Rotten Tomatoes... seriously, a film containing Transformers has got that score! Adding the 'unique family story' will detract from Dumbo's story and, as I touched on before, Kruger has a penchant for making films needlessly long, something which parents do not need a childs film to be.

What are they going to ruin next from my childhood, Pete's Dragon?... Oh c**P!

What are your views on Disney's decision to remake Dumbo? What film are you dreading them remaking? leave me some comments below.

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