Sunday, 6 July 2014

May 2014 Loot Crate - unboxing and review

Now, I am aware that May has been over for a very long time now, but I am still going to review the items and the service as a whole. Better late than never right??

Loot Crate is an American monthly subscription box service. Each month there is a theme for the box, based on nerdy and geeky goodness! There are three subscription options: 1 month recurring subscription for $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling which you can cancel at any time, recurring 3 month subscription for $55.11 which works out at $12.37 plus $6 shipping and handling per month, and lastly, a recurring 6 month subscription for $105.99 which works out at $11.67 plus $6 shipping and handling per month, for those in the US. British subscribers would pay $29.95/£17.45 including shipping for the 1 month subscription, $84/£48.95 including shipping for the 3 month subscription which works out at $28/£16.32 per month and $162/£94.41 including shipping and handling for the 6 month subscription (obviously, the conversions may vary, I've just listed them as they are today). If you opt for the 3 or 6 month options, the full amount will be charged upfront. You also get entered into the monthly Mega Crate, which is, as the name would suggest, a vastly larger crate with contents valued at over $750/£437.08.  You have until July 19th to sign up for July's crate, the theme of which is 'Villains'. If you go to the Loot Crate site you will see a discount code for 10% off July's crate.When you sign up you will be asked for your shirt size, as some months will contain tshirts....which are generally great! For your money you will get 1 box per month, filled with goodies from all different genres of Geekdom! The May theme was 'Adventure'....Loot Crate also create brilliant videos to announce each month's theme! Basically, they are an epically cool company!

The May crate contained an exclusive tshirt, featuring Link from The Legend of  Zelda (which my husband loves! Thanks Loot Crate!). Its great quality, hubby likes it because its thin material, so helps him stay cooler. Its also very soft and comfy to wear, not too baggy, not too tight (no I'm not married to a blonde woman hiding from some bears!)! The image is Link made up of loads of Legend of Zelda phrases, it looks very cool.

Next there was an Adventure Time blind bag, which came in a funky little collectable tin. I confess that I've not seen Adventure Time yet....its on our list though! We got, what appears to be, after some quick googling,  Zombie Finn (?). He came in a Lumpy Space Princess (? Oooook then!) tin. Now, for some strange and unknown reason, I love tins and boxes so I was chuffed with the tin even though it means nothing to me!

We also got a Minecraft Hangers blind bag. Once again, I must confess my ignorance and run the risk of having to return my Geek card! Never played Minecraft or any other online games, due to the very simple fact that I get addicted! So to avoid that I don't play anything! Much safer! Ian, on the other hand, does know Minecraft so he was happy! We got a pig in our bag, which, once again, despite knowing nothing about the source, I everyone is happy, phew!

There was a Legend of Zelda bottle opener....which was very cool. Its nice and sturdy, made of metal so not gonna bend anytime soon!

We also got a cd soundtrack to something called The Friend Zone. We were stumped by this one, and honestly, we still haven't listened to it so can't pass comment on it! Apparently its a Youtube show? Which leads us neatly onto the stickers....they are for Youtube gamers, which, other than Pewdiepie, I'm once again clueless! I know that many other people love em though, and they are very cool stickers. Each month you also get a Loot Crate badge, which some reviewers seem to hate. I liked it, but I am somewhat childish!

All in all, I have to say that I love Loot Crate. Its reasonably priced, you get some cool collectables...some of which are exclusive to Loot Crate....and something to look forward to all month! Obviously, being in the UK it costs slightly more to subscribe but its only whats to be expected thanks to shipping prices. The staff are lovely, really friendly and helpful and you do feel as though they care about what they are doing, and by extension you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe!

Thanks for popping by!


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