Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mr Nutcase iphone case review

 Having had my phone case for a over a month now, its time for a review! Firstly, I was given a case in exchange for a true and honest review....I'll go through the entire process and show pictures of the result.

Mr Nutcase sell a variety of custom phone and tablet cases for different brands.You can create your own design or pick one from their gallery. When I actually looked through the cases available for each brand I was slightly disappointed to find that, despite having the options for loads of different phones, the majority said 'no cases available'. This is a shame, but maybe they will expand in the future. I picked a case for my iPhone 4s, and chose to create my own design. The options are 'ultra lightweight slimline' for £9.95 (reduced from £14.95 when I ordered mine), 'executive flip leather style' for £14.95 (reduced from £19.95) or 'full wrap around premium edition' which was out of stock, so I don't know the price, but I'm guessing its a large chunk of change.

Once you've chosen your model and choice of case from the drop down menus its time to design your case! You can choose one of the templates, one of which is a solid photo/design, or whether to have some smaller boxes with different photos/designs in each. There are some cute little templates, one is a heart, another is half a heart so your sweetie can have the other half so it matches up when the phones are side by side...awww! I went for a template with 6 boxes, which means I got to add 6 photos. I think that the little snapshot type pictures work well in the six boxes, they look very cute! You can browse for photos on your computer, add text and clipart, as well as changing the background colour. Basically, you can truly personalise your case! Once you have added your designs, you can preview the case to ensure you like the final result. If you do, you can add your case to your cart and go through the checkout process.....and, voila, a personalised case will be on its way to you!

My delivery was delayed a little, as I ordered mine on a Bank Holiday weekend....not my best idea! Normally, however, the cases are dispatched next working day and arrive extremely quickly. My husband ordered a case late one night, it was dispatched the following day and arrived the day after that. You can't really argue with that service! Obviously, if you, like me, order over a weekend or a Bank Holiday your case won't arrive that quickly, but thats not the fault of the company!

Now, onto my case. I'll admit that I was a little bit worried that the quality would be poor. No real reason other than having seen other personalised cases and being distinctly underwhelmed! My worries were completely unfounded however, as my case is great quality. Good, strong plastic, it doesn't feel flimsy at all. The photos look great, the colours are true and the images aren't pixelated. Also, the images aren't just on a sticker which ends up lifting, whatever process Mr Nutcase uses works really well. Having had the case for over a month now I can tell you that there are no scratches or any other damage at all....despite my clumsiness! It has been dropped (I have ME, sometimes my body rebels against me!) a few times and the case is still in perfect condition. Even more importantly, so is my phone! The case has done its job and protected the phone, which is the main reason to use a case!

So, if you're looking for a pretty, strong, great quality phone case you won't find many better that Mr Nutcase!

I have a discount code for 10% off a custom phone case from the lovely people at Mr Nutcase so get ordering with the code 'Thanku10'!

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