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Upcoming US TV shows for the 2014/15 season - CBS

Back with the second network's new shows, this time its CBS. I usually like a lot of CBS shows, and the new ones look as though that trend will continue this year! Sadly, CBS doesn't release a lot of information about the shows, and their characters in advance, so I can only give a bare bones outline.


Airing Wednesday 1st October in the US. TBC for the UK.

Ooooooh I'm really looking forward to this!!!! Stalker follows a squad of detectives investigating stalking incidents. From the trailer it looks as if the main character has a secret, and that she may go off on her own crusades against the bad guys she encounters! This was created by Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek, The Vampire Diaries, The Following, Scream, Scream 2, Scream 4, I Know What You Did Last Summer) so you pretty much know it will be enjoyable if nothing else! Not much info on the characters yet, sadly, but as a Maggie Q fan I'm just happy she's back on TV after the end of Nikita!

Maggie Q as Lieutenant Beth Davis.

Dylan McDermott as Detective Jack Larsen.

Victor Rasuk as Detective Ben Caldwell.

Mariana Klaveno as Detective Janice Lawrence

Elizabeth Bogush as Amanda Tate

Madam Secretary

Airing on Sunday 21st September in the US. TBC for the UK.

Can't say I'm all that interested in this one....never been one for political shows, not escapist enough for me. However, it has some great cast members, and I know it probably will be interesting, just depends on your viewing tastes. It follows a female Secretary of State, looking at her personal and professional life, and her attempts to juggle the two. Created by Barbara Hall (creator of Joan of Arcadia and a co-exectutive producer on Homeland).


Tea Leoni as Elizabeth Faulkner McCord, the Secretary of State.

Tim Daly as Henry McCord, (most likely) Elizabeth's husband.

Bebe Neuwirth as Nadine Tolliver.

Erich Bergen as Blake Calibrese

Evan Roe as Jason McCord

Geoffrey Arend as Matt Mahoney

Katherine Herzer as Caroline McCord

Patina Miller as Daisy Finch

Sebastian Arcelus  as Jay Whitman

The Odd Couple

Airing sometime in September (but I'm starting to wonder if it will be held back til midseason) in the US. TBC for the UK.

Hmmmm there is an odd lack of information on this one. CBS don't even have it listed on their website, it has no IMDB page and the only real info is a Wiki page. Puzzler....I wonder if it wasn't well loved by critics/network bosses? Wiki says it will air sometime in Sept, but I'm leaning towards this being held til midseason. Obviously, this is a reboot/remake/homage (?) to the classic sitcom from the 70's and 80's (which was inspired by the 1968 movie!). I'm always wary when networks try this, there is such love for classic/cult shows, and people can get really unhappy if the remake isn't abxolutely perfect. Woe betide CBS if they decide to deviate from the original too much! The two mains are talented, comedic performers, but Matthew Perry doesn't have the best luck with sitcoms post Friends. Perry developed and stars in this show, and I am a Perry fan so got my fingers crossed!

Thomas Lennon as Felix Unger, a photography and neat freak who has just been kicked out by his wife.

Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison, a slobby sportswriter, also split with his wife.

CSI: Cyber

No US air date yet, but it will apparently go out when CSI has finished its 15th season in January 2015, in the new Sunday timeslot. TBC for the UK

Here we have another CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin off, the fourth to be exact! A backdoor pilot (is it just me who giggles at that term like a little child??) was shown as part of the 14th season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in April 2014. I stopped watching the original not long after Grissom left, it didn't feel right, so haven't seen the pilot yet. There are virtually no details on the cast and characters, which is somewhat irritating as a blogger! Inspired by the work of producr Mary Aiken, as a cyper-psychologist.


Patricia Arquette as Special Agent Avery Ryan.

Charley Koontz as FBI Tech Specialist Daniel Grummitz.

Battle Creek

No air date as yet that I can find.

I do like a good police procedural, so hopefully I can add this to my viewing list this autumn. Always makes me nervous when there isn't even a tentative air date by this time however, so I'm not getting too attached! This doesn't soumd like anything new or unique really, two cops, with differing attitudes, team up to try to clean up the streets of Battle Creek, Michigan. Sounds ok, as I said, nothing new or unique but if its a solid cop show it may be worth a look, if its ever shown! It comes from the creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan.


Josh Duhamel as Detective Milton Chamberlain.

Dean Winters as Detective Russ Agnew.

Aubrey Dollar as Holly.

Grapevine as Detective Aaron Funkhauser.

Damon Herriman as Detective Niblet.

Janet McTeer as Commander Guziewicz.

Kal Penn as Detective Fontanelle.

Liza Lapira as Jacocks.


Airing Monday 22nd September in the US. No clue when/if the show will air in the UK.

Another one I'm excited for! A genius gathers a group of other geniuses to solve (and by solve I mean hack) computer problems/crimes to save the world. The trailer looks great, I love these type of shows. Whether it does well is another matter, as most shows I love don't do too well on US tv and get canned pretty early! This one was created by Nick Santora.


Elyes Gabel as Walter O'Brien.

Katharine McPhee as Paige Dineen.

Robert Patrick as Agent Cabe Gallo.

Eddie Kaye Thomas as Toby Curtis.

Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn.

Ari Stidham as Sylvester Dodd.

The McCarthy's

Airing Thursday 30th October in the US. Shockingly enough, no details for the UK!!!!

This should be great, the US does great sitcoms! Set in Boston and revolving around a close knit, sports loving, Irish-Catholic family, sharing a 3 floor house. One family member, Ronny, a young gay man, decides to move out, and has the opportunity to move to Rhode Island. To stop this happening, his dad offers him the job of assistant basketball coach at the high school, causing problems in the family as the other siblings think they deserve the job more. This has a good cast, and great comic material built into the characters and settings! Created by Brian Gallivan.


Tyler Ritter as Ronny McCarthy, a 29 year old gay man, desperate for independance from his close knit family.

Laurie Metcalf as Marjorie McCarthy, the matriarch of the McCarthy family. Ronny is Marjorie's favourite as they watch The Good Wife together.

Jack McGee as Arthue McCarthy, the patriarch of the McCarthy family and a high school basketball coach.

Jimmy Dunn as Sean McCarthy, one of the McCarthy sons.

Joey McIntyre as Gerard McCarthy, one of the McCarthy's sons.

Kelen Coleman as Jackie McCarthy, the sole daughter of the McCarthy;s, who is pregnant.

So that's the CBS round up done....are any of these shows tickling your fancy? How many do you think will survive long enough to get a second season? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for popping by!


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