Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Doctor Who - Moffat has broken my favourite show.....

For the first time in my life I wasn't excited for the return of the Doctor. Steven Moffat has systematically destroyed my favourite TV show. Don't get me wrong, he's a great writer, BUT he is a terrible showrunner. He writes himself into corners, and, when he can't extricate himself, he then changes his own canon. He starts storylines without knowing where he wants it to go, so it becomes ever more convoluted and complicated. Oddly enough, he has written some of my favourite episodes in the new Doctor Who run. I love Blink and I love the concept of the Weeping Angels, they are truly creepy. My other favourites are The Girl in the Fireplace, Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. You may notice that all my favourite episodes are from when Russell T Davies was showrunner. Moffat is much, much, MUCH better as an occasional writer rather than showrunner. I also dislike the throwaway nature of the show now. You get to love characters and companions, only for them to leave, and the characters are forever banished and unable to see or speak to the Doctor again. This bugs the crap out of me! Why don't they sign people up for a minimum commitment?? Why don't the BBC tell Moffat to pull his finger out and put out a full seaon, without making the fans wait for a year, only to have a few episodes before another lengthy break?? The same goes for Sherlock, the amount of time between seasons is ridiculous! Then we get 3 episodes....3????!!! Drives me mad!

My favourite Doctor from 'New Who'!

Now, onto the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. He's a great actor. I would have little problem with his casting but for one thing....he has already played other characters in the Whoniverse!!!! That, to me, is completely unacceptable, specifically in the years since the revival. We have so much more access to information about the actors and actresses, if we recognise an actor/actress we just go online and find out their entire CV.  Capaldi is too noticeable, too famous to sneak in under the radar. When Karen Gillan turned up as a soothsayer in The Fires of Pompeii, she was virtually unrecognisable and she just wasn't very well known, so it didn't matter too much when she turned up as Amy Pond. As you can see from the photos below, Capaldi is immediately recognisible, and a main cast member in both episodes/series. The reason that David Tennant and Matt Smith worked so well as the Doctor, is that they weren't particularly well known when they began the role. My objection to Capaldi isn't based on his age, or on the fact that he's not as good looking as the 2 previous incarnations. I couldn't care less what the Doctor looks like, I love the character and I'm not a teenage girl swooning over hot actors. I just seriously object to such a stupid move.

Capaldi as John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth
Capaldi as Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii

Having watched the first episode, I'm still unconvinced. Yes I like the intensity of Capaldi's portrayal, but that is not unique to the actor. There are unknown actors out there who could do a brilliant job, and they don't carry any associations or expectations into the role. The episode was ok, but this show was never only ok....well, not until Moffat took over as showrunner. He's great at writing episodes, but he needs someone there to keep him on track. He simply changes any canon he feels like, even the ones he put in place! My enjoyment has been declining ever since he took over.....he has now managed to kill all my excitement, anticipation and enjoyment and it makes me sad.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

GOPO Joint Supplement Trial - 4 weeks

Here is the first results post for the GOPO trial, you can read my initial post here. This will cover the first 4 weeks of the trial, to show what, if any, change has occurred.

At the start of the 12 week trial I have many problems with my joints and my mobility. My joints and muscles lock, I get so stiff I can barely move and I need muscle relaxants and strong pain medication throughout the day and night. I cannot stand up without help, and I can only walk a few shaky steps and I use a wheelchair when I need to go out. The pain and the stiffness tends to bother me more than the lack of mobility, I don't like the wheelchair but it solves a problem and I can cope with that. The pain is not fun though.....I take a lot of medications to try and ease my symptoms, and even they don't help too much. I was excited to try GOPO, I hope it can make me feel more like a 34 year old rather than a 94 year old!

So, the supplement....it isn't a new product apparently, but it has undergone a name change, but the formula is the same. There is, apparently, a patented manufacturing process to retain high levels of the key component GOPO. The product is made from 100% specially cultivated rose-hip, and GOPO is the name of the compound within rose-hips which helps joint problems. Basically, its all natural. The shell of the capsule is gelatin, so it you are a vegan or a vegetarian you will need to split the tablet and sprinkle the powder onto food. The price is within the usual range for supplements of this sort, £17.99 for 120 capsules or £26.99 for 200, plus £1.50 per order.

Photo by Ian Guffogg Photography

To start I am advised to take 3 tablets, 2 times a day. After 3 to 5 weeks I would go onto a maintenance dose of 2 tablets, twice a day. Within the first few days I felt a lot less stiff, which I was very very happy about! The reduced stiffness seemed to help the pain somewhat too, although I did still need to take my prescribed drugs. I have no trouble swallowing pills, but they are quite large and if you struggle to swallow tablets you may struggle a little. The website does say that you can split the tablet and sprinkle the powder over food, so that may be helpful for those (like my husband Ian!) who dislike swallowing pills. Other than that I found no negatives. The reduced stiffness wasn't just a temporary thing, thankfully! I continued to feel less swelling and pain, along with less stiffness. I do suffer from muscle spasms, which continued while on the trial, but as this supplement isn't geared to tackle that problem its no surprise that it continued! I decided to stay on the full dose for 5 weeks to make sure the effects will last whilst on the maintenance dose.

Photo by Ian Guffogg Photography

Overall, the first 4 weeks have been a success! If you suffer from joint pain, or any other joint condition, you may very well benefit from this. I doubted that I'd see much improvement, considering the fact that the considerable amount of prescription medications haven't eased my pain, so how would an all natural product help? All I can say is that, at the moment, my pain and stiffness is reduced! I'll report back at 8 weeks, I will be on the maintenance dose by then.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment, or email me and I'll try to help!

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Visions by Kelley Armstrong - review

First off, I must confess that Kelley Armstrong is my favourite author. I can read all 13 of the Women of the Otherworld series, and all the short stories, over and over again. In fact, I read them and finished them in time to read this new book....now I've finished I've started Otherworld again! I'm not sure why I love her books so much, I just love the characters and the universes she builds. Suffice to say I was gutted when Thirteen came out and the series ended....sulking may have occurred! Luckily, I discovered Omens, which is the first book in the Cainsville series (not sure if it's a series or a trilogy mind) which I enjoyed, it just didn't quite grab me like Otherworld did though. I've just finished Visions so here is my review....

The book opens pretty much where Omens ended. Olivia and Gabriel have managed to exonerate her birth parents for 2 of the murders of which they were convicted. There is very little investigating of the other murders her birth parents were imprisoned for, which strikes me as rather odd. Surely, now there is a chink in the armour of their convictions, Olivia and Gabriel would try to press their advantage. They do visit Olivia's birth mother once, then she refuses to visit again because her mother wouldn't share why Olivia sees omens. Olivia is still trying to get permission to visit her father, Todd, but she is being thwarted by missed letters and ignored calls. Todd does write her a letter though, which Olivia reads at the end of the book, leaving her extremely emotional as he seems to genuinely love his daughter yet he respects her new name and family.

The thing that irks me most is that we're 2 books in and we still don't really have answers to anything! Oh, we get some tantalising snippets of who/what the characters are, but not enough to stop me feeling frustrated. I'm the sort of person who reads the ending of books first! I gave up on Lost in the first season because I couldn't cope with not getting answers! Its a real shame that this series bugs me because I love the premise, and I love Celtic mythology and culture, so these books should be a dream come true....

Having said all that, I did enjoy Visions more than Omens, as obviously we needed an origin story to start us off. It didn't flow as easily as Armstrong's other books, but then she has become familiar with the Otherworld universe. I recall reading that she didn't expect the success of Bitten, and wasn't planning a series at the start. The universe was built slowly through each book, with the introduction of new supernatural races and cultures, so the first books didn't feel as weighed down as Omens did. However, I do love her characterisations, she writes likable people, women I would be friends with. She also writes great relationships, there wasn't one pairing or group in Otherworld that I didn't love. Armstrong manages the same in the Cainsville series. While there appears to be a love triangle (or a love square if you count the ex, I wouldn't, he has no chance!) between Olivia,  Gabriel and Ricky, there is no 'instalove'. Olivia finally breaks free from the suffocating life and relationship she used to have, and begins to have fun. As she should! She's only in her mid twenties!

Now, the plot....its a tad chaotic, but it is intriguing none the less. The book starts with Olivia returning to her former home to pack up some of her belongings. Whilst there she decides to take a swim, which apparently provided the time for someone to put a dead woman, dressed like Olivia, in her car. The body then disappears while Olivia is waiting for Gabriel to come to her aid. It turns out that the dead woman is Ciara Conway, who is originally from Cainsville, before she became an addict and went missing. Ciara's severed head is placed in Olivia's bed while she sleeps, and she is knocked unconscious while, once again, the evidence is removed. She doesn't know if these are threats or clues to the mystery of Cainsville. TC ('The Cat') goes missing and is eventually discovered in the basement of a house which turns out to have been the home of Olivia's family. Following TC, Olivia discovers a spot which allows her to fall into visions....and Ciara's body in the attic. Ciara's family receive an anonymous call telling them to check her DNA, and it turns out that she is not their biological child.....which leads Olivia to research about changelings, as you do. Turns out that Cainsville is a haven for fae and the elders have been swapping children for many years.

Late one night, Olivia gets a call from a panicked young woman named Macy, who tells her that she has been drugged and kidnapped by a man wanted to get a message to 'Eden' (Olivia's birth name). Olivia has to go to an address and find the girl, which she does with the help of Ricky, and later, Gabriel. Macy has been taken to an old mental hospital, and Olivia keeps seeing things that aren't there. She meets a man/being named Tristan, who gives her more teasing tidbits about the two sides that want Olivia, for some as yet unknown reason. She was also approached by a man at a dinner with James, who is another otherwordly being, who gives her a tusk for protection. Olivia decides to confront someone from Cainsville, when she realises that she and Gabriel are experiencing a form of mind control, to prevent them from asking questions which would provide them with the answers they want. She fights the compulsion and talks to Patrick, who she has discovered is a lot older than he looks. He implies enough that Olivia gets some of the answers she seeks, including one shocking revelation about Gabriel. We also find out a little more about Gabriel's troubled childhood and how it continues to affect him to such an extent that he hoards supplies and keeps them hidden around his home.

After swiping some hairs from Macy's brush during a visit, Olivia and Gabriel have her DNA tested against the Conway's and they discover that Macy is their biological daughter. Olivia becomes suspicious of Macy when she discovers that she worked in a funeral parlour and knows how to embalm a body, which would explain why Ciara's body didn't decay while they moved her around. On the way to visit the funeral parlour where Macy worked, they are involved in a car crash, injuring and trapping Gabriel. After managing to extricate him from the vehicle, and dragging him to a safe distance, Olivia attempts to find help, but is stopped when bullets start flying. Macy is the shooter and had been working with Tristan all along. She is furious that she had Ciara's crappy family while Ciara got to grow up with a comfortable family life. Gabriel manages to regain consciousness and rescues Olivia by shooting Macy, ensuring that he hit nonlethal body parts, but Macy turns her gun on herself and commits suicide.

 As I mentioned before, Olivia finally ends her relationship with James, which does not go to plan, and exposes James' true nature, much to her shock. Despite his best efforts, James fails to drive a wedge between Olivia and Gabriel, in fact his tricks push her further away from him and strengthens Olivia and Gabriel's friendship/relationship. Olivia also gets involved with Ricky Gallagher, the son of the leader of the biker gang, Satan's Saints (love that name!), who also happen to be Gabriel's biggest clients. Ricky's father, and Gabriel are unhappy about the relationship, but Ricky and Olivia don't care. He's just what Olivia needs after a passionless engagement to a man she believed she should marry, in order to fit in and not be an outcast, in a society where she feels she doesn't belong.

So, overall, better than Omens but nowhere near as good as Otherworld! She's still my favourite author though!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

TV Shows that I want back episode 4 - Friends

As if this needs any introduction!

I still remember watching the first ever episode vividly. Now, remember, Friends began in 1994, so there wasn't as much information about new shows floating around. We couldn't go online and find out the ins and outs of`every film and TV programme like we can now. We just had the weekly TV Times for information! So, it was with no idea how good it would be I sat down to watch the pilot.....and fell in love, and I still love it as much today! A few minutes after the pilot episode finished we had a power cut, and I clearly remember thinking 'phew, at least I got to see Friends first!'. I was totally addicted after that! I still watch it now and it never bores me, nor does it feel dated. Its just extremely good comedy and I will no doubt love it when I'm in my 90's!

So, just in case you've lived under a rock for the last 20 years, here's what you need to know about Friends....

Set in New York, about a group of 20 something friends, the show starts with the character of Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, leaving her groom Barry at the altar. She runs to the city to find her high school best friend (who wasn't invited to the wedding!) Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox (pre plastic surgery, when she didn't look as scary). Monica hangs out in her local coffee shop, which is comically named Central Perk, with her brother Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer, and their group of friends, Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow, Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry and Joey Tribbiani. played by Matt LeBlanc. The shows 10 season run saw the friends falling in love, changing careers, becoming parents, blurring the lines between friendship and love, coping with divorce and many other 20 something issues which people could relate to. Of course, all that took place against a backdrop of comedy, witticisms, iconic hairstyles and catchphrases which you can still here people quoting today. There isn't one episode I don't love, and only wish that they could have kept the show running forever! At a push I could cope with a film, some specials or even a new season!

Rachel Green - Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Green

Rachel is first seen soaking wet, in her wedding dress, frantically searching for her former best friend Monica in a coffee shop called Central Perk. She ends up moving into Monica's flat and decides to turn her back on her former life, meaning she eschews her father's money and chooses not to marry a man she doesn't love for financial security. Encouraged by her new friends, Rachel cuts up her credit cards and starts to look for a job. By the end of the pilot episode she has a job in Central Perk, much to the dismay of the gang and other customers as she can neither make coffee, nor get orders correct. Eventually, Rachel quits in order to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. For the duration of the show Rachel is predominantly involved with Monica's brother Ross, who has been in love with her most of his life. They get together in season 2, but their relationship eventually breaks down. She drunkenly marries Ross while they are in Las Vegas, becoming his third wife. They end up having a drunken night together, after their original relationship had ended, which resulted in the conception of their daughter Emma. Ross and Rachel finally admit to being in love with each other in the final episode, prompting Rachel to reject the offer of her dream job in Paris.

Monica Geller
Monica is living alone in her grandmother's apartment when the show begins, but by the end of the pilot episode Rachel has moved in with Monica. She has a close relationship with her older brother Ross and is a dedicated and loving aunt to his children. Monica shows signs of suffering from severe OCD, which manifests in extreme cleanliness and the need to organise everything and everyone around her. As a formerly overweight teenager, Monica sometimes has self esteem issues and really just wants to be in love, married and settled with children. She breaks up with Richard Burke, played by Tom Selleck, due to the fact that he doesn't want to have any more children, leaving her heartbroken. During the build up to Ross' second wedding, Monica and Chandler sleep together and end up in a romantic relationship, eventually marrying and trying for a baby. Sadly they are unable to conceive naturally, so they pursue an adoption. In the final ever episode they finally become parents when Erica, played by Anna Faris , gives birth. They unexpectedly come home with 2 children, Jack and Erica Bing, after it turns out that Erica (who is not greatly endowed with brains) misunderstood her doctor when he told her there were 2 heartbeats (she thought he meant hers and the baby's bless!). They also leave their flat behind in order to move to the suburbs with their children.

Phoebe Buffay - Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe Buffay
Phoebe is the eccentric, odd one out of the friends. She had a tough childhood, with her father abandoning his wife, and their twin daughters Ursula and Phoebe, then the woman she believed to be her mother kills herself, leaving the girls alone and homeless. While Phoebe and her sister aren't close, and barely even speak, Ursula does appear a few times over the years, usually signalling trouble for Phoebe. She eventually finds her birth mother and the 2 of them attempt to have a relationship, but it appears to fizzle out. Phoebe generally had casual sexual relationships, with only 2 serious boyfriends during the show's run, David and Mike Hannigan, whom she goes on to marry.

Chandler Muriel Bing - Matthew Perry

Chandler Bing
Chandler is the sarcastic one of the group. His distinctive speaking manner when expressing incredulity became hugely popular. He is Ross' college roommate, and the 2 have stayed close since. He and Joey live across the hall from Monica and Rachel, and spend most of their time hanging out at the girls' apartment, where they let themselves in and help themselves to the fridge. Chandler is equally as close to Joey, but Joey sometimes feels insecure and seeks reassurance. He is unlucky in love, with a recurring romance with an extremely irritating woman Janice being his most successful and long lasting relationship, until he falls in love with Monica. His mother is an erotic novelist named Nora Bing, who embarrasses him frequently due to her open nature and overt sexuality. His father, Charles Bing, who divorced his mother due to the fact that he was gay, is shown to be a drag artist known as Helena Handbasket. He and Monica eventually fall in love, marry and become parents to Jack and Erica Bing, before leaving the city to raise their family in the suburbs.

Joey Tribbiani - Matt LeBlanc

Joey Tribbiani
Joey is a simple minded, promiscuous struggling actor who lives with Chandler across the hall from Monica and Rachel. He is extremely dimwitted, but very loyal and family oriented. He experiences some success early on in the show when he lands a recurring role in Days of our Lives, before he lost his job for telling an interviewer that he writes a lot of his own lines. Joey is shown to be a skilled pick up artist and commitmentphobe, who treats women terribly yet usually gets away with it. His pick up line is simply 'how you doin'?' which is shown to work on pretty much everyone. He develops feelings for Rachel during the show's run, which are unrequited at first. They do eventually attempt a relationship, but realise it isn't meant to be due to the awkwardness they feel when trying to consummate their new relationship, and return to being friends.

Ross Geller - David Schwimmer

Ross Geller
Ross is Monica's big brother, and a paleontologist. At the start of the show he has just split up with his first wife Carol, played by Anita Barone in the pilot and Jane Sibbett in the rest of the episodes, due to the fact that she is a lesbian and in love with Susan, played by Jessica Hecht. He discovers that Carol is pregnant with his child in the pilot episode, which he struggles to deal with throughout the first season, until the birth of their son Ben. He has secretly been in love with Rachel for most of his life and pines for her until partway through season 2 when they get together for the first time. They eventually split up due to Ross' jealousy and eventual infidelity, when he wrongly thought that he and Rachel were no longer together. Ross falls in love with a woman from England called Emily, played by Helen Baxendale, and the two quickly get engaged. During his vows he mistakenly says Rachel's name, which eventually causes his second marriage to end in divorce. He and Rachel drunkenly get married in Las Vegas, making her his 3rd wife. He assures Rachel he will get the marriage annulled, but in fact decides to secretly stay married to her to avoid a 3rd divorce. When she finds out, Rachel insists on the divorce. They have a drunken night of passion in the run up to Monica and Chandler's wedding, resulting in the conception of their daughter Emma. Ross realises he still loves Rachel as she is preparing to move to Paris for her dream job, and he begs her to stay. He believes that she has left and is heartbroken, but it turns out that she got off the plane and returned to him.

So, there you go....a quick synopsis of the show, which can never do it justice! I will always want the gang, and the clapping in the theme tune, back!

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Jan Will Be Back Soon...

Hey everyone... Ian here again, I just wanted to quickly let you know what's going on...

Jan is currently not having the best of times, she is suffering from a flare-up of her M.E and she is full of cold. As well as the health issues, Monday marked the one year anniversary of the death of her dearly loved cat, Wazzcat (his real name was Angel yet, as is usually the case with these things, his nickname was always used). She had Wazzcat since he was a nipper, his death, despite his age was quite a shock to us both, and, to this day, it still upsets Jan deeply.

Wazzcat, having commandeered Jan's gran's adjustable chair for himself...

Despite these issues, Jan is battling on as per usual and, she is currently writing blog posts which she hopes to get uploaded soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you in the loop so you didn't think she was MIA... Thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shows That Need To Come Back - 01: Red Dwarf

As this series was inspired by Jan (it's not just totally copied off her, honest!), I thought I would share it with you guys... Enjoy!


In a similar, but totally different (it has a different name) idea to Jan's 'TV shows that I want back' series, I thought I too, would share some of my favourite shows of times gone by that have sadly bitten the dust... Allons-y!

Strictly speaking, Red Dwarf  hasn't bit the dust completely. Thanks to Dave (a UK TV chanel that mainly airs reruns), and online campaigns, the show was given a three part special in 2009, a 10th series in 2012, and, rumour has it, there may be an 11th series airing 2015. That said, they are more like odd specials rather than the show coming back properly so, in reality, it finished back in 1999.

Red Dwarf  is a character driven comedy set against a sci-fi backdrop. Set primarily on the Jupiter Mining Corporation ship 'Red Dwarf', the show follows the exploits of four ragtag misfits: Dave Lister, Arnold Judas Rimmer, Cat and, a service mechanoid named Kryten (brought in at the start of series 3) in their continuing endevour to find their way to Earth.

The Red Dwarf crew!

Placed in suspended animation in the first episode for having a pregnant cat (Frankenstein) on board (animals were not allowed!), Lister survives a radiation leak that wipes out the entire crew of the ship. When the radiation has died down, some three million years after the leak, the ships computer Holly releases Lister from Stasis, leaving him as the last known human alive in the universe. As well as saving Lister, Holly also created a hologram of the crewmate whom Lister had the most contact with as a means to keep him sane. Sadly for Lister, this crewmate is Rimmer, Lister's hated bunkmate and immediate superior. During this first episode, it is also revealed that, over the course of the three million years, Frankenstein's descendants have evolved into humanoid felines, and Cat, is the last known one.

During the shows runs, Lister and the gang found themselves dealing with strange lifeforms, mutant diseases, time distortions, faster-than-light travel, an incompetent ship computer, Rimmer's cowardice, milk shortage, having to make the difficult choice between Pot Noodle or dog food and many other weird, wacky, and often funny problems.

The Gang

Dave Lister - Craig Charles
Lister 'reading' one of Cat's books.

Orphaned at six weeks old (on 26th November 2155), Dave Lister was found under a pool table in a Liverpool pub (The Aigburth Arms), having been left by his father, who happens to be, Lister himself. Around age 6, after a spell with the Wilmot family, Lister went to live with Grandma Lister, who's surname, and some of her character traits, he took on. At the age of 12, Lister lost his virginity in one of the bunkers on the ninth hole of Bootle municipal golf course, a fact he takes great delight in telling Rimmer. As a teenager, as well as forming a band called Smeg and the Heads (smeghead is a recurring insult in the show), Lister was accepted into art college, however, he dropped out when he learned his schedule would include lectures 'first thing in the afternoon'. On board Red Dwarf, before the radiation leak (and technically after), Lister is a third-class technician, the lowest ranking crewman on the ship. Saved from the radiation leak by his incarceration in suspended animation, Lister is the last known human alive. A self described bum, Lister is lazy, unmotivated and, slobbish, however, he oftern shows a deep moral courage. He has a passion for beer and Indian food, especially chicken vindaloo, both of which are recurring themes in the show.

Arnold Judas Rimmer - Chris Barrie
Rimmer, a little drunk.

Christened Arnold Judas Rimmer, due to his mothers membership in a denomination of Christianity that venerates Judas as Jesus' twin brother, Rimmer had a difficult childhood. He had three older brothers, all of whom overshadowed him greatly. His stepfather used to quiz the boys on astronavigation before meals, refusing them meals if they got it wrong. As well as starvation, Rimmer was also subjected to stretching on the rack to ensure he met the minimum height restriction laid out by the Space Academy. Failing to joing the Space Academy, Rimmer eventually ended up joining the Space Corps as a third-class technician. Serving for 14 years, he finally became, a second-class technician (the second lowest rank). Rimmer is a neurotic, fussy, coward who, failed to replace a drive plate correctly thereby killing the entire crew...An act that he still tries to place some of the blame for on Lister. Killed in the accident (that he caused), Rimmer is resurrected as a hologram by the ships computer, Holly, with the intention of keeping Lister sane. For a portion of the show Rimmer was a soft-light hologram (he couldn't touch anything), however, in a later series he was given, what is in effect, hologram viagra, turning him into a hard light hologram meaning, for want of a better term, he could poke things.

Cat - Danny John-Jules
Cat, in his everyday attire.

Little is known about Cat's past, what we do know is, he is the last known member of Felis sapiens (after the Cat Priest dies in series 01 episode 04), a race of humanoid felines that evolved from Lister's cat, Frankenstein whilst Lister was in statis. Despite visually resembling a human, and mainly communicating like a human, Cat shares many personality traits with cats. He is concerned with nothing but sleeping, eating and his appearance. During his time with Lister and the others, he is influenced by them, however, you can't take the cat out of Cat and he appears like a self-centred, stylish human. In one episode, it is revealed that he has a 'cool' sounding pulse, six nipples and colour-coordinated internal organs... Now, the pulse and colour-coordination would make surgery both fun and easier!

Kryten (Kryten 2X4B-523P) - Robert Llewellyn (main cast), David Ross (single appearance, series 2)
Yeah, so this happens occasionally.

Originally appearing in an episode of series 2 (played by David Ross), Kryten is a service mechanoid abord a crashed spaceship Nova 5. Aboard Nova 5, Kryten served the ship's crew, despite the fact, unbeknownst to him, they have been dead for quite some time. Lister and the other rescue Kryten however, he doesn't appear again in the show until the start of series 3 (played by Robert Llewellyn). Between his rescue and his full time appearacne, Kryten is in an accident involving Lister's spacebike and, Lister is forced to repair him (rather convenient considering actor change!). Kryten is a service mechanoid, and as such, much to Rimmer's joy as he can boss him around, he is bound by behavioural protocols. Lister doesn't like this, and proceeds, over time, to teach Kryten how to break his programming and think for himself... In series 8, (after Red Dwarf and the crew are brought back by nano technology and the gang are imprisoned) Kryten is classified a woman due to lack of male genitalia. This troubles him and, he builds himself a makeshift penis from an old electron board, toilet roll, sticky back plastic and, an Action Man's poloneck jumper. He names said penis Archie and, he proceeds to try teach it by getting it to jump through hoops. Archie isn't good at obaying orders however and, runs around the prison wings, with prisoners mistaking it for a mouse.

Holly - Norman Lovett (series 1, 2, 7 & 8), Hattie Hayridge (series 3, 4 & 5)
Imagine the CGI that went into that...
Oh no wait, they filmed him in black
clothes on a black background...
Take note Michael Bay, it's simple
but effective!

Holly (Norman Lovett), the ships computer is said to have a functional IQ of 6000, however, this is severely diminished by the three million years of runtime and, lack of updates... What, no pesky automatic updates from Windows restarting it mid way through something? Before the radiation leak, Holly had developed 'computer senility', rendering it almost useless... So you can imagine what three million years extra did to it! Between series 2 and 3, Holly changed his face to resemble that of a computer from a parallel universe with whom he'd once fallen madly in love with (Hattie Hayridge), the male face returning in series 7.

No doubt, anyone who watched Red Dwarf  will
use this as an insult at some point.

So there you have it... A little insight into a show I would love to see back on our screens full time, sadly though, I don't think it is likely to happen... I will just have to make do with it showing up sporadicly.

What shows would you love to see back? Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Candy Japan monthly subscription - review

Here's a review of another subscription box....this time its a genius idea, which enables you to have sweets (candy!) delivered to your door twice a month! The company is called Candy Japan, and they send out an envelope containing 1-3 items, twice a month, for $25/£14.72 (conversion correct at time of writing). It took just over 2 weeks to arrive, so not bad at all considering it came from Japan!

My 3 packets of lovely sweets!

Honey Kumquat Jellies

Honey Kumquat Jellies

Now, these were my least favourite of the 3. Ian, however loved them....shockingly enough (yes, that's sarcasm, he very rarely dislikes food, even more unlikely to hate the taste of anything sweet!)! I liked them, but I would have chosen the others first. I am the picky one though! This is the description from the email which is sent out explaining each delivery....

What is a kumquat? They are a type of citrus fruit that is cultivated in Japan among other places and used to make jelly. The outer layer of the candy is sweet and sour, with kumquat syrup inside. If you look at the character in the wrapping, you can see that the bear with a green hat actually resembles a kumquat fruit. The candies have a very soft texture.
The only real issue we had was completely out of anybody's control. The weather here has decided to be stupidly warm, so the sugar coating had dissolved a little bit and they were stuck together. Not ruined though, they still tasted great and thats the main thing right?

Super Mario Gummies

Super Mario Gummies

These were goooooood!!!! We like any sweets that are cola flavoured in this house, plus we are massive geeks so the Mario part pleased us greatly too! As you can see in the photo above, there are different shapes in the pack, you can get Mario's face, mushrooms, question mark blocks, stars or coins. Here is the description from Candy Japan....

Super Mario is a video game character loved by people all over the world. There are many products based on this popular character and candy is no exception. The taste is cola. If the package contains other shapes than just Mario, consider yourself lucky. For example you can find gummies shaped like power up stars, coins, mushrooms or question mark mystery cubes. "Mario became a gummy!" proclaims the packaging.

So gutted they're gone.....*sob*

Salt Milk Caramel

Salt Milk Caramel

Now these were the ones I was really looking forward to! I love salted caramel, and there's an annoying lack of salted caramel products in the shops here! As we hoped, this one was truly gorgeous.....perfect blend of flavours, and nicely chewy. Can't recommend it enough. Here is the blurb...

Even though the name contains the word "salt", these are actually not all that salty. They are made from cream that comes from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. The rock salt used in this is made in Lorraine, which is an area in France. The candies are chewy in texture and as is common in Japan, individually wrapped.

So, there you have it. A nice, growing business I am happy to support! Lovely service and a decent price, and its always nice to try foods from around the world! Head over and place your order HERE!!

Thanks for popping by!