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GOPO Joint Supplement Trial - 4 weeks

Here is the first results post for the GOPO trial, you can read my initial post here. This will cover the first 4 weeks of the trial, to show what, if any, change has occurred.

At the start of the 12 week trial I have many problems with my joints and my mobility. My joints and muscles lock, I get so stiff I can barely move and I need muscle relaxants and strong pain medication throughout the day and night. I cannot stand up without help, and I can only walk a few shaky steps and I use a wheelchair when I need to go out. The pain and the stiffness tends to bother me more than the lack of mobility, I don't like the wheelchair but it solves a problem and I can cope with that. The pain is not fun though.....I take a lot of medications to try and ease my symptoms, and even they don't help too much. I was excited to try GOPO, I hope it can make me feel more like a 34 year old rather than a 94 year old!

So, the isn't a new product apparently, but it has undergone a name change, but the formula is the same. There is, apparently, a patented manufacturing process to retain high levels of the key component GOPO. The product is made from 100% specially cultivated rose-hip, and GOPO is the name of the compound within rose-hips which helps joint problems. Basically, its all natural. The shell of the capsule is gelatin, so it you are a vegan or a vegetarian you will need to split the tablet and sprinkle the powder onto food. The price is within the usual range for supplements of this sort, £17.99 for 120 capsules or £26.99 for 200, plus £1.50 per order.

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To start I am advised to take 3 tablets, 2 times a day. After 3 to 5 weeks I would go onto a maintenance dose of 2 tablets, twice a day. Within the first few days I felt a lot less stiff, which I was very very happy about! The reduced stiffness seemed to help the pain somewhat too, although I did still need to take my prescribed drugs. I have no trouble swallowing pills, but they are quite large and if you struggle to swallow tablets you may struggle a little. The website does say that you can split the tablet and sprinkle the powder over food, so that may be helpful for those (like my husband Ian!) who dislike swallowing pills. Other than that I found no negatives. The reduced stiffness wasn't just a temporary thing, thankfully! I continued to feel less swelling and pain, along with less stiffness. I do suffer from muscle spasms, which continued while on the trial, but as this supplement isn't geared to tackle that problem its no surprise that it continued! I decided to stay on the full dose for 5 weeks to make sure the effects will last whilst on the maintenance dose.

Photo by Ian Guffogg Photography

Overall, the first 4 weeks have been a success! If you suffer from joint pain, or any other joint condition, you may very well benefit from this. I doubted that I'd see much improvement, considering the fact that the considerable amount of prescription medications haven't eased my pain, so how would an all natural product help? All I can say is that, at the moment, my pain and stiffness is reduced! I'll report back at 8 weeks, I will be on the maintenance dose by then.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment, or email me and I'll try to help!

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