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Castle Season 7 premiere - recap and SPOILERS!!

Castle is back! Well, the show is but as the man himself did a disappearing act at the end of season 6, it's a while before we see him....spoilers ahead, you have been warned!

At the end of season 6 we saw Castle's car being rammed off the road, as he drove towards his wedding, where he would finally marry the love of his life, Beckett. The premiere opens with Beckett desperately trying to get to Castle in his burning car, still decked out in her wedding dress. Eventually, the firefighters turn up and hose down the car, and Beckett, who is slumped on the ground near the car. Once the fire is out, Beckett rushes forward to see Castle....but, shockingly enough, what with the show being called Castle and all, he isn't there....the seat is empty. While she goes off to change into clothes more suited to detective-ing, Esposito and Ryan search the surrounding area, to see if Castle managed to get out and maybe wandered off in a daze. Ryan finds evidence that Castle was forced off the road. A roadside fruit seller witnessed 3 cars, besides Castle, travelling that road, only one of which would be suitable for some dodgems action. A black Escalade. They find tracks, leading from the car, which indicate 3 people were at the scene, there are furrows from someone's feet as they were dragged away, along with 2 sets of footsteps. No sign of Castle anywhere. They manage to remotely turn Castle's phone on, to try to get a ping on his location....it says that he is still somewhere on Long Island. The team track the signal to a scrapyard, where they see the Escalade about to be crushed, but they aren't quick enough to stop it happening. The scrapyard worker runs from the team and they chase him, with an epic takedown from Beckett. He won't talk, despite Beckett almost crushing his hand. The Captain stops Beckett, who begs her not to take her off the case. Gates has no intention of doing so, but lets Kate know that she's called in the FBI to help. Agent Connors, the FBI agent on the case, goes through the usual questions, but Castle's abduction is still a mystery.

Beckett starts to dig through old cases, like Senator Bracken, looking for anyone that would want to hurt Castle, or herself. They eventually link the scrapyard man, Gary Duffin, to a Jersey mobster, Vinny Cardano, played by Don Stark (or Bob from That 70's Show! 'Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!), by running his phone records. Cardano knows and likes Castle, despite a disagreement in the past, which Cardano swears is forgiven, and he wants to help. He doesn't know who ordered the crushing of the SUV, just that, at times, clients of his may need help getting rid of cars, so he has them scrapped for a price. When the techs check surveillance tapes from the dumpster where the payment was supposed to be dropped, they see Castle arriving to drop the money. He is alone and appears fine. Esposito has started to doubt Castle, but Ryan and Beckett still have faith. that, somewhere, Castle is trapped or he's a prisoner somewhere. Then we have a montage (Team America: World Police anyone?) of Beckett searching for Castle over the next 2 months, without any luck.......

Next, we see a small boat drifting in the ocean at night, which is then rescued by the US Coast Guard, containing the man himself, Castle, unconscious and unresponsive. The team arrive at the hospital where Castle is being treated. There were 3 bullet holes in the dinghy, but he wasn't shot....well, they don't think he was until Laney examines him and finds he'd been shot weeks before, and had been healing. Castle still won't wake up, and the medical staff aren't sure why, other than the fact he was suffering from exposure. Beckett asks the Coast Guard captain who found Castle, where he thinks the dinghy came from. He gives Beckett the area of between Rhode Island and Southern Maine. The team start to search for the owner of the dinghy, they get information from a park ranger, that he had seen the dingy at a private dock. Esposito shows Beckett a satellite image, where the dinghy was visible a month ago. There is a mobile home a short distance from the dock, owned, like the dock, by Henry Jenkins. The team goes to talk to Jenkins. While approaching the mobile home, Beckett gets a call from Laney, saying that Castle has Dengue fever antibodies in his blood, which means he must have been somewhere tropical. Beckett ends the call and continues onwards to talk to Jenkins, who is happy to talk to them. He tells them that the mobile home is his 'summer place', and had noticed the dinghy missing a few days beforehand, but has he never used it he didn't bother to report it. He also says that he saw a man, matching Castles' description, camping down near the beach and the dock. Beckett, Espo and Ryan go to check out the tent, and find Castle's belongings inside, his watch, his shoes, his wedding tux. His fingerprints and DNA are all over everything. Beckett begins to believe that maybe Castle had planned the entire thing. She then gets a call to say he is finally awake, so rushes to the hospital to see him, where she runs into Castles mother, who is understandably ecstatic at the news. Beckett goes to see Castle, he is in great spirits, flirting with her as if nothing had happened. It turns out that he has no memory of anything that happened after the car crash, nor in the intervening 2 months. He has no idea that he has even been away for 2 months. There is no physical reason for Castle's amnesia, could it be trauma? Or, as his doctor believes, could Castle be lying? Did he really choose to run away from his life for 2 months, and is now lying to cover up his humiliation? Well, um, I'm gonna guess not seeing as this is Castle! He doesn't really get humiliated, and he sure as hell wouldn't choose to walk away from his mother and daughter, his career, and he definitely wouldn't walk away from Beckett after being in love with her for so long!

Castle insists on seeing his supposed campsite, to see this irrefutable evidence, so he can, you know, refute it! When he sees the campsite he declares that he would never camp so close to a body of water due to a deathly fear of tsunamis and superstorms, thanks to research he did for a book he binned (evil scientist controlling the weather!), Tropical Storm.  Obviously, research for a book she'd never heard of didn't convince Beckett, but she takes Castle to see the witness, Henry Jenkins......

The Henry Jenkins who answers the door to the mobile home isn't the same Henry Jenkins that the team met before.....dun dun duuuuuun! Someone also hacked the DMV to make Fake Jenkins look legit. Apparently, this is all that was needed for everyone to jump back over to Castle's side and believe him. Which is nice. 

Sadly, as we knew would happen as soon as Castle and Beckett seemed happy, their relationship is on shaky ground. Apparently the fact that her fiancé was abducted, and that he didn't leave of his own volition, isn't enough to let Kate jump back into bed and snuggle with her honey. It's going to take some time for their relationship to get back on track.....cardinal rule of drama, don't let your main characters be too happy for too long!

I have to say that this episode wasn't all I hoped it would be. I don't like long running conspiracy type storylines, and 2 of my favourite shows, Bones and Castle, have conspiracy storylines going at the moment....which doesn't make me a happy little camper. I just hope that both storylines will be tied up soon, and that we can get back to the (slightly comedic!) norm! 

Are you a Castle fan? What did you think of the opening episode? Do you like long running conspiracy storylines? Leave me a comment!

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Monthly Favourites - September 2014

Well, I blinked and September has almost gone! It has been an up and down month for me....the ups being my birthday and the new US TV season. The down was losing my beloved cat Garfield. I am still broken, he was basically never away from me, ever. He slept on me, wanted me to carry him everywhere and was my little teddy bear. He was extraordinary and I am forever grateful that I got to love him, even for such a short time. Anyway, lets try to find some positives!

The new US TV season

If you've been reading my blog over the last week, you may have noticed I am a tad excited that the new TV season has begun.....while I've always loved films, TV has always been my arena. I've introduced Ian to so many great shows that he had missed out on! I am mostly excited for my favourite returning shows, such as Castle and Bones, Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory....I get quite nervous about watching the newbies as I'm terrified I'll love them and they'll get canned! I have been burned too many times before! Sadly, I have already fallen for some hook line, and sinker....Forever, Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans...so I am in for a nail biting wait to learn their fates!

Docraft Acrylic Paint

I do a lot of crafting...stitching, jewellery making, polymer clay, props for Ian's shoots, and most recently, figure customisation. I have been gradually trying to build up my paint supply, and, thankfully, these are quite cheap and have been on offer at The Range! There is a good collection, with metallics and pearls, alongside the normal colours. We've found that they're good for figure customising too, rather than the specific model paints available.


In preparation for the 10th season of Bones, which started last week, Ian and I have watched it from the beginning! First time for Ian, as he only really started watching it when he met me in 2010, but I've watched em countless times! So, in the last 2 weeks I have watched Zach get conned into crime by a cannibalistic serial killer, the murder of Mr Nigel-Murray, and now Sweets has been killed in the first episode of season 10! I am emotionally exhausted! Naughty Hart Hanson!

NSpa Mango Body Mist


Ooooooh this stuff is scrumptious! I also use the Mango Shower and Bath Gel and it smells indescribably delicious! We have a tendency to just keep spraying this stuff throughout the day, just to have a whiff....it's the small things that make us happy!

NSpa Soothing Nipple Balm

I don't use this on my nipples! Nor do I have nipples which need to be soothed! I use this as a lip balm, and general beauty balm....think Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, but for a fraction of the price! This costs just £5.00 at Asda, as opposed to £21.00 for the Eight Hour Cream! Having used both I can say they are very similar. I can get very dry lips, particular the inner corners, and they crack really painfully, but this sorts it out really quickly!

That's pretty much it for this month, not really tried much new stuff so just a few of my top favourite things of the moment for you!

What have you been loving this month? Any recommendations for me? Leave me a comment!

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New and returning US shows to look forward to w/c 28th September

The second week of the new season and a few more old, and potentially new, favourites are set to air!

Sunday 28th September

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake, played by Andy Samberg, and the gang are back for season 2! The fact that this wasn't completely safe from the threat of cancellation, from the very beginning, makes me despair even more than usual about US TV networks! This show is just brilliantly funny....the ensemble cast are all as daft as each other, and they work so well together. I totally ship Peralta and Santiago, and Boyle and Diaz!

(the 28th is also my gran's birthday....happy birthday gran!)

Monday 29th September


Castle is back for a 7th season, after leaving us on a huge cliffhanger at the end of season 6.....evil sods! Castle and Beckett's wedding day finally dawned, but we all knew it couldn't go smoothly! On his way to the ceremony, Castle is run off the road....Beckett gets a call and frantically races to the crash site, where Castle's is on fire. The newest trailer shows Beckett running down to the car in her wedding dress, trying to reach Castle in the flames. When the fire is out.....there's no Castle! So, like we didn't already know, he isn't dead, but he is missing! Dun dun duuuun!

Tuesday 30th September


The first episode was streamed online in August, so it's a little disappointing that they aren't at least screening a double episode this week, like Forever, but never mind! This is a fun little show, but I fear it won't last....I'm not even sure why!

Manhattan Love Story

Another sweet little show, showing what goes through the mind of both sexes as a relationship begins to grow. Again, I'm not sure if the US viewing public will love this straight away....I've been burned before!

Wednesday 1st October

Criminal Minds

Another of my favourite shows, back for season 10, oddly without a cliffhanger! After losing Sweets in Bones, I can't cope with the idea of losing any more of my beloved characters! Long may it reign!


I've been looking forward to this for a while! Nikita's Maggie Q stars as a member of a special law enforcement unit dealing with stalking incidents....including cyber harassment or trolling, voyeurism and romantic fixation. Sounds, um, fun! I'm so twisted....

Thursday 2nd October


I got into this a tad late, only started watching the first season this summer. I was a little worried about seeing an historical drama on a network like CW, as its synonymous with teen dramas and reality TV (also, I figured it would get canned!). I actually really liked it, oddly. The juxtaposition of modern music and a teen drama tone works really well! As far as I know, they have decided on an alternate universe type set up, so they don't need to worry about historical accuracy! Its very addictive!

The Vampire Diaries

I have a love/hate relationship with this show. Simply put, hate how they have decided to portray Elena and Stefan, but love Damon and Caroline and numerous others! Also, as a fan of the original author L.J. Smith, I dislike how her publishers treated her when they dumped her from her own series, and gave it to ghostwriters. The show bears little in common with the books, but adaptations always change everything....I always wonder why they bother, the books are loved for a reason....so if you turn it into a TV show and change everything you needn't have bothered buying the rights! 

A to Z

Another sweet little romantic show....again, fingers crossed US audiences like it cos it seems like an interesting concept! Starring Cristin Milioti (The Mother who got shafted from How I Met Your Mother....you know, the woman that turned out not to be The One....hate that ending so much!!), this follows a couples relationship from beginning to.....?

Bad Judge

This looks fun! Party girl by night (and any other time she can by the look of it!) and judge by day! A young boy may change her life completely!


Obviously, as this has David Tennant in it, I will be watching....BUT I still don't see the point in remaking Broadchurch! Its not as if the original was in a foreign sodding language! Also, dumping Olivia Colman?? Not on!!! Not at all!!!

Friday 3rd October

Last Man Standing

Another show I have a love/hate relationship with. I laugh a lot while watching, but some of the opinions rub me the wrong way at times....luckily, overall, the two opposing opinions tend to find some common ground, sort of a 'moral of the story' type thing, so I can enjoy it!

So, that's this week's TV to look forward to! Any you're excited for? Any I should look out for? Leave me a comment!

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Bones Season 10 Premiere episode - recap and review....and rant! SPOILERS!!!

If you haven't watched the opening episode of Bones season 10, you should probably stop reading now!

Having re-watched Bones from the beginning over the last 2 weeks in preparation for season 10, I was very excited when premiere day dawned....now I am PISSED!!!! I still haven't recovered, nor forgiven Hart Hanson, for the murder of Mr Vincent Nigel-Murray, played by Ryan Cartwright. Now, something even worse has happened and I am seriously not happy!!!!

At the end of season 9, Booth, Sweets, Brennan and all the squints, were trying to unravel the conspiracy surrounding the McNamara family, and reaching into the upper levels of the F.B.I. As a result, Booth became the object of an assassination plot. Three Delta Force members, and apparently also F.B.I agents, stormed his home and tried to kill him. Booth had sent Brennan and their daughter, Christine, away to stay with Max, but Brennan returned with vital info to help Booth. Luckily, as he was an Army Ranger, Booth is pretty damned resourceful and tough, and had booby trapped his beautiful (*sob* I still haven't recovered from seeing that place destroyed!) home, and was prepared. He killed 2 of the men, and Brennan killed the third. He didn't emerge unscathed however, he sustained gunshot wounds and was rushed to hospital for treatment. When Brennan finally hears that her husband is ok, she demands to see him, and pushes through to get to him. She finds him cuffed to the hospital bed, accused of the murder of 3 agents.

Three months have passed since the attack on Booth. He is in prison, trying to stay safe and alive, while Brennan and the squints work with Sweets to continue to unravel the conspiracy. Booth is toughing it out, but life isn't easy for an accused cop killer, or for a cop and he is now both. When Brennan visits him she tells him that they have found some leverage on the prosecutor in charge of his case. He doesn't want her to show their hand too soon by using it to get him out, but she ignores him and visits the Federal Prosecutor. She rather deftly blackmails him into dropping the charges against Booth, and he is released immediately. Booth isn't happy however, as he insists he could take care of himself in prison. Brennan takes him to their new, rather palatial home which she has decorated with all of Booth's beloved stuff, despite the damage. She's getting very good at this relationship and romance malarkey! Ian thinks I'm very like Brennan in the romance department....practical romance! No mushy stuff bleurgh!

Brennan and the squints have exhumed a body which they think will lead them to the top of the conspiracy, a man named Cooper. However, when they try to examine the remains they find that someone really didn't want anyone to be able to reexamine the body. The body had been sabotaged, to ensure that the remains were compromised. Thankfully, we have Hodgins! Upon examination of the bones, the team finds evidence of a car accident which happened approximately 5 years before the man died, but which is described as a fall down the stairs in his medical records. They've found another cover up!

Sweets tries to get Booth to trust him enough to let him help. At Sweets' apartment, Daisy lets herself in....well herself and her huge baby bump! Sweets and Daisy are together and they're having a baby! Yay! In hindsight, that should have given us a clue that something bad was about to happen....just like the title of episode 2, The Lance to the Heart, did.

The team find the doctor who treated Cooper when he got to the ER after the car accident. Turns out that he'd been blackmailed to cover up the accident. Cooper had killed a man in a hit and run, and whoever is in charge of the conspiracy wanted that leverage over him. The doctor had been caught on film stealing pain medication, to sell to pay for college.

The squints discover that Cooper didn't die from cancer, as was reported, but was injected with a substance developed by the company Booth believes is behind everything, Sanderson Chemical. Thanks to this info, Caroline gets a warrant for any and all documentation about the drug from the company. Sweets goes to deliver the warrant and get the paperwork, while Brennan and Booth visit an old man who worked security at the hospital where the doctor worked. He had access to the security tapes, and was then hired by a subsidiary of Sanderson Chemical. When they get there, the old man seems confused, and starts talking about being in the F.B.I. Booth gets a call, which appears to be very bad news, and he and Brennan rush off. It turns out that Sweets had been ambushed as he went to serve the warrant, and had suffered massive internal injuries. He dies before help can arrive.

Sweets' body arrives at the Jeffersonian, with Daisy by his side. He will never see his son. The team are all devastated by his death. Cam isn't sure she can perform the autopsy, but Brennan steps up to say that she can. That the body isn't Sweets, it's a tool they can use to catch his murderer. Rest assured, whoever killed Sweets is in for a world of pain when they catch up to him. Sweets was family.

I'm genuinely devastated that they killed him! He was just so damned lovable and sweet, and great at his job....and he was going to be a dad, and he would be able to put the demons from his childhood behind him, and raise his son with love! Really not fair! I know that John Francis Daley needed time off, as his career behind the camera takes off, but they didn't need to kill him! They certainly didn't need to show us how happy he was with Daisy, and with his newly growing family....that was unforgivably manipulative! I really wanted it to be a set up, a ruse, but it really doesn't seem like it *sob*....I hope they get the conspiracy sorted soon, I like the standalone episodes a lot more, the arcs just last too long for me. Glad that Booth was only locked up for a few minutes of the episode. While I do love it when Booth goes all wrath-y, I'm not sure I like this new angry and disillusioned version of him. I like his wit and humour, and the relationship with Brennan. Now I have to find a way to get through next week, when they really start to mourn him, and we see what the world looks like with him.....

Did you see the premiere? What did you think? Are you upset at Sweets' death? Or do you like the twist? Leave me a comment!

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US TV Round up, recap and review for Wednesday 24th September - The Goldbergs, The Mysteries of Laura, Black-ish, Law & Order: SVU

Wednesday was mostly comedy this week....with the exception of Law & Order: SVU that is, so lets get that one out of the way first!

SVU is on it's 16th season, which is pretty damned impressive for a show on US TV, most are lucky to get a second season (yes, I am still bitter about the shows I really like getting cancelled way too soon!)! The episode opens with Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay (who, despite the fact that she has won countless awards for the portrayal, still can't really act the part authentically! I preferred her in ER!), putting baby Noah to bed. If you aren't familiar with season 15......Noah is her foster child, his mother, Ellie, was a prostitute who was murdered before she testified in front of the Grand Jury. Noah had been given to a husband and wife pornography team (ick) by Ellie's pimp, and when SVU caught the evil bastards they found Noah, the child Ellie thought was dead. It was pretty obvious that Benson was going to end up with a baby one way or another, as last season they played up the broodiness big time. So, the episode is basically a continuation of that storyline....they go after the big boss who ordered Ellie's death and dismantle the whole enterprise.

I used to love SVU, but I think the spark has been lost somewhere along the line. Like I said above, I really don't like Mariska Hargitay as Benson.....really the only truly likable character is Fin. Everyone else just comes across as whiny!

The Goldbergs returned with another gloriously nostalgic episode! This time they tackled mix tapes, first love. first fake ID and parental love no matter what! Seeing Adam create a mix tape, from vinyl to cassette tape was a great blast from my past! Typically, his mum finds the tape and decides it must be for her, you know, seeing as it has 'You're My Inspiration' written on it, and that a son making a mix tape for his mum isn't weird at all! The girlfriend, Dana, discovers this after a lovely date at a laser show, when Bev pops the tape in and boasts that Adam made it for her.....leaving one very unhappy girlfriend! Beverley manages to make it all ok in the end....setting up a sweet, if still a little creepy, laser display just for Adam and Dana. Barry gets Erica to help him get a fake ID....then promptly boasts about it to everyone at school! Sadly, it gets confiscated, just as he's agreed to buy cases of beer for a senior party. Left with no beer and no ID, he attempts to con his dad into going to buy beer to no avail. So, he steals his ID, and takes it to a shop which his dad frequents, as you do, to try and get the beer. Bless. Eventually, he is forced to give up, and turns up at the party with, um, sandwiches. Luckily, his dad stops him before he goes in and gives him the chance to be the hero for once, by raving at him in front of the seniors and dragging him home! Brilliant!

Oh so very 80's!

I love this show, it gives me the warm fuzzies for my own childhood! Granted, Bolton in the 80's was a lot different but there are still some cultural similarities! Ian was only born in '86 so he doesn't have as much of the 80's to remember as I do, but it is still very funny whether you know what the references are or not!

The debut of Black-ish shows a lot of promise. I did worry that they might labour the point a little at first, but they managed to turn it around pretty well by the end of it! Its nice to see a show where the idea isn't to highlight differences and isolate races and cultures, but to try and move forward accepting differences and changing cultures.....if that doesn't make sense I apologise, but I know what I mean!

The second episode of The Mysteries of Laura didn't disappoint. Love Debra Messing in this, she is so good. This week Laura was attempting to find the murderer of a middle aged woman looking for love. She empties a posh undies shop, when the snooty clerk won't help her with the camisole the victim had recently bought, by loudly stating that she had an infestation in the business district when she tried on undies....genius! She needs a babysitter, so obviously finds a great one handcuffed back at the precinct! Said babysitter also helps Laura create an account on an online dating site used by the victim, so she can try to emulate her and catch the bad guy. She eventually manages to find her man, but not before a fight, and a candlestick to the head for Laura!

I love this show....which usually means its sure to be cancelled! Must hope otherwise I suppose!

There was also the second episode of Red Band Society aired on Wednesday, but I haven't quite gotten around to that yet!

What did you think of Wednesday night's TV? Anything good that I missed? Leave me a comment!

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

US TV round up, recap and review for Tuesday 23rd September - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Forever and NCIS: New Orleans

Tuesday night in the new season and we are one very excited household because S.H.I.E.L.D is back! Whoop whoop! Coulson is back! Yipee!! This time he's recruited Xena too....gotta love that man!The long awaited (by me anyway!) second episode of Forever and the brand, spanking new addition to the NCIS franchise, NCIS: New Orleans, are also popping up tonight.

First up is, obviously, S.H.I.E.L.D! The season opens with a flashback to 1945, with the remnants of HYDRA moving all their toys. Reed Diamond, who must be the single hardest working actor in the business....seriously, he's in everything.....is a bespectacled Nazi, moving a mysterious obelisk. Before he can get away, Peggy Carter storms the place with her team, captures the baddies and bags and tags the toys. Back in the present day, with the agency in tatters after the infiltration of HYDRA, our plucky gang are uniting under the new DIRECTOR COULSON! Oh yeah! With the help of another Koenig 'brother', the team work from The Playground as they try to rebuild, recruit, crush HYDRA and avoid being crushed by Talbot, who is just on a mission to crush everything indeterminately. Lucy Lawless is on board as Isabelle Hartley, the head of a band of mercenaries who are working with S.H.I.E.L.D.....can't go wrong with Xena in my book! Skye has been training with May, she's newly kick ass and has the serious haircut to prove it! Her hair was so pretty! Ok that's my girl-out done with for the year! Fitz is struggling after his injuries last season, thanks to Ward....who is now forever on my shit list for hurting him. He is having memory issues, and the only one he feels calm around is Simmons.....yep, my heart may well break watching Iain De Caestecker! Speaking of Ward, he's locked up in the basement, desperately wanting to talk to Skye. Coulson has been keeping Skye away from him, until the emergence, or rather the reemergence, of a gifted individual, Carl Creel, who can absorb the properties of any substance he touches, making him, quite literally, bullet proof. Coulson sends Skye down to question Ward, as it turns out that the aforementioned Creel was supposedly crossed off, by none other than Garrett. Ward will only speak to Skye, much to her discomfort. He's all beardy weirdy, with scars on his wrists where he attempted suicide by button. He tries to get into her head but she handles him with aplomb, and eventually finds out how HYDRA was communicating through S.H.I.E.L.D channels. Coulson reaches out to Talbot, to try to warn him about Absorbing Man, who is at that moment about to attack him and his family. Aided by May and Skye, Talbot's men manage to capture Creel, while Coulson offers to work with Talbot....granted he does this by manages to abduct him from under the noses of his guards, but he still should have accepted the help! They dump Talbot in his undies with his phone, and wait for him to call in back up....which is redirected to Koenig who can then gain all his security codes! Rookie mistake Talbot! The team then go in to Talbot's secret base, in search of the obelisk, only to discover that Creel has escaped and is loose in the building. Hartley finds the 084, and Creel finds Hartley. While attempting to fight him off, she grabs the obelisk which starts to, apparently, petrify her hand and arm. Coulson won't let the team abort, so Hartley's team chooses to get her medical help and leave the others....who then go on to steal a quinjet, with a working cloaking system. It turns out that Fitz is not doing so good after all. The damage to his temporal lobe was so extensive that he can't manage his old job. We also find out that Simmons actually left The Playground, and Fitz, months beforehand as she believed he'd get better without her around (which is the daftest thing I've heard lately!)....so the Simmons we've been seeing has been a figment of his imagination....*sob* I REALLY dislike Ward now! Even bigger shock, they booked Xena then killed her at the end of the bloody episode!?!? After some impromptu amputation in the back of an SUV, Hartley and 1 of her team are killed when Creel turns up and causes their SUV to crash, then he takes the obelisk, leaving 1 mercenary playing possum! The episode is rounded off by Reed Diamond, having not aged a day, revealed as the new mastermind behind HYDRA!

Great episode, although I do have some issues....obviously the first one is that they seemingly killed Xena after 1 episode! Why?!? How very dare they!!!! The second problem I have is the lack of Simmons....she just wouldn't leave Fitz, especially not after what he did and said at the end of last season. Just wouldn't happen! So, some of the plot points didn't sit well with me, but they'll hopefully come good in the end!

Next up is Forever, episode 2. Another seemingly impossible to solve case, which doesn't even appear to be a case at first, pops up for Henry and Martinez. A young woman falls/jumps/gets pushed from a bridge. It is assumed she is a suicide, until Henry sees her of course! Was it personal jealousy? Or did somebody resent her professionally? The victim, Vicki Hulquist, was a graduate student, who seemed universally loved, particularly by her professor *nudge nudge wink wink*. The team suspect his involvement, but Henry is unconvinced. The prof then turns up dead, from another apparent suicide...which Henry sees through immediately again. While Martinez is watching security footage of Mrs Prof entering the building, Henry is confronting the real killer, who turns out to be the creepy guy that showed them to the prof's room the first time they visited. He was jealous that his name wasn't going to appear on the paper the prof and Vicki were working on together, so he got rid of them....almost got rid of Henry too but Martinez got there in time! We also see a little bit more of Henry's 'fan', who seems to know some of his past with Abigail....he also claims to be 2000 years old!

I really like this show, its quirky without being over the top about it, and I do love me some Ioan Gruffudd!

Lastly, NCIS: New Orleans. This was backdoor piloted in episodes 18 and 19 of NCIS season 11. Same sort of set up, if it ain't broke don't fix it right? The bonus, for me at least, is the setting of New Orleans. I've always been intrigued and fascinated by The Big Easy! Scott Bakula stars as Pride, and he is backed up by Lucas Black as LaSalle, and Zoe McLellan as Brody, with support from C.C.H Pounder as the M.E. The opening episode dealt with the murder of a young friend of Pride, who had turned his life around and joined the Navy. He's murdered because he stumbled across a smuggling scheme, which goes all the way up to a city councilman, played by Steven Weber.

Great new addition to the franchise, nicely written characters and the setting is beautiful!

That's it for Tuesday! What did you enjoy? Anything I should check out? Leave me a comment!

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

US TV round up, recap and review for Monday 22nd September - The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and Scorpion

Well, my second favourite time of the year arrived yesterday, the new US TV season! My most favourite is autumn and winter, especially Samhain (Halloween) and Yule/Christmas.....the colder, snowier and winter wonderlandy the better in my book! So, lets look at the shows which started last night.....

First up, The Big Bang Theory. This is still one of the funniest shows around, and it came back with a bang....*boom boom*....last night with a two episode opener. When we last saw the gang, Sheldon was running away from home because there were too many changes happening in his life, and he felt overwhelmed. Now....he has been pantsed, obviously. All his belongings were stolen as he lived the 'hobo life' on the rail. Who else could he call but Leonard? Oh, wait, AMY! She is not a happy camper and tags along while Leonard heads to Arizona to collect Sheldon. Howard is miffed that the temporary situation of Stuart becoming his mother's live in carer, looks to be turning permanent. Bernadette has set up a sales rep job interview for Penny at her pharmaceutical company, which Penny is nervous about. Her nervousness shows in the interview and she seems to have bombed, until both she and the interviewer realise that they are both scared of Bernadette! Raj is simply ecstatic to have a hot girlfriend, and is having his car windows un-tinted so he can show her off! In the second episode, Sheldon has to take a forced promotion (those bastards!) in order to branch out in his field of study. The promotion also means he will have to teach a class. Shockingly, nobody signs up.....until Howard steps up to offer to take it so he can finally get his doctorate. Sheldon does his very best to belittle Howard, causing the latter to retaliate with a well aimed spit ball to the throat. Leonard tells Sheldon that the only reason he is trying to belittle Howard is because he is scared that people may turn out to be smarter than him. The boys round out the episode playing a few rounds of science quizzing to win chocolate, and congratulating each other on how smart they are! Meanwhile, Bernadette is nagging Penny to study up for her new job. Amy finally gets to experience high school 15 years late, as she is caught in the middle as the other girls try to avoid each other, whilst complaining to Amy!

Brilliant, as usual!

More genius came with Scorpion. Brainboxes, with dubious social skills, are taxed with saving the lives of the passengers of 56 planes, who are in danger due to an automatic system update which has caused communications to go down. The planes are flying blind, as they cannot land without guidance. Walter, played by Elyes Gabel, the apparent head genius, takes on the task despite not trusting the Agent in charge. He sets up in a cafe he has just repaired wifi for, where he and his team attempt to find a way to land the planes safely. Lots of very clever things happen, then lots of very cool action-y things happen and everybody goes home safe and well! Walter and his team are offered a position solving impossible problems. He, in turn, offers the waitress from the diner, Paige, played by Katharine McPhee, a job as a sort of emotional translator! Earlier in the episode, he had noticed her young son Ralph was a genius, when she thought he had a learning disability. Walter is able to connect with Ralph when nobody else can.

Really good start, look forward to more!

Sleepy Hollow returned, with our heroes going about their day as normal, no mention of the somewhat less comfortable positions we left them in. Ichabod learns what you are supposed to do with birthday candles, and they set off in search of a key which will enable them to take souls from Purgatory without a trade. Turns out it is all an illusion, so that Henry, Ichabod's very naughty son, can find the key first. Ichabod wakes up in his coffin and promptly blows his way out of it. Abbie manages to communicate with him and he says he is coming for her. He rescues Abbie's sister Jenny, from Henry, using the old ambulance through the wall trick. The pair of them decipher Benjamin Franklin's clues and retrieve the key, and eventually Abbie. Ichabod's wife Katrina is still the prisoner of The Headless Horseman, who gives her a necklace which allows her to see him whole. Moloch is somewhat displeased that the key is now gone, so gives Henry and new, shiny, badass body thingy to use as the Horseman of War.

Still as good as it ever was! Glad we have 5 extra eps this year too!

In Gotham, we see the origins to many DC Comics villains, and heroes. Detective James Gordon catches the Wayne murder case, much to the dismay of his new partner Harvey Bullock. He promises a young Bruce Wayne that he will find the murderer of his parents. We meet Fish Mooney, who controls the theatre district, and therefore should know who did it. There follows a set up and a near death experience for the detectives, as Gordon is taught how his world will work. He decides to work from the inside, to clean up the town and the police department.

Looks good, if a little dark for my tastes....Ian loved it thought!

Other than Forever, which previewed the first ep back in August, that was all my favourites from last night. How about you? Did you like any of the newbies? Any you're looking forward to? Leave me a comment!

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Monday, 22 September 2014

The new TV season is here!! Shows to look forward to this week!

The new US TV season starts tonight! My last upcoming shows post is a tad late, but never mind! Here are this weeks shows that I am excited for...

Monday 22nd September

The Big Bang Theory

Thanks to CBS deciding to show American Football (I'm British, we play football and rugby. Americans play American football.....or rugby for wusses!) on Thursday nights for a month, we get Big Bang earlier! Double episode too yay!


A brand, spanking new show to check out! A group of genius misfits (sounds new, yet familiar!) who end up working to save the world from huge terror threats.....sounds good to me!

Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod is back, in the wonderfully creepy Sleepy Hollow, with an extra 5 episodes this season. When we left him, he was trapped in a casket, wrapped in vines and generally not having the best time of it, so this should be a good episode!


The show following the young James Gordon, as a detective and pre-Commissioner is here for all my fellow geeks! The photo above tells you all you really need to know!


This is actually a two part show opening event, the second episode will be show tomorrow (23rd September). It will usually be a Tuesday night show. The first episode was released online in August, so some may have seen it, but luckily you won't have to wait another week for the next ep! This promises to be one of my favourite new shows this season....which usually means it will get canned! Its a crime show with a supernatural twist, one of the characters is immortal and is searching for the answers to his 'condition'.

Tuesday 23rd September 

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

There should be no explanation needed for this one.....so I will just try to rein in my excitement and say this.....IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!! Ok the excitement may have slipped out!

NCIS: New Orleans

Another spin off in the NCIS franchise, but this time it's in a place that has always fascinated me. I've only ever seen part of the first season of the original NCIS, but I liked it so I'll check this one out.

Wednesday 24th September

The Goldbergs

I love this 80's nostalgia show....a lot of it is very familiar to me! Glad they gave it another chance!


A new sitcom about an upper middle class black family, searching for their cultural identity in a mostly white neighbourhood.

Thursday 25th September


Ian and I sat and rewatched all 9 seasons last week to get us ready for this! When we left the team, Booth was handcuffed to a hospital bed having killed 3 (well, 2. Brennan got the 3rd but that wasn't pointed out!) Delta Force assassins who stormed his home. They were FBI Agents, sent by a corrupt FBI member, to take Booth out as a warning to the team to stop digging into the McNamara case. Booth was shot, but as he had booby trapped his (beautiful!) home (seriously, I was devastated at the destruction!) he took them all out with relative ease! Delta Force pfft! The new season looks very tense....Booth is in prison, having a tough time of it, and Brennan and the team is trying to clear him. Oh, and Sweets has knocked up Daisy!

How to Get Away with Murder

This should be good.....I've only seen one trailer so far but it looks like an interesting concept!

So, those are my picks for US TV this week! What are you looking forward to? What are your favourite shows? Any picks for me? Leave me a comment!

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

TV Shows that I want back episode 5 - Gravedale High

Episode 5 of my TV show resurrection wishlist! This one is a great little 90's cartoon called Gravedale High!

This is a little known, but great, cartoon series from the 90's. When you look at this you can see the basis of current favourites like Monster High. This was sending out the same message 20 years earlier! Weird is good! Unique is good! I love it! Sadly, there are just 13 episodes....the world wasn't quite ready I suppose! Produced by the legendary Hanna-Barbera, and with Rick Moranis voicing the main character, it had a great pedigree. Sadly, not even that could help it to survive.

The storyline revolves around a human teacher, Max Schneider, who unwittingly takes a job at Gravedale High. This unusual school teaches the offspring of various movie monsters, who tend to be disruptive and uninterested in school.

Rick Moranis as Maxwell Schneider, the only human teacher at Gravedale High. A great teacher, who works hard to look after all his students.

Roger Rose as Vinnie Stoker, a 50's greaser style, Fonzie-esque vampire.


Frank Welker as Frankentyke, a cross between Frankenstein's monster and Bart Simpson! He's short and not particularly scary.

Frank Welker also voiced the character of J.P. Ghastly III, in an impression of Peter Lorre. He is a blue skinned, gnome like creature, but his monster classification is unknown.

Barry Gordon as Reggie Moonshroud, in a nod towards Richie from Happy Days, Reggie is a geeky, red headed werewolf. His best friend is Vinnie Stoker.

Jackie Earle Haley as Gill Waterman, a lagoon creature. He is a surfer dude and best friend of Frankentyke.

Ricki Lake as Cleofatra, an obese mummy. She is somewhat nerdy, and has a crush on Billy Headstone, the star of Trudy and the Beast, which is a parody of the 80's TV show Beauty and the Beast (which I also loved by the way! It may be on my list of shows I want back....).

Maurice LaMarche as Sid, a student styled after The Invisible Man. Sid is the class clown, and performs various impersonations.

Shari Belafonte as Blanche, a shopaholic, zombie Southern belle. She dates J.P. Ghastly III, but his money appears to be his most attractive trait to Blanche.

Kimmy Robertson as Duzer, a Valley Girl version of Medusa. She is extremely pretty and vain, with a crush on Vinnie Stoker. Her best friend is Cleofatra.

There were many other great characters, but I could go on for days so I shall leave some of the investigation to you! I highly recommend you check this out if you missed it....I remember watching it on Saturday mornings, in my pj's with my sugary cereal, while my parents got a nice lie in! Ah to be 11 again!

Do you remember this one? What were your favourite childhood TV shows? Leave me a comment!

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Skyline Sirens Spider-Girl Action Figure Review

As I have already shared with you, Jan's lovely readers, my Spider-Man Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 review, I thought I'd share with you another from the same line... Enjoy!


Following on from my Spider-Man Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 review...today I am reviewing the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Skyline Sirens Spider-Girl... Allons-y!

Having seen reviews of the figure online, most of which were quite positive, I was looking forward to picking her up...as you will see, I was not quite as fortunate as those reviewers!


The Sculpt

In general, Hasbro did a brilliant job sculpting the figure. The body, whilst simple by design, is sculpted quite well, with only minor issues (ahem...camel toe!).

The face sculpt is something Hasbro should be proud of. Quite often with figures of masked characters, you don't really get the sense of a person under the mask, they can look a little naff...they look like a face with a bit of paint slapped on. In this instance however, that is not the case. You get a real sense that it is a person wearing a mask...with both the mask, and face sculpted almost perfectly giving a sense of depth between the mask and face. The facial expression is also sculpted very well, giving a very accurate representation of Anya Corazon from the comics.


The Paintwork

Ah the paintwork...the figures major flaw!

I will start with the positives. The black is a nice black and, the hair, skin and lips are very accurate colours to the comics...oh, some of the wash work on the face is good, giving a real sense of depth, especially on the ears, nose and lips.

Now for the negatives I'm afraid. The hair is flat having had no wash. The white of the logo and eyes seems to have only had one coat, the black is showing through it. The legs on the logo don't line up..I don't mean they're out a little, parts look like the leg has sprouted another leg. Probably my biggest issues with the paintwork is, the skin colour looks like it was applied using a paintball grenade...it encroaches onto the mask and eyes.


Articulation on the figure is passable at best...

The articulation of the head is very good, it's pretty much what I would have liked from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure, however, the rest of the articulation leaves a lot to be desired. When you consider the figure is Spider-Girl, you would expect to be able to contort her every which way however, that isn't possible without a lot of fiddling. Her lower body is quite articulated, the only issue coming from the moulding of her thigh joint inhibiting rotation. The main articulation problem comes from the upper body. Her diaphragm joint is pointless, not moving at all. Her shoulders only rotate and lift up and down, not giving the range of motion offered by the other 'spideys' in the series and, her elbows are only single jointed.


The accessories you get with the figure are...

The torso of the 'Ultimate Green Goblin' build a figure and...that's it! No alternate hands! No stand! No webbing! No nothing!


It's hard to believe that the figure comes from the same series as the Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure...

I realise that pretty much everything I have said sounds like I don't like the figure and, well...it's not that I don't like it, I'm just disappointed. I do like the figure, it is just let down by a terrible lack of quality control somewhere along the line.

One good thing to come from the lack of quality control, I have another figure I can customise...yay!

So, should you pick up the figure...sure, having looked at other reviews, mine seems to be a relatively isolated incident. I suggest however, picking it up in store so you can give it a once over to check the paint application before buying.

So, there you have it, my review of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Skyline Sirens Spider-Girl action figure...

Do you have this figure and/or the others in the series? What are your thoughts on them? Leave me a comment below.

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