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Castle Season 7 premiere - recap and SPOILERS!!

Castle is back! Well, the show is but as the man himself did a disappearing act at the end of season 6, it's a while before we see him....spoilers ahead, you have been warned!

At the end of season 6 we saw Castle's car being rammed off the road, as he drove towards his wedding, where he would finally marry the love of his life, Beckett. The premiere opens with Beckett desperately trying to get to Castle in his burning car, still decked out in her wedding dress. Eventually, the firefighters turn up and hose down the car, and Beckett, who is slumped on the ground near the car. Once the fire is out, Beckett rushes forward to see Castle....but, shockingly enough, what with the show being called Castle and all, he isn't there....the seat is empty. While she goes off to change into clothes more suited to detective-ing, Esposito and Ryan search the surrounding area, to see if Castle managed to get out and maybe wandered off in a daze. Ryan finds evidence that Castle was forced off the road. A roadside fruit seller witnessed 3 cars, besides Castle, travelling that road, only one of which would be suitable for some dodgems action. A black Escalade. They find tracks, leading from the car, which indicate 3 people were at the scene, there are furrows from someone's feet as they were dragged away, along with 2 sets of footsteps. No sign of Castle anywhere. They manage to remotely turn Castle's phone on, to try to get a ping on his location....it says that he is still somewhere on Long Island. The team track the signal to a scrapyard, where they see the Escalade about to be crushed, but they aren't quick enough to stop it happening. The scrapyard worker runs from the team and they chase him, with an epic takedown from Beckett. He won't talk, despite Beckett almost crushing his hand. The Captain stops Beckett, who begs her not to take her off the case. Gates has no intention of doing so, but lets Kate know that she's called in the FBI to help. Agent Connors, the FBI agent on the case, goes through the usual questions, but Castle's abduction is still a mystery.

Beckett starts to dig through old cases, like Senator Bracken, looking for anyone that would want to hurt Castle, or herself. They eventually link the scrapyard man, Gary Duffin, to a Jersey mobster, Vinny Cardano, played by Don Stark (or Bob from That 70's Show! 'Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!), by running his phone records. Cardano knows and likes Castle, despite a disagreement in the past, which Cardano swears is forgiven, and he wants to help. He doesn't know who ordered the crushing of the SUV, just that, at times, clients of his may need help getting rid of cars, so he has them scrapped for a price. When the techs check surveillance tapes from the dumpster where the payment was supposed to be dropped, they see Castle arriving to drop the money. He is alone and appears fine. Esposito has started to doubt Castle, but Ryan and Beckett still have faith. that, somewhere, Castle is trapped or he's a prisoner somewhere. Then we have a montage (Team America: World Police anyone?) of Beckett searching for Castle over the next 2 months, without any luck.......

Next, we see a small boat drifting in the ocean at night, which is then rescued by the US Coast Guard, containing the man himself, Castle, unconscious and unresponsive. The team arrive at the hospital where Castle is being treated. There were 3 bullet holes in the dinghy, but he wasn't shot....well, they don't think he was until Laney examines him and finds he'd been shot weeks before, and had been healing. Castle still won't wake up, and the medical staff aren't sure why, other than the fact he was suffering from exposure. Beckett asks the Coast Guard captain who found Castle, where he thinks the dinghy came from. He gives Beckett the area of between Rhode Island and Southern Maine. The team start to search for the owner of the dinghy, they get information from a park ranger, that he had seen the dingy at a private dock. Esposito shows Beckett a satellite image, where the dinghy was visible a month ago. There is a mobile home a short distance from the dock, owned, like the dock, by Henry Jenkins. The team goes to talk to Jenkins. While approaching the mobile home, Beckett gets a call from Laney, saying that Castle has Dengue fever antibodies in his blood, which means he must have been somewhere tropical. Beckett ends the call and continues onwards to talk to Jenkins, who is happy to talk to them. He tells them that the mobile home is his 'summer place', and had noticed the dinghy missing a few days beforehand, but has he never used it he didn't bother to report it. He also says that he saw a man, matching Castles' description, camping down near the beach and the dock. Beckett, Espo and Ryan go to check out the tent, and find Castle's belongings inside, his watch, his shoes, his wedding tux. His fingerprints and DNA are all over everything. Beckett begins to believe that maybe Castle had planned the entire thing. She then gets a call to say he is finally awake, so rushes to the hospital to see him, where she runs into Castles mother, who is understandably ecstatic at the news. Beckett goes to see Castle, he is in great spirits, flirting with her as if nothing had happened. It turns out that he has no memory of anything that happened after the car crash, nor in the intervening 2 months. He has no idea that he has even been away for 2 months. There is no physical reason for Castle's amnesia, could it be trauma? Or, as his doctor believes, could Castle be lying? Did he really choose to run away from his life for 2 months, and is now lying to cover up his humiliation? Well, um, I'm gonna guess not seeing as this is Castle! He doesn't really get humiliated, and he sure as hell wouldn't choose to walk away from his mother and daughter, his career, and he definitely wouldn't walk away from Beckett after being in love with her for so long!

Castle insists on seeing his supposed campsite, to see this irrefutable evidence, so he can, you know, refute it! When he sees the campsite he declares that he would never camp so close to a body of water due to a deathly fear of tsunamis and superstorms, thanks to research he did for a book he binned (evil scientist controlling the weather!), Tropical Storm.  Obviously, research for a book she'd never heard of didn't convince Beckett, but she takes Castle to see the witness, Henry Jenkins......

The Henry Jenkins who answers the door to the mobile home isn't the same Henry Jenkins that the team met before.....dun dun duuuuuun! Someone also hacked the DMV to make Fake Jenkins look legit. Apparently, this is all that was needed for everyone to jump back over to Castle's side and believe him. Which is nice. 

Sadly, as we knew would happen as soon as Castle and Beckett seemed happy, their relationship is on shaky ground. Apparently the fact that her fiancé was abducted, and that he didn't leave of his own volition, isn't enough to let Kate jump back into bed and snuggle with her honey. It's going to take some time for their relationship to get back on track.....cardinal rule of drama, don't let your main characters be too happy for too long!

I have to say that this episode wasn't all I hoped it would be. I don't like long running conspiracy type storylines, and 2 of my favourite shows, Bones and Castle, have conspiracy storylines going at the moment....which doesn't make me a happy little camper. I just hope that both storylines will be tied up soon, and that we can get back to the (slightly comedic!) norm! 

Are you a Castle fan? What did you think of the opening episode? Do you like long running conspiracy storylines? Leave me a comment!

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