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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 Action Figure Review

Over the past few days I have been a little under the weather, consequently, Jan has posted a few times for me on my blog. I figured I ought to repay the favour, so, I thought I'd share with you one of my action figure reviews... Enjoy!


Today, I have for you, a review of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 action figure... Allons-y!

Nowadays, it's rare that we Brits see the likes of the Marvel Legends 6 inch figures on our shelves (aside from in independent comic book shops), for some reason, Hasbro and the like don't feel the need to sell in UK shops anymore... Sort your act out Hasbro, start shipping to the UK again! Anyway, you can imagine my delight when I found that Toys-R-Us currently stock the Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 line here in the UK.

Sadly, despite needing them all (it's not that I want them all, I NEED them all!), I had to behave and choose only one so, as a long time Spidey fan, I had to get him.

The Sculpt

Having researched extensively (I Googled!), I believe this Spider-Man to be a brand new mould, don't quote me though!

Unlike some of the previous incarnations of the Spider-Man figures, of which, there is a lot (I think Batman is possibly the only hero that beats Spidey's numbers!), this Spidey looks more like a gangly teenage boy (which he is) and less like a WWE wrestler . Whilst researching for this review, I came across complaints about Spidey's chest looking 'odd' or 'too small' because of the upper body articulation... I have a couple of issues with these complaints. Firstly, this figure is based on Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man, he barely has any meat on him so, he too, doesn't have much chest. Secondly, and more importantly, this is a Spider-Man figure, it's not designed to be stood up straight!

The detailing on the figure is phenomenal, everything on him is moulded rather than just painted, adding to the overall effect and, making him look even more like the films, comics, and cartoons. On this Spidey, the webbing is engraved (as apposed to raised) and, it works very well... I have to admit, when I first read about the engraved webbing, I was dubious about it however, it looks great and, I hope they use this method again on future figures!

The only slight issue I have (I don't believe it is just mine, I've heard others mention it) is, the legs and boots don't quite line up correctly... It's not out by much and, unless you're a really looking, it's not too noticeable.

The Paintwork

The paintwork on Spidey is, some of the best I have seen in a long time. Despite the simplistic nature of Spidey's colouring, it still has to be executed well to look good and, on this figure, it has, with the exception of some minor issues...

The paint on the eyes is a little misaligned (I think this is a common problem) and, there are a few little instances of red showing through the blue and, a little blue making it's way onto some of the red. Non of these issues though are immediately obvious, the only obvious issue is, the white serial number on Spidey's leg... This however, is not limited to Spidey, this seems to be the norm on action figures, which is annoying!


Articulation on Spidey is in abundance with around 34 points of articulation, assuming I counted correctly, I did run out of fingers though... Unlike like some heroes, such as Thor, Spidey needs to be able to contort into many weird and wonderful positions and, Hasbro seem to have kept this in mind when giving him his articulation.

As great as his articulation is and, at the risk of sounding ungrateful, I believe he could have benefited from 2 more things. Firstly, better neck articulation so he could look up more for better aerial poses. Secondly, I believe he would have benefited from, toe articulation, it would have offered up greater crouching and crawling poses, something a Spidey figure needs!


I suppose, technically, the build a figure parts are an accessory so... You get the right arm of the 'Ultimate Green Goblin' build a figure... For those who don't know, basically, he's a flame covered, Hulk-esc Green Goblin.

Spider-Man, unlike like some heroes, doesn't really use much in the way of weapons or accessories so, when it comes to the figure, Hasbro are limited as to what they can give you. Such as with toy lines like Revoltech, Hasbro have gone down the swap-able hands route, giving you two sets of hands. Firstly, you get a pair of closed fists for punching the likes of Green Goblin or Electro. Secondly, and more importantly as it's Spidey, you get a pair of web-shooting (thwipping) hand... Sadly, you don't get any webbing to make full use of said thwipping hands. I guess it's onto YouTube to look for tutorials on making some!


I have seen many reviews that state this is one of, if not, the best Spidey for a few years now and, I have to agree!

Everything about the figure is extremely well executed, the only issues been, minimal paint errors and, minor articulation issues (the lack of neck movement and toe articulation). It would be a great addition to any action figure collection and, it is most certainly a must for any Spidey fans!

So, there you have it, my review of the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 action figure...

Do you have this figure and/or the others in the series? What are your thoughts on them? UK readers... Where do you get your figures from that doesn't break the bank? Leave me some comments below.

Collectors/customisers, do you have any figures and/or fodder you are thinking of throwing or selling, please send me a message, I am looking into getting into customising and need supplies.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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