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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Skyline Sirens Spider-Girl Action Figure Review

As I have already shared with you, Jan's lovely readers, my Spider-Man Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 review, I thought I'd share with you another from the same line... Enjoy!


Following on from my Spider-Man Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man 2 I am reviewing the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Skyline Sirens Spider-Girl... Allons-y!

Having seen reviews of the figure online, most of which were quite positive, I was looking forward to picking her you will see, I was not quite as fortunate as those reviewers!


The Sculpt

In general, Hasbro did a brilliant job sculpting the figure. The body, whilst simple by design, is sculpted quite well, with only minor issues (ahem...camel toe!).

The face sculpt is something Hasbro should be proud of. Quite often with figures of masked characters, you don't really get the sense of a person under the mask, they can look a little naff...they look like a face with a bit of paint slapped on. In this instance however, that is not the case. You get a real sense that it is a person wearing a mask...with both the mask, and face sculpted almost perfectly giving a sense of depth between the mask and face. The facial expression is also sculpted very well, giving a very accurate representation of Anya Corazon from the comics.


The Paintwork

Ah the paintwork...the figures major flaw!

I will start with the positives. The black is a nice black and, the hair, skin and lips are very accurate colours to the comics...oh, some of the wash work on the face is good, giving a real sense of depth, especially on the ears, nose and lips.

Now for the negatives I'm afraid. The hair is flat having had no wash. The white of the logo and eyes seems to have only had one coat, the black is showing through it. The legs on the logo don't line up..I don't mean they're out a little, parts look like the leg has sprouted another leg. Probably my biggest issues with the paintwork is, the skin colour looks like it was applied using a paintball encroaches onto the mask and eyes.


Articulation on the figure is passable at best...

The articulation of the head is very good, it's pretty much what I would have liked from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure, however, the rest of the articulation leaves a lot to be desired. When you consider the figure is Spider-Girl, you would expect to be able to contort her every which way however, that isn't possible without a lot of fiddling. Her lower body is quite articulated, the only issue coming from the moulding of her thigh joint inhibiting rotation. The main articulation problem comes from the upper body. Her diaphragm joint is pointless, not moving at all. Her shoulders only rotate and lift up and down, not giving the range of motion offered by the other 'spideys' in the series and, her elbows are only single jointed.


The accessories you get with the figure are...

The torso of the 'Ultimate Green Goblin' build a figure and...that's it! No alternate hands! No stand! No webbing! No nothing!


It's hard to believe that the figure comes from the same series as the Amazing Spider-Man 2 figure...

I realise that pretty much everything I have said sounds like I don't like the figure and,'s not that I don't like it, I'm just disappointed. I do like the figure, it is just let down by a terrible lack of quality control somewhere along the line.

One good thing to come from the lack of quality control, I have another figure I can customise...yay!

So, should you pick up the figure...sure, having looked at other reviews, mine seems to be a relatively isolated incident. I suggest however, picking it up in store so you can give it a once over to check the paint application before buying.

So, there you have it, my review of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series Skyline Sirens Spider-Girl action figure...

Do you have this figure and/or the others in the series? What are your thoughts on them? Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed yourself.

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