Monday, 29 September 2014

New and returning US shows to look forward to w/c 28th September

The second week of the new season and a few more old, and potentially new, favourites are set to air!

Sunday 28th September

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake, played by Andy Samberg, and the gang are back for season 2! The fact that this wasn't completely safe from the threat of cancellation, from the very beginning, makes me despair even more than usual about US TV networks! This show is just brilliantly funny....the ensemble cast are all as daft as each other, and they work so well together. I totally ship Peralta and Santiago, and Boyle and Diaz!

(the 28th is also my gran's birthday....happy birthday gran!)

Monday 29th September


Castle is back for a 7th season, after leaving us on a huge cliffhanger at the end of season 6.....evil sods! Castle and Beckett's wedding day finally dawned, but we all knew it couldn't go smoothly! On his way to the ceremony, Castle is run off the road....Beckett gets a call and frantically races to the crash site, where Castle's is on fire. The newest trailer shows Beckett running down to the car in her wedding dress, trying to reach Castle in the flames. When the fire is out.....there's no Castle! So, like we didn't already know, he isn't dead, but he is missing! Dun dun duuuun!

Tuesday 30th September


The first episode was streamed online in August, so it's a little disappointing that they aren't at least screening a double episode this week, like Forever, but never mind! This is a fun little show, but I fear it won't last....I'm not even sure why!

Manhattan Love Story

Another sweet little show, showing what goes through the mind of both sexes as a relationship begins to grow. Again, I'm not sure if the US viewing public will love this straight away....I've been burned before!

Wednesday 1st October

Criminal Minds

Another of my favourite shows, back for season 10, oddly without a cliffhanger! After losing Sweets in Bones, I can't cope with the idea of losing any more of my beloved characters! Long may it reign!


I've been looking forward to this for a while! Nikita's Maggie Q stars as a member of a special law enforcement unit dealing with stalking incidents....including cyber harassment or trolling, voyeurism and romantic fixation. Sounds, um, fun! I'm so twisted....

Thursday 2nd October


I got into this a tad late, only started watching the first season this summer. I was a little worried about seeing an historical drama on a network like CW, as its synonymous with teen dramas and reality TV (also, I figured it would get canned!). I actually really liked it, oddly. The juxtaposition of modern music and a teen drama tone works really well! As far as I know, they have decided on an alternate universe type set up, so they don't need to worry about historical accuracy! Its very addictive!

The Vampire Diaries

I have a love/hate relationship with this show. Simply put, hate how they have decided to portray Elena and Stefan, but love Damon and Caroline and numerous others! Also, as a fan of the original author L.J. Smith, I dislike how her publishers treated her when they dumped her from her own series, and gave it to ghostwriters. The show bears little in common with the books, but adaptations always change everything....I always wonder why they bother, the books are loved for a if you turn it into a TV show and change everything you needn't have bothered buying the rights! 

A to Z

Another sweet little romantic show....again, fingers crossed US audiences like it cos it seems like an interesting concept! Starring Cristin Milioti (The Mother who got shafted from How I Met Your know, the woman that turned out not to be The One....hate that ending so much!!), this follows a couples relationship from beginning to.....?

Bad Judge

This looks fun! Party girl by night (and any other time she can by the look of it!) and judge by day! A young boy may change her life completely!


Obviously, as this has David Tennant in it, I will be watching....BUT I still don't see the point in remaking Broadchurch! Its not as if the original was in a foreign sodding language! Also, dumping Olivia Colman?? Not on!!! Not at all!!!

Friday 3rd October

Last Man Standing

Another show I have a love/hate relationship with. I laugh a lot while watching, but some of the opinions rub me the wrong way at times....luckily, overall, the two opposing opinions tend to find some common ground, sort of a 'moral of the story' type thing, so I can enjoy it!

So, that's this week's TV to look forward to! Any you're excited for? Any I should look out for? Leave me a comment!

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