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Upcoming US TV shows for the 2014/15 season - ABC

The new TV season is starting here's what you can look forward to from ABC!

Secrets and Lies

Airing mid-season in the US. No info for the UK yet.

Based on the Australian show of the same name, this has been given a 10 episode order, which is to be expected for a mid-season replacement. It follows a family man who finds the body of a young boy, then finds himself the prime suspect. He then decides that the only way to clear his name is to find the real killer. It's not blowing me away, but I'll probably watch at least the first episode before I judge.

Ryan Phillippe as Ben Garner.

Juliette Lewis as Detective Andrea Cornell.

KaDee Strickland as Christy Garner.

Natalie Martinez as Jess Mullen.

Dan Fogler as Dave Carlyle.

Indiana Evans as Natalie Garner.

Belle Shouse as Abby Garner.

Marvel's Agent Carter

Airing January 2015, during Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D's midseason break in the US (which is waaaay too long for me! Want it now!!!). Amazingly, no UK broadcaster have snapped this up yet....c'mon! Pull your fingers out!!

As you may be able to tell....I am sooooo overexcited for this one! I love Marvel, I love Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I love all the current Marvel films....what's not to like???? Hayley Atwell is reprising her role as Peggy Carter, after playing her in Captain America: The First Avenger and the sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.Agent Carter must juggle her routine office work for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, with her secret missions with Howard Stark.

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, an officer in the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark and a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa, a war veteran and agent with the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

Chad Michael Murray as Jack Thompson, an agent with the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

How to Get Away with Murder

Airing Thursday 25th September in the US. No info for the UK yet.

From the production company behind Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, this joins the aforementioned shows on Thursday nights, creating a Shonda Rhimes produced block. If this is as successful as Shonda Rhimes' other creations, it should be good! Set in a prestigious law school, this follows the story of a group of ambitious law students and their mysterious criminal defence professor, as they become entangled in a real life murder plot. Sounds interesting....

Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating.

Billy Brown as Nate Leahy.

Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins.

Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh.

Kate Findlay as Rebecca.

Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt.

Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone.

Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo.

Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino.

Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom.


Airing Tuesday 30th September in the US. Yet again, no info for the UK!

Loosely based on My Fair Lady, but updated to feature a woman obsessed with the pursuit of social media fame. This sounds good, although I may be biased as Karen Gillan is the star!

Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley.

John Cho as Henry Higenbottam.

Tim Peper as Ethan Chase.

Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Charmonique.

Allyn Rachel as Bryn.

David Harewood as Sam Saperstein.

American Crime

No air date for US or UK yet.

Not much info on this, what little there is interests me greatly. Before I had to give up on my degree, I studied history. I found myself drawn to American history, with greater focus on racial issues. My dissertation topic, of lynching and the media coverage of such events at the time, was chosen because the subject affected me so much that I got a terrible migraine every time I studied it! So, obviously, this meant that I had to do more of it! The reason I am waffling about this, is because this show follows a racially charged murder and trial. To say I'm looking forward to this sounds odd, but I genuinely am!

Felicity Huffman as Barb.

Timothy Hutton as Russ Skokie.

W. Earl Brown as Tom.

Richard Cabral as Hector Tonz.

Caitlin Gerard as Aubry.

Benito Martinez as Alonzo Gutierrez.

Penelope Ann Miller as Eve.


Airing Tuesday 23rd September in the US. Airing sometime in October on Sky 1 in the UK.

I'm looking forward to this! I'm a Ioan Gruffudd fan, and it's about time he had success on US TV. Gruffudd plays Dr Henry Morgan, New York City's star medical examiner. He is inexplicably immortal, every time he 'dies' he returns to life in the nearest body of water....naked. Henry ends up working with Detective Jo Martinez, played by Alana de la Garza, making good use of his many years of life. Just up my alley!!

Ioan Gruffudd as Dr Henry Morgan.

Alana de la Garza as Detective Jo Martinez.

Lorraine Toussaint as Lt. Joanna Reece.

Donnie Keshawarz as Detective Hanson.

Joel David Moore as Lucas Wan.

Judd Hirsch as Abe.


Airing Wednesday 24th September in the US. Nothing for the UK yet.

Follows a upper middle class black family, struggling to find a sense of cultural identity whilst living in a predominantly white neighbourhood. Sounds ok and has a good cast, the trailer was amusing....

Anthony Anderson as Andre 'Dre' Johnson.

Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson.

Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson.

Marcus Scribner as Andre Johnson Jr.

Miles Brown as Jack Johnson.

Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson.

Laurence Fishburne as Pops.


Airing Friday 10th October in the US. No info for the UK yet.

Created by, and starring, stand up comedienne Cristela Alonzo. I've never heard of Alonzo, so she may not have filtered across the pond yet! This is a sitcom about a Mexican-American law graduate, juggling family issues with an unpaid internship at a law firm. I like a good sitcom, so will see how this one does!

Cristela Alonzo as Cristela.

Carlos Ponce as Felix.

Terri Hoyos as Natalia.

Andrew Leeds as Josh.

Sam McMurray as Trent.


Airing during the mid-season break of Once Upon a Time in the US. No info for the UK yet.

Oooooooooh!!! Another one that I am ridiculously excited about! This looks bloody brilliant! It is a musical, fairy tale themed, comedy! As if that wasn't great enough, it features songs by Alan Menken, who, just in case you have spent the last 30 or so years under a Disney-free rock, composed the scores for The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast etc! I can only hope it gets a chance, and that it doesn't go the way of so many good US shows....

Joshua Sasse as Galavant.

Mallory Jansen as Madalena.

Karen David as Isabella.

Timothy Omundson as King Richard.

Genevieve Allenbury as Queen of Valencia.

Vinnie Jones as Gareth.

Luke Youngblood as Sid.

Fresh off the Boat

Airing 'soon' in the US...there is virtually no info about this one, so I'm going to guess at a midseason replacement. Seeing as there is no US date, I wouldn't hold my breath for UK release yet.

Seeing as The Goldbergs did well for ABC last year, they've decided to air another nostalgia show, this time it's the 90's. Its bound to be amusing, as they poke fun at 90's fashions and music. This show has another twist, it focuses on a Taiwanese family moving from Washington DC to Orlando to run a steak restaurant. Sounds ok!

Randall Park as Louis.

Constance Wu as Jessica.

Ian Chen as  Evan.

Forrest Wheeler as Emery.

Hudson Yang as Eddie.

The Whispers

Airing midseason in the US. Nothing for the UK yet.

This one seems intriguing. It is based on a short story by Ray Bradbury, called Zero Hour. It's about an alien invasion, done quietly by using our children. Oooooooh!

Lily Rabe as Claire Bennigan.

Barry Sloane as We Lawrence.

Milo Ventimiglia as John Doe/Drew Bennigan.

Catalina Denis  as Dr Maria Benevidez.

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf as Henry.

Autumn Reeser as Amanda Weil.

Manhattan Love Story

Airing Tuesday 30th September in the US. No info for the UK yet.

This looks like a sweet show. Chronicling a new relationship, and what they're actually thinking....cue much awkwardness, excitement and, no doubt, terror! One of the stars, Analeigh Tipton, appeared as a contestant on Cycle 11 of  America's Next Top Model, where she came third. Luckily for her, she has managed to extricate herself from the soul sucking pit of evil, also known as Tyra Banks. Hopefully she enjoys her freedom, and her new show does well!

Analeigh Tipton as Dana.

Jake McDorman as Peter.

Nicolas Wright as David.

Jade Catta-Preta  as Amy.

Chloe Wepper as Chloe.

Kurt Fuller as William.

Just one more network to go! The new season is almost upon us....which shows, old or new, are you most looking forward to? Any you really dislike? Leave me a comment!

Thanks for popping by!


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