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US TV round up, recap and review for Monday 22nd September - The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and Scorpion

Well, my second favourite time of the year arrived yesterday, the new US TV season! My most favourite is autumn and winter, especially Samhain (Halloween) and Yule/Christmas.....the colder, snowier and winter wonderlandy the better in my book! So, lets look at the shows which started last night.....

First up, The Big Bang Theory. This is still one of the funniest shows around, and it came back with a bang....*boom boom*....last night with a two episode opener. When we last saw the gang, Sheldon was running away from home because there were too many changes happening in his life, and he felt overwhelmed. Now....he has been pantsed, obviously. All his belongings were stolen as he lived the 'hobo life' on the rail. Who else could he call but Leonard? Oh, wait, AMY! She is not a happy camper and tags along while Leonard heads to Arizona to collect Sheldon. Howard is miffed that the temporary situation of Stuart becoming his mother's live in carer, looks to be turning permanent. Bernadette has set up a sales rep job interview for Penny at her pharmaceutical company, which Penny is nervous about. Her nervousness shows in the interview and she seems to have bombed, until both she and the interviewer realise that they are both scared of Bernadette! Raj is simply ecstatic to have a hot girlfriend, and is having his car windows un-tinted so he can show her off! In the second episode, Sheldon has to take a forced promotion (those bastards!) in order to branch out in his field of study. The promotion also means he will have to teach a class. Shockingly, nobody signs up.....until Howard steps up to offer to take it so he can finally get his doctorate. Sheldon does his very best to belittle Howard, causing the latter to retaliate with a well aimed spit ball to the throat. Leonard tells Sheldon that the only reason he is trying to belittle Howard is because he is scared that people may turn out to be smarter than him. The boys round out the episode playing a few rounds of science quizzing to win chocolate, and congratulating each other on how smart they are! Meanwhile, Bernadette is nagging Penny to study up for her new job. Amy finally gets to experience high school 15 years late, as she is caught in the middle as the other girls try to avoid each other, whilst complaining to Amy!

Brilliant, as usual!

More genius came with Scorpion. Brainboxes, with dubious social skills, are taxed with saving the lives of the passengers of 56 planes, who are in danger due to an automatic system update which has caused communications to go down. The planes are flying blind, as they cannot land without guidance. Walter, played by Elyes Gabel, the apparent head genius, takes on the task despite not trusting the Agent in charge. He sets up in a cafe he has just repaired wifi for, where he and his team attempt to find a way to land the planes safely. Lots of very clever things happen, then lots of very cool action-y things happen and everybody goes home safe and well! Walter and his team are offered a position solving impossible problems. He, in turn, offers the waitress from the diner, Paige, played by Katharine McPhee, a job as a sort of emotional translator! Earlier in the episode, he had noticed her young son Ralph was a genius, when she thought he had a learning disability. Walter is able to connect with Ralph when nobody else can.

Really good start, look forward to more!

Sleepy Hollow returned, with our heroes going about their day as normal, no mention of the somewhat less comfortable positions we left them in. Ichabod learns what you are supposed to do with birthday candles, and they set off in search of a key which will enable them to take souls from Purgatory without a trade. Turns out it is all an illusion, so that Henry, Ichabod's very naughty son, can find the key first. Ichabod wakes up in his coffin and promptly blows his way out of it. Abbie manages to communicate with him and he says he is coming for her. He rescues Abbie's sister Jenny, from Henry, using the old ambulance through the wall trick. The pair of them decipher Benjamin Franklin's clues and retrieve the key, and eventually Abbie. Ichabod's wife Katrina is still the prisoner of The Headless Horseman, who gives her a necklace which allows her to see him whole. Moloch is somewhat displeased that the key is now gone, so gives Henry and new, shiny, badass body thingy to use as the Horseman of War.

Still as good as it ever was! Glad we have 5 extra eps this year too!

In Gotham, we see the origins to many DC Comics villains, and heroes. Detective James Gordon catches the Wayne murder case, much to the dismay of his new partner Harvey Bullock. He promises a young Bruce Wayne that he will find the murderer of his parents. We meet Fish Mooney, who controls the theatre district, and therefore should know who did it. There follows a set up and a near death experience for the detectives, as Gordon is taught how his world will work. He decides to work from the inside, to clean up the town and the police department.

Looks good, if a little dark for my tastes....Ian loved it thought!

Other than Forever, which previewed the first ep back in August, that was all my favourites from last night. How about you? Did you like any of the newbies? Any you're looking forward to? Leave me a comment!

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