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US TV Round up, recap and review for Wednesday 24th September - The Goldbergs, The Mysteries of Laura, Black-ish, Law & Order: SVU

Wednesday was mostly comedy this week....with the exception of Law & Order: SVU that is, so lets get that one out of the way first!

SVU is on it's 16th season, which is pretty damned impressive for a show on US TV, most are lucky to get a second season (yes, I am still bitter about the shows I really like getting cancelled way too soon!)! The episode opens with Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay (who, despite the fact that she has won countless awards for the portrayal, still can't really act the part authentically! I preferred her in ER!), putting baby Noah to bed. If you aren't familiar with season 15......Noah is her foster child, his mother, Ellie, was a prostitute who was murdered before she testified in front of the Grand Jury. Noah had been given to a husband and wife pornography team (ick) by Ellie's pimp, and when SVU caught the evil bastards they found Noah, the child Ellie thought was dead. It was pretty obvious that Benson was going to end up with a baby one way or another, as last season they played up the broodiness big time. So, the episode is basically a continuation of that storyline....they go after the big boss who ordered Ellie's death and dismantle the whole enterprise.

I used to love SVU, but I think the spark has been lost somewhere along the line. Like I said above, I really don't like Mariska Hargitay as Benson.....really the only truly likable character is Fin. Everyone else just comes across as whiny!

The Goldbergs returned with another gloriously nostalgic episode! This time they tackled mix tapes, first love. first fake ID and parental love no matter what! Seeing Adam create a mix tape, from vinyl to cassette tape was a great blast from my past! Typically, his mum finds the tape and decides it must be for her, you know, seeing as it has 'You're My Inspiration' written on it, and that a son making a mix tape for his mum isn't weird at all! The girlfriend, Dana, discovers this after a lovely date at a laser show, when Bev pops the tape in and boasts that Adam made it for her.....leaving one very unhappy girlfriend! Beverley manages to make it all ok in the end....setting up a sweet, if still a little creepy, laser display just for Adam and Dana. Barry gets Erica to help him get a fake ID....then promptly boasts about it to everyone at school! Sadly, it gets confiscated, just as he's agreed to buy cases of beer for a senior party. Left with no beer and no ID, he attempts to con his dad into going to buy beer to no avail. So, he steals his ID, and takes it to a shop which his dad frequents, as you do, to try and get the beer. Bless. Eventually, he is forced to give up, and turns up at the party with, um, sandwiches. Luckily, his dad stops him before he goes in and gives him the chance to be the hero for once, by raving at him in front of the seniors and dragging him home! Brilliant!

Oh so very 80's!

I love this show, it gives me the warm fuzzies for my own childhood! Granted, Bolton in the 80's was a lot different but there are still some cultural similarities! Ian was only born in '86 so he doesn't have as much of the 80's to remember as I do, but it is still very funny whether you know what the references are or not!

The debut of Black-ish shows a lot of promise. I did worry that they might labour the point a little at first, but they managed to turn it around pretty well by the end of it! Its nice to see a show where the idea isn't to highlight differences and isolate races and cultures, but to try and move forward accepting differences and changing cultures.....if that doesn't make sense I apologise, but I know what I mean!

The second episode of The Mysteries of Laura didn't disappoint. Love Debra Messing in this, she is so good. This week Laura was attempting to find the murderer of a middle aged woman looking for love. She empties a posh undies shop, when the snooty clerk won't help her with the camisole the victim had recently bought, by loudly stating that she had an infestation in the business district when she tried on undies....genius! She needs a babysitter, so obviously finds a great one handcuffed back at the precinct! Said babysitter also helps Laura create an account on an online dating site used by the victim, so she can try to emulate her and catch the bad guy. She eventually manages to find her man, but not before a fight, and a candlestick to the head for Laura!

I love this show....which usually means its sure to be cancelled! Must hope otherwise I suppose!

There was also the second episode of Red Band Society aired on Wednesday, but I haven't quite gotten around to that yet!

What did you think of Wednesday night's TV? Anything good that I missed? Leave me a comment!

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