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US TV round up, recap and review for Tuesday 23rd September - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Forever and NCIS: New Orleans

Tuesday night in the new season and we are one very excited household because S.H.I.E.L.D is back! Whoop whoop! Coulson is back! Yipee!! This time he's recruited Xena too....gotta love that man!The long awaited (by me anyway!) second episode of Forever and the brand, spanking new addition to the NCIS franchise, NCIS: New Orleans, are also popping up tonight.

First up is, obviously, S.H.I.E.L.D! The season opens with a flashback to 1945, with the remnants of HYDRA moving all their toys. Reed Diamond, who must be the single hardest working actor in the business....seriously, he's in a bespectacled Nazi, moving a mysterious obelisk. Before he can get away, Peggy Carter storms the place with her team, captures the baddies and bags and tags the toys. Back in the present day, with the agency in tatters after the infiltration of HYDRA, our plucky gang are uniting under the new DIRECTOR COULSON! Oh yeah! With the help of another Koenig 'brother', the team work from The Playground as they try to rebuild, recruit, crush HYDRA and avoid being crushed by Talbot, who is just on a mission to crush everything indeterminately. Lucy Lawless is on board as Isabelle Hartley, the head of a band of mercenaries who are working with S.H.I.E.L.D.....can't go wrong with Xena in my book! Skye has been training with May, she's newly kick ass and has the serious haircut to prove it! Her hair was so pretty! Ok that's my girl-out done with for the year! Fitz is struggling after his injuries last season, thanks to Ward....who is now forever on my shit list for hurting him. He is having memory issues, and the only one he feels calm around is Simmons.....yep, my heart may well break watching Iain De Caestecker! Speaking of Ward, he's locked up in the basement, desperately wanting to talk to Skye. Coulson has been keeping Skye away from him, until the emergence, or rather the reemergence, of a gifted individual, Carl Creel, who can absorb the properties of any substance he touches, making him, quite literally, bullet proof. Coulson sends Skye down to question Ward, as it turns out that the aforementioned Creel was supposedly crossed off, by none other than Garrett. Ward will only speak to Skye, much to her discomfort. He's all beardy weirdy, with scars on his wrists where he attempted suicide by button. He tries to get into her head but she handles him with aplomb, and eventually finds out how HYDRA was communicating through S.H.I.E.L.D channels. Coulson reaches out to Talbot, to try to warn him about Absorbing Man, who is at that moment about to attack him and his family. Aided by May and Skye, Talbot's men manage to capture Creel, while Coulson offers to work with Talbot....granted he does this by manages to abduct him from under the noses of his guards, but he still should have accepted the help! They dump Talbot in his undies with his phone, and wait for him to call in back up....which is redirected to Koenig who can then gain all his security codes! Rookie mistake Talbot! The team then go in to Talbot's secret base, in search of the obelisk, only to discover that Creel has escaped and is loose in the building. Hartley finds the 084, and Creel finds Hartley. While attempting to fight him off, she grabs the obelisk which starts to, apparently, petrify her hand and arm. Coulson won't let the team abort, so Hartley's team chooses to get her medical help and leave the others....who then go on to steal a quinjet, with a working cloaking system. It turns out that Fitz is not doing so good after all. The damage to his temporal lobe was so extensive that he can't manage his old job. We also find out that Simmons actually left The Playground, and Fitz, months beforehand as she believed he'd get better without her around (which is the daftest thing I've heard lately!) the Simmons we've been seeing has been a figment of his imagination....*sob* I REALLY dislike Ward now! Even bigger shock, they booked Xena then killed her at the end of the bloody episode!?!? After some impromptu amputation in the back of an SUV, Hartley and 1 of her team are killed when Creel turns up and causes their SUV to crash, then he takes the obelisk, leaving 1 mercenary playing possum! The episode is rounded off by Reed Diamond, having not aged a day, revealed as the new mastermind behind HYDRA!

Great episode, although I do have some issues....obviously the first one is that they seemingly killed Xena after 1 episode! Why?!? How very dare they!!!! The second problem I have is the lack of Simmons....she just wouldn't leave Fitz, especially not after what he did and said at the end of last season. Just wouldn't happen! So, some of the plot points didn't sit well with me, but they'll hopefully come good in the end!

Next up is Forever, episode 2. Another seemingly impossible to solve case, which doesn't even appear to be a case at first, pops up for Henry and Martinez. A young woman falls/jumps/gets pushed from a bridge. It is assumed she is a suicide, until Henry sees her of course! Was it personal jealousy? Or did somebody resent her professionally? The victim, Vicki Hulquist, was a graduate student, who seemed universally loved, particularly by her professor *nudge nudge wink wink*. The team suspect his involvement, but Henry is unconvinced. The prof then turns up dead, from another apparent suicide...which Henry sees through immediately again. While Martinez is watching security footage of Mrs Prof entering the building, Henry is confronting the real killer, who turns out to be the creepy guy that showed them to the prof's room the first time they visited. He was jealous that his name wasn't going to appear on the paper the prof and Vicki were working on together, so he got rid of them....almost got rid of Henry too but Martinez got there in time! We also see a little bit more of Henry's 'fan', who seems to know some of his past with Abigail....he also claims to be 2000 years old!

I really like this show, its quirky without being over the top about it, and I do love me some Ioan Gruffudd!

Lastly, NCIS: New Orleans. This was backdoor piloted in episodes 18 and 19 of NCIS season 11. Same sort of set up, if it ain't broke don't fix it right? The bonus, for me at least, is the setting of New Orleans. I've always been intrigued and fascinated by The Big Easy! Scott Bakula stars as Pride, and he is backed up by Lucas Black as LaSalle, and Zoe McLellan as Brody, with support from C.C.H Pounder as the M.E. The opening episode dealt with the murder of a young friend of Pride, who had turned his life around and joined the Navy. He's murdered because he stumbled across a smuggling scheme, which goes all the way up to a city councilman, played by Steven Weber.

Great new addition to the franchise, nicely written characters and the setting is beautiful!

That's it for Tuesday! What did you enjoy? Anything I should check out? Leave me a comment!

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