Friday, 31 October 2014

I hope you all have a Blessed Samhain!

Most of you will no doubt be celebrating Halloween tonight, I hope you have a great time! As a pagan I celebrate Samhain, which is a festival to mark the end of the harvest season, and the start of the dark half of the year. Traditionally, it is a night to prepare for winter, in times past stores would be filled and livestock slaughtered in preparation for winter. There is some evidence that many pagans celebrated Samhain as the start of the new year. As a modern pagan, sadly I can't ever know fully how it was celebrated, so I have developed my own rituals and traditions. I use the festival as a time to remember those I have lost. I light a white candle in our windows, to guide our loved ones home. Another thing I used to do (before I was the mummy to furbabies, who tend to eat anything which isn't nailed down!) is to leave a lost loved ones favourite food with the candles, it is all symbolic obviously, but it brings a measure of peace and helps to honour those we've lost. The scary aspects may stem from people attempting to scare away unfriendly spirits. Now, it's a nice day for kids (and big kids!) to have fun and dress up, trick or treat and go to parties. Some people may expect me to find modern Halloween offensive, but I don't. We all have our rituals and traditions, while I celebrate in my way I'm glad others are marking the day of a ancient festival to this day!

So, everyone, be safe! Have fun! Celebrate with all your might! Ian and I will be doing one of his traditions, which is now ours, by watching some of the Halloween movie series snuggled up in the dark, with a white candle lit to guide our loved ones home......

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon and can get back to posting regularly! 

Thanks for popping by!




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