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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 episode 2 'Heavy is the Head' recap and review

Ian and I watched S.H.I.E.L.D Season 1 again over the weekend....I could lie and say it was for research purposes, so I could be a better recapper and blogger, but mostly it's just cos I love S.H.I.E.L.D! So, without further ado, let's look at episode 2.....

The ep opens pretty much where it left off last week, I actually wish they'd done a double episode premiere event, as it does feel like they should have been shown together. Plus, I just want extra eps so I don't need to wait a week in between! Hunter is still stuck in the SUV with the bodies of his comrades (still can't believe they killed Xena after 1 measly episode!), he hears an engine, which turns out to be May on the bike she randomly stole last week. He sends her after Creel while she leaves him a torch to cut himself out, and waits for the approaching soldiers. May races after Creel, who has stolen a truck, but Coulson orders her to observe, not to engage.

Skye and Trip return to base with the new quinjet. Coulson wants Mac to reverse engineer cloaking so they have the Bus back in action. Skye tells him that the Obelisk has the same freaky symbols that Garrett (and Coulson, but not Skye despite having the same drug in her system.....) was drawing but he brushes her off, to her disgust. Skye is pissed that Simmons has deserted all of them, not just Fitz. Fitz still seems to have issues, but Mac seems to be a good help to the start he's still isolated. 

Hunter is dumped in a field where he is picked up in a copter by Talbot, who tries to bond over his service in the SAS. Talbot wants Coulson, so he tells Hunter to name his price. He wants $2m and a proper burial for Hartley, he doesn't want her branded a traitor for working with S.H.I.E.L.D. Talbot agrees. 

Coulson has finally learned how to use the holo technology! Skye tries to talk to him again, she wants to go into the field to help her fellow agents. She finds out that Hartley and Idaho are dead. She wants to help, but all Coulson will let her do is pack up Hartley's bunk. She tells Coulson to try yoga, and he tries to respond with humour, to start the banter they used to enjoy, but it falls flat.

ImaginarySimmons is still appearing to BrokenFitz....but, is it just me that wonders if seeing her is his brain's way of accessing the knowledge he has, which he can't access because of the brain damage? It's all still in there, but without her he can't grab hold of anything properly. They decide to ignore the cloaking problem, and concentrate on trying to neutralise Creel's ability. They steal info about Creel's's very sweet!

Creel is at a diner, having issues with his appears that the Obelisk has infected him. A waitress touches him and she starts to petrify, May races in at the sound of screams, but there's nothing she can do. 

The perimeter alert sounds, turns out that Hunter is back. Trip brings him in. Hunter rants at Coulson about losing his friends, and Coulson asks what Talbot wanted in return for freeing him. Hunter fibs slightly, mentioning only Hartley's burial, and conveniently forgetting the money he asked for. He does tell Coulson that e wants his pay, and that of Hartley and Idaho, to give to their families.

ImaginarySimmons and BrokenFitz are discussing Creel's DNA. Mac asks Fitz who he's talking to, ImaginarySimmons says she likes him, and encourages BrokenFitz to show him what he's working on. He keeps saying that he 'didn't solve this today' but Mac doesn't understand at first. Then he realises that Fitz means he'd already solved it before, with one of his other designs. They go back and find the design they need to make the disrupter.

Skye packs up Hartley's stuff, and she sees a framed photo of Izzy and another woman. Hunter walks in and tells her that she is Hartley's sister Jane, and that they were close. Skye asks how he met Hartley and he says it was through his ex wife. He takes a pendant from Hartley's stuff, to return to her sister, he says it was her mum's and that she died of breast cancer 5 years beforehand, and that Jane now has it too. 

Creel returns to his van, a tad panicked that he can't change the skin which has been infected by the Obelisk. His employers call him, they know he's been infected, and promise to 'take care' of him. Raina turns up to see him, she wants the Obelisk for her 'employer', and she offers a new substance for harder than diamond which can store energy. Creel tries to intimidate her, then steals the substance. She then sends Coulson a message, with a number to call. When they do, she tells them that she's not working for HYDRA and that the thing he stole from her has a tracker. She offers them Creel. The team set off to take him down, armour piercing rounds and all. Hunter manages to persuade Coulson to send him with the team.

Creel meets with the posh bloke to drop off the Obelisk. Posh manages to reverse the Obelisk's effects by saying 'compliance will be rewarded', which seems to be a form of trigger phrase. Hunter knocks out the team, he wants to kill Creel himself, for Hartley. Posh runs when Hunter turns up with his big ass gun, but Creel manages to turn his skin into the material he stole from Raina, and the rounds bounce off him. He chases Hunter, while Raina nips in and steals the Obelisk. Creel starts to beat up Hunter, but before he can kill him Coulson appears and stabs him in the back with Fitz's device, which turns him to stone.

Hunter is watching Hartley's funeral, she is being buried with full honours. He breaks into a car and leaves the pendant behind. Coulson has followed him, turns out that he was responsible for her funeral. He offers Hunter a job, despite the fact that he shot 3 of the team. Coulson tells him that it was a bad move to shoot May, as she 'nurtures' grudges! Coulson doesn't actually trust Hunter, but he needs his help....luckily Coulson still has his George Forenan grill, despite losing everything else! He then tells Hunter to sell him out.....

BrokenFitz seems to have made a new friend in Mac, they understand each other. Skye and May are watching, they've been worried. Skye is also worried about Coulson, but May swears he's fine.....then we see her telling Coulson off for going into the field, and for fighting off his 'episodes'. He gives in and it turns out that the 'episodes' are his little art attacks, where he carves the symbols into the wall, as May takes photos of them.

Raina is admiring the Obelisk, when a strange man, played by Kyle McClachlan, walks in wiping blood from his hands. He tells her she did well....then tells her to pick up the Obelisk. She is obviously somewhat reticent, but does as he says, and the Obelisk doesn't actually kill her, but the symbols on the surface start to raise and glow. The man tells her that it let her live....then he tells her to bring his daughter to him and he'll show her why and how.

Coulson is stood alone in a field, next to a white van, as a cavalcade of SUVs drive towards him. Talbot emerges, as he believes Hunter has followed up on his promise and delivered Coulson. Obviously though, he's mistaken! Coulson tells Talbot that Creel is in cryostasis in the van, that he is stone but he probably won't stay that way. He offers to keep dropping such gifts for Talbot if he gives them some breathing room. Talbot scoffs at that, saying that Coulson doesn't have the firepower to back him up. Coulson tells Talbot that he has plenty, and the Bus drops it's cloak to show it hovering above them with its guns aimed at Talbot and his men. He tells Talbot that it's just the tip of the iceberg. Coulson walks away, to where the quinjet has just dropped its cloak and boards. He quietly tells them to get going before 'the iceberg runs out of fuel), exposing the bluff to the audience! Love it when Coulson shows off!

Next weeks teaser shows Simmons....working for HYDRA! Nooooooo!!!!!! I'm guessing she's only doing it to find a way to fix Fitz.....I hope.....

As I said, this may have been better as the second part of a two part premiere. I do miss the humour so far, but hopefully it will come back soon when the team find their feet. I do like Hunter, but I am still pissed that they killed Lucy Lawless after 1 episode! Now, is it next Tuesday yet?!

Did you catch episode 2? What did you think? Leave me a comment!

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