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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 episode 3 'Making Friends and Influencing People' recap and review

Episode 2 left us assuming Simmons had turned to the dark side...which as it turns out was a masterpiece of trailer editing! So, onto episode 3, Making Friends and Influencing People.....

Daniel Whitehall is pouring himself a drink and reminiscing about how he bought the case when he enlisted for $10, now each bottle is worth over $2000. Nice reminder that he's been around since World War 2! He talks about patience paying off, how $10 seemed so expensive to him then, but how well it's paid off for him. He's talking to a woman, Agent 33, who is strapped into a frame, watching psychedelic images. He's attempting to brainwash her.

We see Simmons in bed, her alarm goes off, playing a nice jaunty tune, and we see her getting ready for work....all very cheerful and normal! She gets to work, has a lovely chat with the security guard, who searches her bag, before walking over to the lift, where she scans her thumb print - no ordinary workplace!  She walks through a state of the art, posh lab where she puts on a black lab coat. Her boss walks past her and then past the HYDRA sign eek!

Skye is at the shooting range, hitting the targets by imagining them as Ward. May is unimpressed, telling Skye that she should imagine them all as targets, and not to get cocky. May gives her a speech about control, then checks her heart rate, 61 beats per minute. May is impressed. Hunter and Mac turn up with inventory - and a bet over whether Skye attended the Academy, winner doesn't have to record the inventory. Hunter loses, Skye was a field agent, with a badge - at least for a day - but she tells him it was 'a work study thing'. He tells her that he knew his old teammates so well, that he knows what they would do in any situation - he doesn't know the team well enough to do that now. Hunter needs to know more about Skye so that he knows what she might do. May is still pissed that he shot her, despite numerous - 470 to be exact - apologies! Skye tells him that she's never taken anyone out, since she correctly guessed that's what he was asking..

May sees Coulson and catches up to him, and asks after Agent 33. He tells her that she was taken by HYDRA. He's tired of losing his best and brightest.

Simmons is talking to her boss about some of her results, he needs to know what to tell them 'upstairs'. As she's telling him she's sees a photo of the subject, Donnie Gill, who she and Fitz helped in season 1. As many of you may know, he's developed freezing powers as a result of being struck by lightning while touching his ice machine. He takes out some agents in Marrakech by freezing them solid, where he's hiding, who have been sent after him.

Simmons gets home and hears a noise. She pulls her gun and swings round the corner to find Coulson waiting for her and asking if she thought he'd never find it turns out he means about her terrible diet! He's brought fixings for a healthy steak meal! She debriefs as he cooks. Simmons hasn't made friends - aw - but she needs to in order to advance. She tells Coulson about Gill....then Coulson goes to brief the team. He says that HYDRA want Gill or they'll take him out. Fitz gets confused when he's trying to say that Donnie had trouble making friends. 

Skye goes down to talk to Ward again, to find out how HYDRA gets such loyalty. Ward says HYDRA didn't control him, that he was only loyal to Garrett. He tells her that his family knocked him down, and that Garrett built him back up to be what he wanted him to be. She mocks him for this, saying that she knows who his family is, and that they're pretty much universally loved. After slipping by talking to him about anything but what she needs to ask him, she gets the questioning back on track. He tells her that they will either recruit gifteds or take them out. He tells her that this is why HYDRA will always win, as they're not looking for the morality of the situation.

Gill has just found out who the agents were going to take him to, once they recaptured him, Maribel Del Mar. Turns out it's a he proceeds to freeze it in place while he investigates further. As you do.

Simmons is hard at work in her HYDRA lab, when she's accosted by some burly armed guards and escorted 'upstairs' for questioning over a security matter. Whitehall's right hand man has found out that she's been lying to them - eek! While she told them she was a Level 5 S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, she didn't tell them she knew Donnie - which is a tad unfair as she had no clue who the subject was til she saw the photo in her boss' files! Terrible employers, HYDRA. It's like they're an international terrorist organisation or something. The quicker Simmons is back in the good guys fold, the better - seeing her in the lair of the beast makes me jumpy! She masterfully manages to lie without really lying...yay Simmons! She says that she's loyal to science, and she goes wherever she can do her work. Creepy McRighthandman makes a veiled threat about loyalties being tested, poor Simmons!

Whitehall is still working on Agent 33, she's still managing to resist and even manages to get her wrist free, but to no avail. Whitehall catches her. He wheels out the Loki speech, heard it before! Creepy McRighthandman asks for permission to 'evaluate' Simmons...eek.

The Scooby Gang are leaving for Marrakech to pick up/take out Gill. Mac is happy to have the night off but Fitz is upset that he's being left behind. He knows they're keeping things from him....I just want to give him a cuddle!

Simmons is being marched down a white corridor by The Burlies, understandably nervous. Creepy McRighthandman is taking her to find Donnie, seeing as she knew him.

Donnie is systematically taking out the ship's crew.....he's pissed. 

Fitz and Invisible Simmons are arguing about him going to see Skye's 'asset' - he had no idea it was Ward. His reaction is heart wrenching. He starts having an anxiety attack, Ward tries to talk to him. He seems genuinely sorry for what he did to him.

Skye and Hunter are getting ready to jump from the bus. He asks if it's her first jump - other than with Coulson in Lola, which she starts to explain but gives up....she tells him it's her first. Her heart rate had started to rise, but she manages to rein it in.

Ward is telling Fitz that he did his best to avoid killing him and Simmons, Garrett expected him to put a bullet in their heads. He says he tried to give them a fighting chance. Fitz can't remember the words he needs, so he decides to show Ward instead. He turns off Ward's oxygen supply to show him what hypoxia feels like. He says everyone has gone after Donnie and he should be with them, that it's Ward's fault that he isn't. Ward tries to tell Fitz something about Donnie, but he's struggling without air. He manages to tell Fitz that they don't know what they're walking into.

Simmons is searching the ship for Donnie. Creepy McRighthandman has told her that he'll stay in contact through her earpiece, and that if things don't go well there will be an opening at the HYDRA lab....meanie. She sees the frozen corpses dotted around the ship, but keeps on calling for him. He shows himself to her and wants to know who sent her and what side she's now on. She tells him she wants to help him again, and that's she's on his side.

Some of the HYDRA team are wandering round the ship, and give the Scoobies the chance to get past them. Hunter tells Skye to cover the door, she responds by telling him that he doesn't give the orders, then calls him 'Trainspotting' - he is (quite rightly!) peeved by this and tells her he isn't Scottish! Wonder if/when America will realise that there are different countries within the UK?! Hunter and May enter the ship to find Donnie. 

Mac is enjoying himself on his night off, playing video games (no idea which one, I'm not a gamer, unlike Ian!), when Fitz rushes in to try to tell him what Ward has said about Donnie. 

Simmons is still trying to talk Donnie down by talking about how impressed Fitz was by him. Creepy McRighthandman tells her to repeat what he's saying, he starts to feed her the brainwashing phrases.

Fitz is struggling to explain what he knows about Donnie to Coulson. He says that Donnie didn't escape the Sandbox, he helped HYDRA to take it! They brainwashed him! Coulson tells May and Hunter to stop him talking to HYDRA - namely Simmons! Hunter gets ready to shoot her, but May recognises her just in time and shoots Hunter - thus getting her revenge for last week! Go May! With the re-brainwashing interrupted, Donnie loses it and tries to freeze Simmons. Luckily he only gets her jacket and she manages to wriggle out of it and run. May tries to shoot him as he chases Simmons, but she misses and gets the pipes, which Donnie helpfully freezes. Hunter, who was wearing a vest - luckily - tells Coulson that May shot him....which upsets Trip as he wanted to be the one to shoot him! May tells Coulson that Simmons is onsite and asks whether to maintain her cover - May knew Simmons hadn't left them completely! Coulson tells May to maintain Simmons' cover - to the surprise of everyone. Coulson tells them that if they can't take him in they need to take him out. Simmons manages to get to the HYDRA team, with Donnie in hot pursuit. Creepy manages to trigger Donnie's brainwashing, and tells him to stop anyone following them, so he freezes the door. Creepy then tells Donnie to freeze the ship and kill everyone on board. May and Hunter are trapped inside and Donnie is freezing the ship - until Skye takes him out. Poor Skye, first kill and it's a kid that she knows - but her heart rate stays steady at 61bpm. She fires at Creepy, giving Simmons the chance to push him out of the way, thus cementing her cover. HYDRA is leaving empty handed but the Scoobies manage to go home with loads of tech - so Mac is a happy bunny - other than the fact he needs to take inventory!

Hunter tells May that he's fine, he just has a nasty bruise. He wants to know if that makes them even....well, he's now even with May, but Trip still wants his revenge much to Hunter's dismay! Skye is sat on the holo table on the bus, it reminds her of before. She's been scanning law enforcement in Marrakech - the authorities haven't found Donnie's body yet. Skye is worried about Simmons, as she's a terrible liar. May reassures her, that Simmons is good and compliments Skye too, telling hr that Simmons isn't the only one that's good. Coulson tells Fitz that he sees that he's improving and that he's still an important member of the team. He watched the recording of Fitz and Ward, he's concerned that Fitz almost killed Ward. Fitz tells him that he isn't a killer. Coulson tells Fitz that he can't look at Ward, that he hates that he's there, but that they need him. Fitz wants to know if Coulson is keeping anything else from him - as he's Director he tells him there's lots of things he isn't telling him. He does tell him that Simmons is on assignment, that's why she left and hasn't been in contact. Fitz asks Coulson if Simmons asked to go, if she wanted to go on assignment, to leave him - Coulson tells him that what's she's doing is important, cleverly avoiding the question!

Whitehall and Creepy are talking about S.H.I.E.L.D becoming a problem. Whitehall wants to know who's in charge. Agent 33 steps off the elevator to bring some files to Whitehall - he finally broke! Creepy tells his boss that Donnie's programming was unstable, but boss man says it held in the end. Creepy then says there's a scientist in the lab who's talents are being wasted - he wants to bring her 'upstairs' - Simmons has achieved her goal of infiltrating the higher levels of HYDRA but I still don't like it! Creepy trusts her - for now. There's always the brainwashing option - noooo!

Skye goes to visit Ward. She asks about the brainwashing. Ward says he wasn't brainwashed, that he chose to do everything he did. Skye believes him, but she doesn't know what he's trying to achieve by his complete honesty with her. He tells her that her father is alive and looking for her, that he'll take her to meet him if she'll let him. She quickly leaves - her heart rate has skyrocketed - uh oh.

In the teaser for next week May and Coulson are undercover, and all glammed up! They're really dangling the relationship for us May and Coulson shippers! Looks like a fun one, which is well overdue! 

Another great episode, although I'm biased! I'm glad that we know where Simmons is, and that she hasn't deserted Fitz - is it just me who wonders if she's also using HYDRA's resources to find a way to help Fitz? I loved the fatherly way that Coulson treats Simmons, she seems so much more at ease with him now. Not sure about Skye The Unflappable, we have one of those characters in May. Skye's strength was in her emotions, her difference to everyone else on the team. She seems to still be reeling from Ward's betrayal, she's hurt and is trying to stop herself getting hurt ever again by shutting down the things that made her so useful before. I do, however, like the new relationship between her and brings out a softer side of May - dare I say one which might start to see Coulson in a new way?? Seeing May smile more is a joy too....Ming-Na Wen shouldn't be underused! The relationship between Fitz and Mac is lovely too. Mac is the only one who didn't know Fitz before he was hurt, so he just accepts him on face value, which lets Fitz rely on him for help. The scenes with Fitz and Ward were just brilliant! So well acted, and so heart wrenching - bravo Iain De Caestecker and Brett Dalton! Will we see Donnie again? As his body wasn't found, it certainly seems like a possibility!

What did you think of this episode? Are any characters standing out? What would you like to change in season 2? Leave me a comment!

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