Sunday, 5 October 2014

New and returning US shows to look forward to w/c 5th some notes on last weeks TV

Another week, another crop of shows to get excited about! This week is dominated by The CW network, with some firm favourites and some newbies....

Sunday 5th October


I haven't heard of John Mulaney before....I'm guessing he's not put too much time into crossing the pond yet! This one has a great cast....a show with Elliot Gould and Martin Short deserves a look!

Monday 6th October

The Originals

In the words of Grav3yardgirl, I am 'SO EXCITE' for this! I love this leaves The Vampire Diaries in the shade (or to quote Ian, 'in the sunshine'....vampire joke there!)! There isn't even one character I dislike, and I'm rooting for Klaus to finally get the family and acceptance he's always wanted....despite all his attempts at self sabotage! Elijah, oh Elijah! I would worship at Daniel Gillies' feet if I damned sexy! So want him to finally get the girl....

Tuesday 7th October

The Flash

Another one that I am 'so excite' for! We love Arrow and we love comic books and their adaptations, so this is bound to be a favourite. We also love The CW's adaptations, I know some people dismiss the network but there are few shows aired that we dislike.


I have to admit that I have fallen woefully behind on this, but no matter what I still love it! Ian and I are going to have to have a catch up day soon!

Wednesday 8th October


For some strange and unknown reason, we haven't watched the last couple of episodes of season 2....I genuinely don't know why we never got around to it! That will be rectified before Wednesday though!

Friday 10th October


This one stars another American comedian (comedienne technically I suppose) I have never heard of! This one is Cristela Alonzo and, as you can see from the title, this show is centred on her! Having never heard of her before I can't really tell you what she's like, but I'll give it a go!

That's it for this week, so lets talk about last week's TV....

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned, as funny as Andy Samberg!

Castle is back, but the mystery surrounding his disappearance continues.

Scorpion, Gotham and Sleepy Hollow are still really good, and I hope they survive!

The Big Bang Theory is as funny as ever!

Manhattan Love Story was very funny....just hope it gets the viewing figures it needs!

Selfie is good, but Ian wasn't too sure!

Forever is getting even better, but I am scared it isn't doing as well as it should in the ratings.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are as kickass as they ever were....I want fun, quippy Coulson back though!

NCIS: New Orleans is still fun and I love the setting so much, so beautiful and interesting!

The Goldbergs is going from strength to strength.

Law and Order SVU is still depressing yet addictive!

Red Band Society is good, but renewal isn't looking likely apparently, shame.

Criminal Minds came back, with a new team member, but no cliffhanger to resolve....which felt odd.

Stalker started well, although I didn't like seeing Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) from Bones being naughty! Glad Maggie Q is back on TV!

The Mysteries of Laura is hilarious and I so hope the ratings pick up, as it seems America doesn't like it too much! Weird!

Bones upset me so much that I couldn't do a recap this week! Damn you John Francis Daley for needing to continue your career elsewhere (although I am very happy that you're doing so well, big fan!)....I love Sweets! Hopefully I will be less emotional next time and can recap again!

How to Get Away with Murder is still not quite sitting right with us yet. We can't decide if we like it or not! There are some hints of stuff we like, but not enough yet....

We have a few episodes left to watch of season 1 of Reign, but looking forward to watching last week's episode 1 of season 2.

We only managed to watch 10 minutes (if that!) of Gracepoint. It's just terrible! Waste of time! Even David Tennant couldn't rescue it for me! They'd just tried to recreate Broadchurch scene for scene but failed miserably, with a list of differences noted by Den of Geek here. The differences are basically to take everything out that had some bite and cynicism and, well, Britishness. All that is left is bland Americanisms, no swearing, no sarcasm, no cynicism of authority, or anger at the's utterly pointless now...everyone wears sunglasses for fecks sake! Anna Gunn wasn't a patch on Olivia Colman, and the so called emotion shown by the mother of the murdered boy was laughable! When watching the REAL version, your heart just broke, unlike watching the US version! So that's off our viewing list!

Bad Judge was great! So funny! Hope it does well, cos we'd be gutted to see it go!

A to Z was sweet, it's a nice concept! 

Last Man Standing returned with a double bill. It still troubles me though, some of the views and behaviour of some characters makes me very uncomfortable. Luckily, everything does tend to work out well, and not too right wing!

I think that just about covers it all!

What are your favourite shows? Are there any new shows you're looking forward to? Any oldies you love? Any you really don't like? Leave me a comment!

Thanks for popping by!



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