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The Originals Season 2 premiere 'Rebirth' recap and review

The day has finally arrived! The Originals returned for season 2, with a rather aptly named Rebirth. When we left out favourite vamp family, Klaus and Hayley had just become parents, but they had to sacrifice their happiness in order to save their daughter's life. Klaus handed his precious and longed for child to his sister Rebecca, in the hope that, by faking his daughter's death, she would be safe. Twas extremely heart wrenching! So, onto season 2....

Rebecca is telling Klaus' daughter a 'fairy tale' about her father and why he sent her away, serving ably as a recap! Klaus has isolated himself, letting the wolves take New Orleans. 

Elijah is viewing an old, almost ruined building, wanting to preserve it. The wolves want to destroy it, to make way for a casino. Ha, slapped down wolves! Klaus is destroying blank canvases, he is pissed big time! He wants blood, mostly to use as paint. Elijah has found the last of the 12 rings that were made with Klaus' blood, that weakened him. Now they need to go after them and destory them. Hayley has also isolated herself, even from Elijah. She's in the bayou, looking at the remnants of her home. Marcel and Cami are getting busy, but without strings! He's still banished, but wants to take back his city. He doesn't understand why Klaus hasn't acted against the wolves. Cami tells him that Davina is doing well, she's back in high school and told her coven to shove it! Speaking of Davina, she's in a record shop, buying old Icelandic folk music - presumably for Michael - when Oliver, the creepy traitor wolf, comes in and tries to destroy the store owner as he's a vampire. Davina stops them, by giving the wolves a wicked headache! 

Francesca, the chief wolf woman, is pissed. Speaking to the witch who's making the moonlight rings for the wolves, Cassie, she wants to know why Davina is stopping them killing vamps. Cassie tells her that Davina isn't part of their coven, that the rules don't apply to her anymore. Francesca is cracking up, the threat of Klaus and his inevitable attack is too much. Cassie turns out to be extra creepy....implying she's their dead mum and talking to their 'brother', who is now in the body of a young black man!

Cami is being followed by wolves...she slaps em down pretty damned well! She goes to Klaus's house, he keeps playing hide and seek, standing behind her until she turns around then vamp speeding away. Elijah tells her Klaus doesn't want to see her. She tells him that Marcel wants to help them, they just need to use him. 

Marcel is trying out a new set of potential human recruits, apparently he's been trying out lots of these groups, but to no avail.  He's looking for a keeper. He influences them to not be afraid, and to listen to him, The he gives them a big speech about the potential of becoming vamps, which he demonstrates by whizzing a bloke at a building, where Josh catches him to stop him getting hurt. Marcel leaves a suggestion in their minds thanks to the vamp mind trick, that if they decide they want to be vamps they will find their way back. Klaus comes in, and basically calls Marcel family....

Elijah starts to dismantle the baby's cradle. Hayley walks in and throws a fit, she's not ready to clear out the room. We want a Hayley and Elijah baby!!!!

Michael is sulking about being controlled by Davina, he is extremely pissy! She won't let him kill Klaus until she has released her friends from his bloodline.

Klaus and Marcel are having a friendly drink, playing a game. Marcel wants to know why Klaus hasn't acted. He tells Marcel that he thinks that the wolves have the white oak stake, the only weapon that can kill him, he wants Marcel to help him get it back. Joe, the record shop owner, comes into the room, and Marcel introduces him to Klaus as someone who fought the Guerrera wolves in the 20's. Marcel tells him to leave town for a while, but Joes refuses to run. Klaus has clocked that the wolves don't have the stake, so are defenceless against Originals. Klaus offers Joe the chance to fight with them. They're going on a wolf hunt! Elijah isn't happy about the idea but, shockingly enough, Klaus is stubborn. Joe goes back to his shop, and tells Wolfboy Oliver that he wants to get his stuff and leave town, and that he has information that the Guerrera's want, he'll tell them if they'll let him leave. Oliwolf takes him to Francesca, to tell her that Klaus thinks the wolves have the white oak stake. She tells Cassie to cast a spell to find it. Elijah says they need to be united, in order to beat the Guerrera's. Klaus asks Hayley if she's ready to fight. She wants Francesca dead. 

Cassie can't find the stake with her spell. Francesca threatens to kill Joe if he doesn't give her more information. He says rumour has it that the priest, Cami's uncle Kieran, had it. The wolf lackeys go to Cami's and tear the place up until she tells them where it is. Once they leave with the location, she looks to the window and nods to Elijah. Nicely played! Francesca sends the wolves out to attack our team, while she stays locked safe in her house, because she thinks no vamps can get inside because they aren't invited. Josh locks some of the wolves in the old building with Marcel, who then wolfbane sprinklers their asses! More ambushes take place, and more rings found, usually still attached to body parts, Klaus is getting stronger with every one found. The Guerrera house gets attacked by Elijah, while Hayley kicks the arses of a group of wolves, including Oliver! She doesn't kill him though, sadly! Klaus finally gets to use his enemy's blood as paint, direct from the source, he's a much happier camper now. Francesca is happy because Elijah can't come in.....or can he? He tells a story about Capone being caught because he hadn't paid his taxes....then drops the bombshell that because the house has heritage status, which he fought for, it is open to the public, therefore anyone can get in. Klaus says he still isn't at full strength. Elijah tells him that Francesca ran....only to be found by Hayley! Yay Team Klaus!

Josh tells Marcel that Joe is dead,  and gets a speech about soldiers....Josh is unimpressed, he's a modern lad! Doesn't understand that they're fighting for the soul of the city, he thinks it's stupid to keep fighting over a few blocks of real estate. A girl walks in, unable to say how and why she's there...one of Marcel's recruits has arrived!

Elijah finds Hayley tearing apart the baby's room, in an angry, tearful rage. She ripped Francesca apart, and killed 8 other wolves. She tells him that she felt that she had finally found what it was to truly be a wolf while she lived with the Crescents in the Bayou, and now she's lost it. She hates being a hybrid....she thinks she's a monster, that Elijah looks at her differently now. 

Davina goes to Joe's record shop to find it's closed. The cute boy she saw the last time is there too, he introduces himself to her as Caleb....dodgy I'm guessing!

Klaus and Elijah are working to destroy the moonlight rings. Klaus is devastated that he brought it all on by his behaviour. Elijah encourages him to talk to Hayley, to try to help her.

Cami and Marcel are back in bed together talking about the fight, and if anything will change. She tells him they have to stop, that she needs to help humans and if they carry on, she'll keep being pulled deeper into the supernatural world.

Klaus is telling Hayley that things will get better. Tells her that immortality means loss and pain but she will only remember the good moments, everything else just fades away. She just wants her baby back, and Klaus says that she will. He tells her she is now the queen of the wolves, that they will now follow her. He says they will face all the enemies together as a family.

Cami meets her new advisor....he's the man who was with Cassie, who turns out to be Esther Mikaelson. It turns out that Esther, the mother of The Originals, has brought back the soul of her son, Finn. He's Cami's new advisor! Oh, and Caleb? Yup, he's another brother, Col! Bad bad bad!

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, unsurprisingly! The pain of Klaus and Hayley was portrayed perfectly by Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin. Of course, Daniel Gillies is always sublime as Elijah, and his quiet strength, supporting and fighting for those he loves, still trying to find Klaus' redemption, shine through in this ep. Long live King Klaus! 

Do you love this show as much as we do? Who is your favourite character? What did you think of this episode? Leave me a comment!

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p.s. Here are a couple of cute photos of the cast in their downtime, just for fun!
Sebastian Roché, Phoebe Tonkin, Paul Wesley and Daniel Gillies...how cute are they??!



  1. guh...I love this show, I love these characters, I love this new storyline! I can't wait to see what season 2 brings!

    1. Well hello Queen G! Yay you read my blog! No matter what Klaus does, I still love him.....but, Elijah, OH ELIJAH! Even Ian has a bit of a thing for him!