Thursday, 6 November 2014

Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrids doll review - Sirena Von Boo

Another doll review for you's the second of the characters from Monster High Freaky Fusion, one of the new hybrids, Sirena Von Boo!

I have to say that when I heard they were bringing out a mermaid-esque doll I was ecstatic....The Little Mermaid is still my favourite Disney film! Ariel is the reason I have been trying to get bright red hair for the last 25 years! When I saw Sirena I wasn't disappointed, she's stunning. The quality of the Hybrids has been outstanding, bravo Monster High! If you don't know the story behind Freaky Fusion, have a look at my Avea Trotter review here. Sirena is the daughter of a mermaid and a ghost, who has just transferred to Monster High, along with her friends, Avea Trotter, Bonita Femur and Neighthan Rot. The hybrids haven't been accepted anywhere, because they're different, but they find a home at Monster High. The hybrids help some other MH students when they accidentally get fused together, meaning two personalities and abilities in one body. They teach their new friends how to embrace and control their new found powers, enabling them to work together to save the day! As always in MH, there is a great moral at the heart of the story, family, friendship, acceptance, sacrifice....all good things for kids to see! The only limits the characters have are the ones they put on themselves....very good message for kiddies I think.....and, for everyone else too!

Sirena is a daydreamer. She, quite literally, floats through life, becoming distracted often, but her curiousity comes in handy sometimes. She is very sweet and innocent, and seems less affected by the perceived rejections the hybrids have experienced. As a ghost/mermaid hybrid, she can float through the air, or through water....she can pretty much float anywhere basically!

She has very long blue hair, with some plaits on one side, and the rest curling over the opposite side. Her skin is translucent, representing her ghostly side. She has ears which look like gills, and fins above each wrist and down her back and her fingers are webbed. Her clothes and accessories mix ghostly chains and motifs of the sea, balancing both sides of her 'scaritage'! Her make up is quite subtle, nothing too overpowering, so the translucent skin of her face is shown off nicely.

Her tail, sadly, isn't articulated (although I'm not sure how well it would have worked if it was!) so is permanently in a slightly bent position. Luckily, the position looks good, and the bottom fin opens out to enable Sirena to stand unaided (it takes a little bit of manouvering to get her to stand mind). Once again, her tail is translucent, but, as it is thicker, it has a more milky, semi translucent look to it. She has more chains covering her entire tail, none of which are removable.

The chain motif continues in her jewellery, with both her necklace and one earring resembling chains. In her other ear is a small silver coloured stud. She has long tassles attached to each wrist, I'm guessing to look pretty while she floats!

As usual, she comes with a diary and a brush, yellow rather than the traditional black.....she's special you see!

Once again, I am in love with these dolls! Despite being pretty damned far out of the desired demographic, I still get excited when new dolls come out! I keep talking about what a good message these toys send out, and the Freaky Fusion film continues to satisfy. I highly recommend it for family viewing, to help teach kids about friendship and acceptance. Hell, it's great for anyone of any age! We enjoyed it! Yes, the dolls tend to be pricy, but, with Christmas fast approaching, they would make an excellent gift for kids of any age! My friend bought us an Abby Bominable doll for Christmas a few years ago and I was very chuffed! The quality of the toys are always excellent, but beware, once you start collecting you will be addicted!

Have you seen Freaky Fusion yet? Who is your favourite character? Any dolls you'd like to see? Leave me a comment!

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