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The Flash Season 1 Premiere Episode recap and review - better late than never! - plus a quick catch up of the season so far

Well, life and ME/CFS got in the way of me recapping most of the last few weeks' TV, so here is a full recap of the premiere of The Flash and a quick round up of the season so far!

We first met Barry Allen back in season 2 of Arrow, when he ventured to Starling City and ended up helping Ollie's gang. Now, he's back in Central City, ready for the grand opening of S.T.A.R. Labs' latest venture.....

The premiere opens with Barry giving a voiceover, showing shots of the red blur which is him! Then we see a flashback to his childhood, he stands up to bullies for other kids. He has a lovely mum and dad, nice family....until he hears a noise downstairs one night, and goes to investigate. He finds his mother being attacked by a being, basically lots of flashing! His dad arrives and tells Barry to run and suddenly he finds himself stood in the street outside.

Back to the present day, and a bank has been robbed. Two brothers have been identified as the culprit, the Mardons. Barry is late for work as a forensic investigator, again, but a detective, Joe West, sticks up for him by making out that Barry was running and errand for him. Barry takes out a half eaten chocolate bar....smooth Barry! He gets to work, and immediately identifies the make and model of the getaway car, and finds fecal matter that was embedded in the tyre....sadly using the pen of one of the detectives, which happens to have been given to him by his, now deceased, father. Real smooth Barry!

Barry is working on the case evidence when a young woman, Iris, walks in. She and Barry are obviously old friends, and banter with each other while discussing whether Barry can make it to S.T.A.R. Labs for the big occasion. She tells him that she's stress eating over her dissertation and that if she keeps eating she'll end up 'more muffintop than woman'. Barry tells her that she looks amazing....then turns away, embarrassed.....Barry's in love! He geeks out talking about the particle accelerator! Joe walks in, and the young woman calls him 'daddy''s a family affair! Barry tells the detective that he thinks the Mardon brothers are hiding out at a farm, due to the presence of a specific antibiotic found in the fecal matter. He also narrows down the number of farms to 4....Joe sends Barry and his daughter off to S.T.A.R. Labs!

Barry and Iris are chatting about relationships, with Barry hinting around his feelings for her. She doesn't get it sadly, and talks of how they grew up together and are brother and sister....ew! She thinks he's too embarrassed to talk to her about girls, but she wants him to be happy. Poor Barry. Someone bumps into Iris and steals her laptop, which contains her dissertation. Barry chases the thief through the crowd at S.T.A.R. Labs and out into the streets. He catches up and tries to get it back but gets a face full of laptop as he rounds a corner. The thief takes off, only to be stopped by a cop.

The cop turns out to be a new transfer from Keystone City, Eddie Thawne, whom Joe calls 'pretty boy'. Barry is not too happy that Iris appears to agree! 

Joe and his partner are checking out the farms on Barry's list. The weather is declining rapidly, as Barry now watches the news reports of S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator. He moves a map to show a board of evidence related to his mother and father. Barry's mum was murdered on the night he saw her being attacked. His father was convicted of her murder, despite his innocence. 

Joe and his partner find the getaway car in the barn. Clyde Mardon shoots Joe's partner and hops onto a small plane that's about to talk off.

The news reporter says that everyone has been told to evacuate, as a siren goes off in the background. The storm has closed in and it may have caused a problem with the particle accelerator. The scientists onsite are working to shut it down, but can't. There is a huge explosion from S.T.A.R. Labs, which sends a wave of energy out across the skies. The wave destroys Mardon's plane when it hits. Barry sees liquids in his lab start to rise into the air, and then a bolt of lightning smashes in through the glass roof and strikes him, knocking him we see small red lightning bolts racing over his face. He's rushed to hospital, where they are struggling with the aftermath of the blast. His trainers saved him! Yay! I knew there was a reason I love Converse! Iris runs into the trauma room where Barry is apparently coding, screaming that she's family when a nurse tries to remove her. The doctors start to shock Barry.....

Nine months later 

S.T.A.R. Labs is destroyed and cordoned off, with warnings that it is hazardous. Gaga's Poker Face is playing as 2 blurry faces come in to view. The woman wants to know why the song is on, and the man replies that 'he' likes it, that it says so on 'his' Facebook page. The angle changes and we see the 2 people bending over an unconscious Barry, lay in a hospital type bed, and wired up to machines. As they walk away he suddenly shoots upright, gasping and scaring the others. Turns out he's at S.T.A.R. Labs, and the 2 people are Cisco Ramon and Dr Caitlin Snow. They tell him what happened....he catches sight of himself in a mirror, lightning gave him abs! He's been in a coma for 9 months....he meets the, now wheelchair bound, Harrison Wells, S.T.A.R. Labs big honcho. He explains to Barry that the particle accelerator was online for 45 mins before the 'anomaly'. Energy from the blast shot into the sky, creating the stormcloud from which the bolt struck Barry. Wells was recovering from his injuries when he heard about Barry. The hospital were experiencing unexplained losses of power, which just so happened to coincide with every time they tried to shock Barry. He wasn't flatlining, his heart was just going too fast for them to measure. Joe and Iris allowed Wells to take Barry to their facility where they have monitored him. Despite all this all Barry can think of is seeing off he runs in his borrowed S.T.A.R. Labs sweats!

He surprises Iris at the coffee shop where she works, and he experiences the first odd occurence in time, when everything seems to slow down.

Clyde Mardon isn't dead! He's robbing a bank, and creating a killer wind/tornado/fog thingy to cover his tracks.

Joe is ecstatic to see Barry. They get the report of the robbery and Joe and Thawne leave for the scene. Barry experiences the second weirdness, when a prisoner starts to go for an officer's gun and he manages to stop him so fast it looks like he hasn't moved. He runs outside, telling Iris he needs air....his hand is shaking so fast it blurs....funky! Then he accidentally runs head first into the rear window of a car....then decides to try out his new gift!

Wells, Caitlin, Cisco and Barry are at an airfield ready to test Barry's new ability. Barry finds out that Caitlin lost her fiancé in the blast. Wells cautions Barry.....which appears to go in one ear and out the other seeing as he blasts away leaving them in his wake! Barry starts to lose focus while he's remembering the night his mother died. He crashes and looks to have broken his wrist....

The witness to the robbery tell Joe and Thawne about the weird indoor weather stuff. It's the 3rd robbery with weirdo weather in the last month. Joe sees the suspects car and gets his registration.

Barry's wrist has 3 cool! Wells wants to know why he crashed, so Barry tells him about his mother's murder. He saw what looked like a ball of lightning with a man inside it. He says his dad is still locked up in Iron Heights for the murder. Barry wonders if his mother's killer could be like him. Wells feels pretty confident in saying that there's no one else like Barry!

Iris is working in the coffee shop, where Thawne is waiting for her. She kisses him and calls him her boyfriend! Even worse, Barry sees them kissing! Iris explains that while Barry was in the coma, Thawne stepped up to cover Joe's shifts so they could be with Barry. She thanked h with a coffee and things developed....but, it's a big secret! While this deep and meaningful is taking place, a car is being chased by Mardon. A police car ends up careening over towards Iris and Barry, so Barry knocks her out of the way. He sees Clyde Mardon driving the getaway car and chases him, causing him to crash. Mardon gets away by calling up a fog, which causes a fatal car accident, all Barry can do is watch. In the aftermath Joe reprimands Barry and Iris....sounds like Iris wanted to enter the family business but dad wouldn't let her! Barry tells Joe he needs to speak to him, now. He tells Joe that it was Clyde Mardon, and that he's the one who caused the fog. Joe doesn't believe him. Barry is upset, because Joe never believes him. He didn't believe him when his mother was murdered. Joe tells him that his father murdered his mother, and that Barry is the only person that doesn't see that. Thawne arrives with the eyewitness sketch of the robber.....Clyde Mardon! 

Barry storms into S.T.A.R. Labs demanding answers. He knows he wasn't the only one affected by the blast. Wells told him that the city was safe, but that isn't true as they don't know who was affected and how. Wells shows him a simulation of the blast, saying that it released untold energy into our world, dark energy, anti matter, ex elements....not good! They've been searching for more 'metahumans', Barry tells them about Mardon. He says they need to stop him, Wells says he should leave it to the police. He tells Barry that his abilities could help with new medicines and gene therapy. Wells tells Barry that he isn't a hero, he's just 'a young man who was struck by lightning'...ouch! Barry storms out and starts to run......

......straight into a flashback to the night his mother died. We see his father in cuffs, arrested, and Barry runs into the house looking for his mum. Joe is on the scene, he knows the Allens, Iris was Barry's best friend even then. Barry finds his mothers body and pulls back the covering and sees that she's dead. Joe pulls him away....

Barry finally stops running, but his jacket bites the dust, as it catches fire from the friction he caused! He looks up at a road sign....'Starling City 5 miles'....he's gone to Oliver! Yay! Can never have too much Oliver Queen (or to be more accurate, can't get enough Stephen Amell!)! He tells Ollie his story and gets a very Arrow pep talk! Barry can be a hero, he can inspire people, he can be more than Ollie....who then swings gracefully off the roof to Barry's exclamation of 'cool!'....then Ollie watches as Barry speeds away....guess what he says??? 'Cool!'!

Barry runs back to S.T.A.R. Labs and asks Caitlin and Cisco for help....Cisco unveils his newest handiwork, a special suit he designed for firefighters. Perfect for the stress that Barry will put on it basically! 

Jo and Thawne confront Mardon at the barn, and he kicks their arse along with a god complex rant. Just as they're about to get squished under a bit of flying barn, Barry runs in and saves them. He sees that Mardon has create a tornado, which would be bad for Central City basically. Barry realises he has to unravel it by running around it I the opposite direction (I'm not especially scientifically minded, but I'm not entirely sure it would work!) and clocking 750 mph. He gets thrown out on his first attempt, and is about to quit when Wells speaks through the radio, telling Barry he was wrong about him, and to RUN!!!! Barry gets back to work and stops the tornado, but is almost shot by Mardon....luckily Joe saves him by taking Mardon out! Joe knows! He apologises to Barry for doubting him, realising that Barry has been telling the truth all his life, that his dad is innocent. He wants Iris kept out of it though, and makes Barry promise never to tell her.

Barry goes to visit his dad, and they have a sweet father/son moment, and Barry swears to clear his father. His dad wants him to let it go and live his own life, which Barry says he finally is living. He tells his dad that he's proud to be his son *sob*!

Barry is shown running through the streets, saving people! His voiceover states that he is the fastest man alive, he is The Flash! Yay!

Oooooh cut to S.T.A.R. Labs at night, Wells is wheeling through the corridors and he opens a hidden door. He enters the secret room, stands up (!) and walks to a new fangled contraption which displays a virtual newspaper from April 25th 2024! The headline states 'FLASH MISSING VANISHES IN CRISIS' oh dear! There's also an article about the completion of the merger between Wayne Tech and Queen Inc, which is a nice touch! So, who is Wells? What does this mean for our plucky hero!

I have to say that I bloody love this show! I'm so glad it's doing well and looks like a definite renewal, cos I would be a tad miffed if it was canned! Here's whats been happening in the rest of the season so far....

In episode 2, Barry and co start to tackle small crimes on the streets of Central City, much to Joe's annoyance. As Barry pushes his abilities more and more, he starts to suffer side effects and actually faints after trying to stop a robbery. As it turns out, Barry has low blood sugar, and needs to eat a hell of a lot more now he's a superhero! Lucky git! The gang find out that the so called gang of robbers is actually one man, Danton Black, who is able to clone himself. Black is a scientist who was researching cloning in order to help his sick wife, but his former boss, Simon Stagg, had stolen his research. Black wants to kill Stagg for what he has done, as it cost him his wife. After some false starts, and losses in confidence thanks to some dubious behaviour from Joe, Barry manages to stop Black and save Stagg. He also accepts Joe's help in proving his father's innocence, and solving his mother's murder. At the end of the episode, Wells visits Stagg at his office. Stagg has become obsessed with The Flash, and wants to use his powers and abilities for himself. Wells, saying that he must protect The Flash, stands from his wheelchair and murders Stagg.

In episode 3, an entire crime family is murdered and the gang have to face another which Barry believes can control poisonous gases. The team realise that they need to create a prison for rogue metahumans, and decide to convert the particle accelerator into a containment facility. This provokes painful memories for the S.T.A.R Labs team, as they are reminded of the death of Caitlin's fiance, Ronnie. Ronnie sacrificed his life to save Caitlin, and everyone else in danger *sob* luckily we know that he'll be back as another metahuman, Firestorm!  Barry finds the killer, Kyle Nimbus, but not before another murder. He fails to stop Nimbus, but realises that, rather than controlling poisonous gases, Nimbus can actually change his body into the poisonous mist. It turns out that Nimbus was a hitman, and that he was sent to the gas chamber on the night of the S.T.A.R Labs explosion, creating a metahuman with a wicked need for revenge! He has killed the crime family, who testified against him, and the judge who sentenced he wants Joe. Barry manages to stop Nimbus before he can hurt Joe, and forces him to overexert himself, stopping him being able to change to the mist. The gang lock him up in one of the new cells at S.T.A.R Labs, all specially done up for him....and designed to stop him escaping! If they keep adding metahuman prisoners down there, some Big Bad will eventually clock the opportunity of a ready made army! At the end of the episode, another flashback to the explosion shows Wells in his secret room, watching Barry on a surveillance video as he is struck by lightning! The plot thickens!

In episode 4, Wells is trying to test Barry's abilities by having him perform several different tasks at once. Chess with Wells, Operation with Caitlin and table tennis with Cisco...Barry gets a little ahead of himself - which is an achievement in itself when you're the fastest man in the world - and loses to Wells. A familiar face turns up to visit Barry, and she's a tad miffed that he didn't call to let her know he was out of his coma! Yes, it's our favourite awkwardly awesome computer genius, and half of my dream Arrow ship, Felicity Smoak! There's an awkward double date at the coffee shop quiz night....where it becomes obvious that Barry and Felicity are perfect for one another....if only they weren't in  love with different people! Damn you Arrow writers! I want Ollicity! Personally, I think Barry can do a lot better than Iris, she irks me hugely! Anyway, back to the actual episode! The baddie turns out to be a pretty smart criminal called Leonard Snart, who is trying to steal a fricken massive diamond. Firstly, his team hit the security truck which is transporting the diamond to a museum. He's planned it all, right down to the second, but is foiled by Barry. In order to get the better of Barry, Snart manages to get his grubby little mitts on a piece of tech from S.T.A.R Labs which Cisco created. It's a cryonic gun, and Cisco actually made it as a weapon against Barry, if one was needed to take him down. Barry is somewhat put out by this, seeing as he's now friends with Cisco and Caitlin, and has a bit of a sulky strop. He goes off to take down Snart alone, even disconnecting the radio link.....luckily Barry is so likable that his strops don't bother me, unlike a certain character in Arrow *cough*Laurel*cough*! Snart has set a trap for Barry however, and ends up at his mercy....before Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity turn up to help! Cisco bluffs that the mahoosive machine they've dragged along with them is an even more powerful version of the cryonic gun.....luckily this works, as it's really just the S.T.A.R Labs' vacuum cleaner! Snart escapes, and Barry learns about teamwork, hurrah! Alas, Snart decides to team up with an old partner to take down Barry.....

Well, that's the season up to now! The next episode, 'Plastique' airs on 11th November. Hopefully I'll get around to recapping the episodes as soon as they've aired....if my body would cooperate anyway!

Are you a fan of The Flash? Any classic characters you're hoping to see? Leave me a comment!

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